Corsairs air almost done


May 28, 2009
So ive had this case for about 2 years now but the hardware inside I was never really happy with. Well after a gift from a good friend who belongs to the intel retail edge my upgrade was on its way.
Specs are as follows
Intel i7 6850k @ 4.7ghz
32gb Corsair Vengeance pc24000 with the white leds. Will have another matching set for a total of 64gbs soon
Msi Krait Sli X99 Mobo. Traded my old x79 and some cash here on hard for this mobo.
2x evga gtc 1070 ftw hybrid editions gpus
1x Evga HB 1-3 sli connector
Corsair 1050watt HX series psu
Plextor 256gb m.2 ssd
2x pny 480gb ssd
1x 2tb seagate storage drive
5 x Corsair ML120 white led fans
1 x corsair af 120mm white led. (Waiting on my 140 ml pro fan)
1x Corsair Commander mini
1x set of corsair Rgb Led strips. Might add a second led kit.

What do you think. I know tons of tubing from aio coolers but i got a retarded deal on the gpus i couldnt pass on.

Need to clean the windows and do some dusting getting ready to move and the dust is every were
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