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    Cheap no frills cell plan

    I'm in a similar boat. I mostly use my office cell but I wanted to keep my old personal number active in case something happens I can always swap back to it and not have too much disruption on my important ersonal / financial docs. As already mentioned ealier - Ting works great for this. I...
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    32 vs 64 GB of memory for gaming

    This gear bump will only reap a benefit if you are multi-tasking that NEEDS that additional ram. Otherwise, it won't do a thing. I like to play games and have a chrome or some other browser + tabs open at the same time (as a background TV basically) and 64gig helps if the tabs are getting kind...
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    FS: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro **sold**

    Dibs on Buds! PM now. Too bad I already got the Watch 5 Pro - otherwise I would have bought the combo.
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    PC shuts down after 5 min of gaming

    Didn't notice it but did you say what cpu cooler you're running? I had similar problems on my homeserver and I went to PSU as my first guess but it turned out to be the Corsair AIO going dead (after years in near 24/7 work, so no regrets).
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    Guy buys a 3090ti from Amazon gets Sand instead

    THis type of nonsense is what has me concerned about things like fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Who knows what level of inspection / safety the customer gets for things being sent into the Amazon warehouse? /shrug
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    Zotac rtx 3090 @ $999 on woot

    Totally agree. If you need a GPU now, then buy one. Price is great. BUT if you can wait x months until 4000 / 7000 series come out and can deal with the increased hardware requirements (both price and power supply requirements will be worse than 3000 series), then definitely hold out...
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    Zotac rtx 3090 @ $999 on woot

    I don't need but damn if that isn't an awesome deal. My backup rig has one and it works great. Good catch OP!
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    [Warm] Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4.0 x4 NVMe @ $249.99 with and/or without the heatsink

    Dang, that is a nice price! I swear I looked at it yesterday and it was still regular / higher price. Good to see Prime dropping some more prices.
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    Prime Day Deal - 2tb SK Hynix P41 gen4 nvme ($207.99)

    I picked one up myself. Not sure what I'm gonna use it for yet but at that price, it's hard to beat even just for a spare! For reference, this one has hella long write endurance compared to the 980pro's I've got now (at least on paper). FWIW!
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    FS/FT: i5-12600 with AVX512.

    PM'ed for mobo!
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    Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Kickstarter

    Kingmaker is still on sale man but Wrath of the Righteous (the sequel) I think was a bug. It's back to normal pricing. The original Kingmaker is still for free.
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    Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Kickstarter

    That was weird - was showing up at $40 something a second ago. I'll go check it out again.
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    Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Kickstarter

    Aw nuts, looks like it was on a timer or something. Not free anymore.
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    Need help identifying what type of ASIC miners I have. No markings on them.

    Post a bunch of pictures (the more the better) and see what happens. Maybe someone will recognize it if you get lucky. If you have some really old stuff it might not be worth it any more (meaning it costs more "juice" to actually mine anything any more).
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    Fallout 76

    Thanks man, I'll pass it along in case any buddies want to give that a try.