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  • GotNoRice
    GotNoRice replied to the thread HDD Power on time 3068 days....
    I'd be sort of curious why your drive negotiated SATA/150 speeds. It would have to be a very ancient motherboard at this point to not support at least SATA/300, which is what this drive supports. SATA/150 probably wouldn't bottleneck you in...
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    Yeah I really don't understand the fanboying for a giant corporate entity. AMD is no champion of the consumer. They brought competition back in the CPU performance space (raised prices with Zen 3 when they did so) and in raster performance on...
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    The sarcasm is cute, but upon release of the 6500xt, everyone here is criticizing the product and NOT the brand. Some just have it in their head that we are attacking their corporate daddy. "Accuse the other side of which you are guilty" -Saul...
  • G
    I knew I wasn't touching this card as soon as it was reported that it was castrated to be 4x pcie and no AV1 decode. Some decided to defend AMD because recently they have been championed as some kind of savior when they are just another business...
  • D
    Power supply problems aren't going to present as simple graphical anomalies in game. I'd say there is almost no chance of the motherboard being at fault either, but I've seen weird things with RAM and CPU's before. Have you tried different RAM or...
  • Z
    They could be coming from just about anything. Among other things, such as the NIC telling the CPU it got a packet, interrupts are used for error handling. So just about anything that's broken/dying or has a bad driver could end up spewing...
  • xDiVolatilX
    xDiVolatilX replied to the thread 12700k AIO cooling.
    any tests done on the difference of pump flow within reason? cause on my loop the speed doesn't affect temps as much. (i am not on a Alderlake btw just talking about pump speed)
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    ssj3rd replied to the thread LG 48CX.
    you’re very very late to the party… Btw: there isn’t a monitor (not a TV) out there with Dolby Vision Support and there wasn’t any announcements on the Ces 2022 either. Dolby Vision on Monitors is not a thing so it seems… unfortunately.
  • Format _C:
    Format _C: reacted to michalrz's post in the thread Corsair PSU Chirping with Like Like.
    But, if you connect it via a data interface, it might start tweeting instead of just chirping! ba-dum-tiss