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    I have ABSOLUTELY no idea why it was banned. It was under Bigbacon. I seriously don't know why. I was in a work meeting during the time it was banned. It says I was banned until 12/19/2021 at 7:10pm but it seems it is permenantly banned?? I really don't know what I did. I will do anything to get it back..ban me from soapbox or whatever, I will even pay again. I don't rememeber posting ANYTHING at the time of the ban.
    I’m the original Dutnguye that account has been there a way for me get my account back? Or let me post in the TTT
    hit me up via email. Need you to mail me from the account that was active on your profile.
    Hi Kyle, I just email you
    I bought a 6800XT for my son who only uses CRT monitors. He has a German made DP to VGA adapter and it ended up not being compatible with the AMD card so I got him a 2080Ti

    The AMD card is open and used for a month - I'm not a miner and all my GPUs are for family gaming PCs

    Do scalper rules apply here?
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