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Hi, interested in the i9 cpu; don't have enough posts to reply in thread. Messaged you on ebay, too.
hi I saw you commented about the G15 Dell ryzen laptop im new to laptops have no idea where to start i literally installed the GPU driver that's all and am using it. is there anything I need to look for remove etc from the original setup and is there anything that can be done about the 120hz screen it seems of very poor quality.
You could try searching for an ICC Color Profile. If you have the ability I would do a fresh install of Windows 10 without bloat.
I’m the original Dutnguye that account has been there a way for me get my account back? Or let me post in the TTT
hit me up via email. Need you to mail me from the account that was active on your profile.
Hi Kyle, I just email you
HI, i see you are experienced , how to anonymize yourself when working with crypto?
If you decide to get rid of the circuit boards for the ProMedia 5.1, I would be interested in them, as well as the control box/pod for that system. I could provide a Fed Ex Ground label, too, if you are in the lower 48 states. There is some core value, and it keeps them out of a shredder or landfill.
Just stopping by to tell you that I finally retired the RocketFish PSU after a decade of nearly 24/7 usage. :cool:
Hope you are doing well after all these years!
Hello, I was wondering if you still have the AMD 3900x CPU and fan for sale? If so, would you take $275 shipped for it?

I can do $290 shipped
OK, great. Did you want to send me your PayPal address or did you want me to give you my email address to request from me? Thanks!
Hey, haven't heard from you in awhile. Is this deal not happening any more?
I bought a 6800XT for my son who only uses CRT monitors. He has a German made DP to VGA adapter and it ended up not being compatible with the AMD card so I got him a 2080Ti

The AMD card is open and used for a month - I'm not a miner and all my GPUs are for family gaming PCs

Do scalper rules apply here?
Tickets: T2106220012, T2108160014, T2109090009
First replacement card was a RX-470, it worked well for about two months, then completely died. Just got its replacement RX-470 yesterday. DOA no video.
Can you help me get a replacement card? Can I move to at least a RX-570 or some diff model?
hey, I'm interested in the CPUs, let me know if they are still available, and how much you want for all of them that are left.

Send me your email aaddress and I'll invite/add you to League 1. Just please dont whoop up on us old men, lol. Fees are $50.00 for the season, payable to me at robzila a t thru paypal. Once I receive payment your name will be in green on the main thread. I'm sending out the invite now...
How do I send private messages on here? I haven't used a forum in years...


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I'm interested in your 64 gigs of gskill memory, but don't have enough posts here to reply. How can I reach you to discuss this? Thanks,
You can message me like this. You can call me on my cell or text me there at 508.425.9154. My email is
email or call/text me. I use venmo for payment. Not paypal.
Or you can send the cash in an envelope. I am an honest law abiding citizen. I am 46 years old and do not rip people off. I have been on this site forever and on the net forever. You can see my nic jarablue all over the net. Look me up on linked under Nicholas Brennan Worcester, MA. Just an honest dude. :)
Newbie. Looking to build a gaming rig. Need advice. Prefer Nvidia graphic card. 60 FPS is good enough for me. 3.5 GHz bus speed is good. Memory at 16K (is it reasonable for today’s games ?) Budget cap of $1500.00, No mas.
Hello, I am interesting in your AMD 5800X.
Hi, sorry I dont get notices over email when my profile is written to. its still available

did you have any heat?
Hi Keljian I'm new here, not sure where to post, so I'll do it here. I'm restoring a Blackwidow Elite that I bought second-hand, and came across your thread. While desoldering, I ripped off one of the contact pads and broke a diode(?) (text says "D31"). Now, ".", "i", "o", and "L" key aren't working. Do you know what kind of diode I'm should replace it with, or perhaps another solution? Would love to hear from you.
Thank you! I have the same problem with my "i" and "L" key however. Where exactly would I have to solder a diode to for those keys? (not entirely sure if "i" is broken or bad solder job) Also, I broke one of the pads from my numpad ".", any idea if i can bridge that too?


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You need a multimeter to work out which pads are connected to the broken diode pads, then solder a diode between (noting that diodes are polarised - the direction of them matters) the point I indicated in the above photo and that point.
Regarding the hole/pad that got killed, you can just scratch away a bit of the silk screen with a hobby knife and solder a wire.
I'll get to it, thanks for your help!
Us it possible to list the power rail sequence and values for turning on a gpu.

Want to learn to repair them.
Hey been on the forum reading about comparisons of the aw3821dw and lg 38gn950. Since you have or had both, which one won in your opinion? I'm debating on them
Hey! Read that you have both the aw3821dw and lg 38gn950. Which monitor would you say is there winner? I'm debating about one of those or maybe just wait for the new Samsung g9 refresh. Though ts?
38GN950 was what I ended up keeping due to it's much easier use, superior compatibility and reliability, and more features that enhanced the experience (like the hue).
Interested in the 2070. Can't send you a message. Looking for heatware..
I'll be direct to the point - I don't have Heatware as I never buy or sell used hardware. I normally buy brand new and keep it till it dies. The world has changed that. I understand no visual sales history will trigger caution in this exchange. I completely understand that as I would in your shoes. If you're still interested I'll do what I can or what you ask (resonably) to ensure a good purchase experience.
Hey there! Were you serious about the 3090 trade? :)

I have a boxed X-24 as well as a Roland SCC-1 and SCD-15/SCB-55
Hi i needxsome help i got a x99 TF mother board from china code im gettig is 67 and will not boot im using a e5 2690 v3 cpu please. Let me know. Ok thankyou for your time
In this matter
Hi I'm looking for parts or repair service for the Sony GDM fw900. My monitor when I go to turn it on I here the click from relay light turns green and nothing happens. Then after a while light turns orange.
let me know when transfer is finished. I will delete
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The transfer is over.
Great archive !!
Mqny thx again for this action.
no problem. I've been in your shoes looking for a firmware that the company locks down. SOOOOO ANNOYING! good luck. these Equallogic .zip is from someone else. so I just gave it to you!
I'd love to get a copy! I too have been looking forever.