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    He is new to the role was more what I meant.
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    He is new to the role was more what I meant.
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    i cant seem to find any recommended bios settings with this configuration. I've been plagued with bsod with both manual voltage on cpu/ram and auto. I was originally thinking with non k, auto cpu volts was fine, i've also tried manual and auto...
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    First, I acknowledged that issue. It’s an entire paragraph in that thing you just quoted. Second, you must not know what a Backbone is. Which is mentioned directly in the same sentence as the word “phone”. Why respond if you’re not even going...
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    Hershy replied to the thread Cyberpunk 2077.
    Holy crap… I just walked past one of those elevated train tracks with the glowing lights covering the tracks, and even though I was way across the street, the sidewalk and the walls of the buildings were constantly changing colour because of the...
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    FiveDollarBill replied to the thread Radeon RX 7800 XT Reviews.
    I don’t believe 3D Mark’s clock speed graphs. It said my 7800X3D was PBOing to 5.4ghz. It wasn’t.
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    Comixbooks replied to the thread Halo Infinite.
    Finally tried the Multiplayer it's really polished Dumb and slow it's just as good as Destiny. Except you don't die as fast. Just played one match called Ball you hold onto it to win. Used my Velvet Valari pillow with the match.
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    staknhalo reacted to OutOfPhase's post in the thread The Division 2 with Like Like.
    I agree. The Div1 still holds up today - it looks incredible. The effects and the attention to detail are truly amazing.
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    I haven't tested 24/7 overclocking yet because I've been busy OCing my CPU. In terms of barely stable benchmark only I can go all the way down from stock 1150mv to 890mv for 3DMark. TechPowerUp got down to an amazing 850mv with their sample but...
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    staknhalo replied to the thread The Division 2.
    Me and a friend played that NSA combat simulation mode - The Descent That shit is pretty fun not gonna lie. Shotguns (if you can get it) to the face for everyone 👌 Haven't beat it yet keep dying at Lvl 4/the 4th tier lol (you die and start back...