Could somone help me choose a case for my first build.


Limp Gawd
Jun 20, 2004
Im trying to decide on what case I want for my first build. Im trying not to be picky but I have to get one with at least 2 front usb ports and a headphone jack. But I dont want any fancy lights or windows.

Here are the cases im currently looking at. Anyone can make suggestions on other cases as well.

Antec Performance I P180 Silver Computer Case

COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 CAC-T05-UW Black Computer Case

COOLER MASTER Praetorian PAC-T01-EK Black All Aluminium Alloy ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Any advice is always helpful.


[H]F Junkie
Oct 19, 2004
Antec P180! *thumbs up*

Really, the case is pretty flawless. My only gripe is that the only way to get cables from the PSU compartment to the HDD compartment is to go up into the main area from the PSU area, and then loop the cables back down into the HDD area. Not a big deal though, I pulled the fan down there that was separating the compartments and now everything is fine. Really Antec, I already have 2 fans in my PSU, why do I need this 120x38mm monster in there as well? I pulled it and stuck it behind my CPU. Everything runs very cool, my Prescott with a Zalman 7000b and the big fan behind it idles at 32C. Great case, do it.