Damn you Best Buy!

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Dec 18, 2020
Soooo I got a notification from Hot Stock that BB has the 3090 in stock. I click on it immediately, i'm able to add to cart (or so it seemed) only to get greeted by a message saying it's a high demand item and that stock will be replenished every few minutes....

Ok, fair enough. Now i'm on the product page waiting for the grey "waiting for more inventory" button to turn yellow....

After several minutes, to my shock, it turned yellow!

I feel the adrenalin rush through my veins, body is quivering and my hands are trembling. I somehow manage to tap the "add to cart" button without dropping my phone...

SUCCESS! It's IN my cart and it's allow me to pay for it!

Next, for the sake of expediency, I chose Pay Pal. Successfully logged in, just one step left to finalize my order back on the Best Buy app! I'm thinking I'm home free. In a matter of a couple days, i'll be unboxing my shiny new 3090.

I go to hit the final buy button and I'm greeted with the message that the email address on my PayPal is not a recognized user at Best Buy... WTF... Ok... Fine, yes, I'd like to authenticate myself via the only option available... An SMS text to my phone.

10 minutes later..... Here comes the text 🤬

Needless to say, the items in my cart were no longer available for purchase....

I know I know.... 1st world problems
Not open for further replies.