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    Amazon Offers $139 Wireless Kindle

    actually, there's no hacks involved. There's even a really robust open source option for windows, mac, and linux If you're into scifi, baen publishing has a free library
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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. What would you do if you won an AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition CPU? finally get a rig that would run crysis the way it should be run. 2. What is the name of the new AMD next-generation desktop processor? phenom.
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    More Xbox 360s Dec. 22nd

    Got one in Colorado Springs, CO and another member of the fam got one in Boulder, CO I got there 45 mins before it opened, the truck pulled up at 7:15 with them in it. I have buddies in the store, and none of them even knew they were coming. Whoever got this info is my god.
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    More Xbox 360s Dec. 22nd

    I don't know what to think. I would imagine that the second it came into the store, everybody would know about it. (Even on an air force base rumors travel like wildfire) I think its a hypothetical in the linked page...... It's worth a trip tomorrow morning, but not worth camping. (for me)
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    More Xbox 360s Dec. 22nd

    Here's the latest from my area. My Father-In-Law is up in the Denver, CO area. He stopped by BB on his way home from work and the manager said," I cannot confirm or deny that we have any XBOX 360's, but if we did, we would sell them first thing in the morning." (This sounded like a yes to...
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    136lbs of copper combine radiator :)

    If anyone's really serious about doing this....DON'T use PVC. Use PEX tubing. PEX is just like PVC only its flexible. I'm in the process of designing my own house which will use PEX exclusively for fresh water (both hot and cold) delivery. Here's the mandatory linky..... PEX Tubing
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    Post Black Friday discussion goes here!

    I got some good deals at Best Buy in Louisville, CO. But they still suck, waited in line for 2+ hours for the $199.99 AR emachines and then they say they have to check it out before they can sell it to us. It would take an extra hour BUT, they'll sell us pre-checked out ones for 29.99 extra...
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    HL2 Problem, I Have No Internet

    For some reason my home DSL won't let me connect to Steam. Qworst DSL only gets sold with a firewall that apparently has "issues" with the Steam service. I can't even return the damn game because it is opened. I understand what valve was trying to do, but they really stink for screwing up...
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    Half Life 2-Worth the wait?

    Stiler, I just got mine from Sam's Club for 44 bucks. Not too bad. Anyone else pissed off as all hell that I have to goddamn reconfigure my router to get Steam to work just to play a goddamn game? WTF!
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    how do I close a thread?

    I started a thread...turned out to be a horribly bad idea....any idea how I close it?