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    5900x microstuttering, stuttering, slowing down windows

    Buy/borrow replacement parts and swap them in one by one to isolate the problem. Start with the motherboard.
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    Samsung 980 Pro 2TB $279 at Newegg

    Good deal. A bit tempted but just got the MSI deal as well.
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    What happened to Zen 3+?

    Doubt there will ever be a shortage. Makes more sense to mine with Epyc rather than Ryzen for Raptoreum. The parts to build a computer add up pretty quickly. Also Raptoreum care only about L3 cache. Doesn't make sense to get Zen 3 when Zen 2 gets the same hashrate.
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    Apple announces Self Service Repair

    Just having OEM display and battery available is a huge improvement.
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    Ryzen 9 re-pricing?

    Got a 5800x recently. Was planning on staying on my 3900x until the last update for AM4 but with the recent price drops the 5800x is a bit hard to refuse. May get a 5950XT down the road.
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    Raptoreum CPU mining earning $5.50/day right now on 5950X

    Mining with a 3900x, 5800x, and 5600h. Great for winter.
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    Installed it on my Surface Pro 6 to test the waters. FIgured that it is a Microsoft device it must be decent. Went back to 10 after 30 mins. There is a slight lag when right-clicking on the desktop and other various UI issues. Drove me nuts. 10 was perfect, maybe I'll try again in a year...
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    Gaming laptops...

    Legion 5 is solid. Wifi is definitely bad though, I have the same Realtek card in my ThinkBook and plan to swap it out with the Intel as well. Best buy has Legion 7 Slim on sale for the same price. It is a good bit more premium and lighter but sacrifices a bit of wattage on the 3060. Good deal...
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    How to unlock LHR cards?

    I am getting 74Mh -200/+1500/75% using NBMiner. For the other miners, I was getting less, around 68-70.
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    Super Flower Leadex III 850W Gold PS - $110 + $20 Newegg Gift Card

    Dude you need to get a grip. Very few companies have names that actually make sense for what they are selling... Btw Super Flower is a Taiwanese company.
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    Latest GPU Market Sales Indicate that NVIDIA Indeed Halted RTX 30 Series Production

    Nvidia can just put out the non-LHR as a 'special edition' at a marked-up price and make money hand over first. Don't see why they will stop production and leave money on the table...
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    I had buyers remourse. Cancelled my MBP 14" order :(

    I played around with a 16 and a 14 in store. Really nice machines but I can't justify it for my use cases. Would love a 16 inch MacBook Air but for now, I will stick with the ThinkBook I recently purchased.
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    Using Comcast 1Gbit service, quick question please

    Can't you just run dual NIC on your desktop directly to the modem to test? Much cheaper than getting a new router only to find that it makes no difference.
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    Should I step up or not? 3070 FHR to 3080 LHR

    You are basically valuing FHR 3070 the same as LHR 3070 (since EVGA doesn't care). Doesn't make sense unless the difference just doesn't mean anything to you.
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    Apple announces M1 Pro and M1 Max

    M1 Max looks pretty wild. So is the price though. I am happy with my M1 MBA, if anything I may upgrade to 16GB M1 and stick with it long term.