Frankenstein build proposal


Limp Gawd
May 15, 2012
Hey y'all,

been looking at that Geeek A1 case, the upcoming ASRock X570 Phantom ITX TB3, and this neat little PCIe to M.2 eGPU adapter:

I would wind up having the boot SSD running over TB3 from the rear I/O on the motherboard.

Here's the case...I would definitely wind up modding or cutting holes in it for more cooling:

My plan would be to run the motherboard off something like this:

Run the eGPU off something like this (or just get a more conventional SFX from SST, I'm a little concerned about the whine from the tiny fans):

This might be one of those "but why?" kind of builds, but I really like the idea of having everything separated, and I think I could get a really low footprint going this route...the tower is only around 3.6L, and the eGPU would basically just be the volume of the graphics card and PSU. I would definitely add some fans to the mix, maybe do some custom mounting around the eGPU, and maybe mod the case with a 140mm fan outside to help the CPU heatsink. I would also wind up having a free x16 PCIe slot on the actual motherboard that I'm not using.

You have any feedback, thoughts, concerns, things I should take into consideration if I actually start buying pieces to this patchwork monstrosity?