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Hi, I want to buy your 5600g cpu, mb, memory, and hd combo. lmk.
Makes sense. I recommend creating heatware account quick. So you can get positive feedback on purchases and sales. also you can private message me there as well. Let me know. Kinda makes sense not to share anything personal here for you or me.
maybe I'm too new, I can't find a private message feature
Did you create heatware account? Here is my profile link. Go to and create if you haven’t and you should be able to private message. Here on hardocp you can’t apparently until you have certain post count etc.

I'm contacting in regards to my original account "Ski" being banned because it was hacked. As you can I've been a member for over 10 years and been an active member throughout that time period.

If there's a way to unban it, what are the steps moving forward and I'll be more than happy to help.

We also having multiple issues with ours and wonder if you can help me it would be a lifesaver.
We have a 1x8 G2 AUTOLDR - MXA806Z039 on FW 5.0 and Drive Firmware M571
Drive is a HP Ultrium 8-SCSI Serial CZ28490M1F
MSL_1x8_G2_5.90.frm - Looks like the latest?
MSL_1x8_G2_3.80.frm - Might need this also?
I'm assuming the HP Ultrium 8- SCSI is the LTO_30750 firmware?
Thank you so much for any help you can give.

I'm interested in the 7500t you have up. New here. What is the best way to contact? I didn't see it on your Ebay store.
Guess I’m not the only guy here at [H] that has replacement hips and lives in Norfolk
Interested in the

F4-4000C19D-32GTZR $125 shipped​

If you still have it.
Sorry, I didn't catch this till today. Someone else sent me a private message the same day and I sold it.
Hey there
Saw you FS on that 400mm rad from years ago.
I’m planning to do a 400mm rad and I’m trying to decide on the best 200mm fans to use.
Any recommendations?
Looks like it was still in storage. I had the Phobya 400mm and 6 x 200mm fans. 4 of them were nzxt 200mm performance and 2 corsair (LED i think) fans. It was a long time ago but if my memory serves me right, it worked great. 400mm rad is a lot of cooling and I had the 200mm fans in push pull config. Kept my system at the time cool.
Here is a link to the rad and fans. Forgot to mention I have dust filters for the fans too...4 of them.
What are you looking for as far as $$ for the radiator and the 4 fans you used in push-pull
Shopped to
Norfolk, Virginia. 23510

My email is

I forgot if I PMed you. That 4XL sounds like what I need. Please let me know what you need for it. Shipping to 04488...........Maine. I can live with no accessories but would love it if you have a spare case of any type. No case, no accessories, NO problem :) :) :) :)
Howdy howdy! Given it's been 8 years since your last activity here this is probably shouting in the wind.

I saw you had a post in this forum mentioning you played in the Oklahoma Badlands Subspace server.

I was 2nd in command of the server for a long time and thought I'd try to reconnect.
Sorry to bother you out of the blue like this but I've heard you're the one to ask when it comes to sourcing old CRT parts. I've got a GDM-2039 which needs a new flyback transformer, part no 1-453-137-11, and I can't find one that would ship to the UK. Do you have this part? If not, any advice or guidance would be very much appreciated.

best wishes,

Hi Wingman,

Can you please provide the firmware below. Any help would be much appreciated.
HP Ultrium 7-SCSI tape Drive.
LTO_15000_SAS_N4Q1_MSL.frm (7.1 MB)
LTO_15000_SAS_N4Q1_MSL.frm.sig (287 Bytes)

Autoloader firmware: 5.80
MSL_1x8_G2_5.80.frm (1.7 MB)
MSL_1x8_G2_5.80.frm.sig (287 Bytes)

Thank you.

I have seen you posts about the thinktank, although you host site for the photos is down. I want to ask you some questions about my project on watercooling and your help is very much needed as you have experience on this. If you want to talk via skype pls let me know! Thank you for your time in advance!
Hi! You've received dozens of messages akin to this, but I thought maybe you'd be interested in a pickle: EVGA GTX 980 ti stopped working after changing thermal paste. I have checked possibly dislodged components, and nothing seems to have shorted. The PSU fires its failsafe when the card is plugged in, though. If you are interested in having a try with it, I'd gladly arrange a video call some day.
Hi so how you get done your occulink adapter.. as i search for schematic and see to find how to manage the kind of 'loop" delay in line, but haven't.. ? thanks
Hey man, sorry if its out of the blue but while I was browsing I noticed your for sale thread. I know its a long shot but do you by any chance have the backplate for the Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV that you have on your card? Been looking for one to add to my Xtreme III but cant find anything reasonably priced online.
I'm buying first one, 2*8Gb corsair dominator platinum 16gb Rgb 3200 65$

Is it available, pls let me know your payment details. Via pm
Thunderdolt, I had a question for you about thermal pads on the Titan RTX where you were posting. Would you be able to answer a pretty basic question? I posted the question over at your original post. Thank you!!