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Hey there, hopefully you'll see this as I can't send private messages despite being on these boards since forever...!

I noticed you have an X470-F and a 5900X. What settings are you running? What about memory OC/timings etc? I've not done anything with my 5900X but I've got my memory at 3733 1:1 at CAS14 with tight subtimings.
Hello LukeD,
I was wondering if you finally managed to create your wonderful case? What is the current status on the case? Is it going to be readily available to everyone or will it be only be available to enthusiasts? I always wanted to know what power server would someone use to power the case?
Hello ThreeDee,

SFP newbie on the forum.
I want to do similar to you, but with ER-12P and Netgear GS748TS..

Do I need specific SFP cable (or connectors) or can I grab just anyone?
I will be having the two units on "next to each others"-rackmount style - will I gain anything with getting fiber-type of cable?

Looking forward to your response very much.

I like the perspective - I try to have the same. :)
On a side note - could I trouble you for another question - are you having SFP+ port on that GS748T or is it just "SFP"?
I've read somewhere that SFP and SFP+ are not compatible...or something like that..

PS. Have you tried out Pi-hole on your network. I am setting that up in a day or two. DS.
sorry for the delay .. I was going to take a picture of my GS78Tv4's front and the actual end of the cable I'm using .. but wife works from home so I can't disconnect her while she's working, lol .. and I over slept to do it before I left for work
I've never used Pi-Hole .. but I use a free account with OpenDNS with category blocking, etc as part of a layered protection scheme I use on my network.. OpenDNS in my Edgerouter X SFP+Ublock Origin in all browsers+Windows Defender. I can't remember the last time I've been infected with anything on mine,my wife's or my daughter's PC's
Why would you use a fraction instead of just saying 3 then lol?
No its not. Follow pemdas. I closed the thread for a reason. Stop it.
You see a fraction, when there is no ()'s to indicate one. With how an equation reads, is not how you punch them into a calculator or google. There are very specific ways that things are done in mathematics, and how to input an equation, is not the same as it's written, as calculators work in progressive order, and math equations don't.
well you;re wrong, the answer is 9, it's not up for debate, there is no nuance, you're just flat out incorrect....
Hi, i have a old Ghost XFX R7850 that the fan baring has gone bad is there a way to still get a fan replacement for this? want to keep it alive as i cant afford a new video card right now even old cards are in the 600 to 900 range. >_<!!
We probably dont have stock on this older model, but there are plenty of $30 solutions that should work. Artic Accelero L2 Plus used to be a good solution
Hello , I have the same Graphic card ( Aorus 1080ti ) / and there has been an explosion of three resistors , / here some pictures
i really need to find the values of resistors so i can fix it by replacing new resistors with the same value and thanks
the name of the resistors is
2* R1631 // 1*R1631


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Hello Sir,
About AW3821DW HDR flicker issue, have you RMA your monitor or just keep it?
Thank you!
Dell sent me new one, but it also showed flicker after few days, so I bought Fuj:tech Profinity 8K HBR3 DisplayPort 1.4 cable last week and the flicker stopped.
Hello, I saw that you mentioned you had a Silverstone FT02 that you were interested in selling. Do you still want to sell it? If so, is it black or silver, and does it have the window? Any damage, and what accessories do you still have? I'm in Virginia so shipping would be quite expensive but I'm willing to pay for it. I have 24 confirmed trades on r/hardwareswap (reddit ID is hilo8914). Thank you!
Hello, Wingman_ice! I am hoping that you are still around. I also am in need of firmware for HPE LTO-7 tape drive, but I am looking for the standalone version, LTT_Ultrium_7-SCSI_HH_SAS_M571_STANDALONE.frm

Do you still have access to these files? Thank you very much.
Henry, this is Martin Clausius. I am Did I ever get my amp repaired, I know we talked about it. I thought I got it fixed, but I think that I never sent it in 2015 to you. We had a couple of emails that discussed it being repaired for my Klipsch Pro Media ultra 5.1s. I saw your info about your new ideas of repair on them. I am ready to get it repaired.
I am curious about which mobo you are using an your settings like pbo, co , lcc etc.
I have Gigabyte X570 Master MB rev 1.0.

PBO Settings:
PPT: 250
TDC: 140
EDC: 150
2x on whatever that multiplier setting is.
CO: -20 All Core
LCC: Standard

My chip will boot and run some benchmarks with -25 All Core on the CO, but it isn't 100% stable. It seems like the less voltage or current you can get the thing to run at via TDC/EDC, CO, and LCC the faster it ends up going because it produces less heat.
Are you set on your price? any way you can do 280 shipped for the router?
M Diddy
I'm set on it. The router is brand new. It's already cheaper than anywhere else.
hey i bought that 6.4tb ssd from you on mercari.. finally got it working ..i had to go back to 4.2.1 firmware and drivers to get it come to life..
Hi there. I went to your website and it seems to be down. Do you still make pci-e bifurcation adapters?

When I try to access the website, its showing: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG
On your Crystal 280 x, do you have fans or a rad in the front with the nitro SE still able to fit? It’s hard to tell
Yes there's fans the case will actually fit upto a 320mm card with 140mm fans installed in the front. I actually tested this recently with the Powercolor Red Devil 6800 XT. It fit with maybe 2mm worth of clearance from the fans. I took some more pictures for you.
Did the 5800 x sell? We talked a while ago.
Not yet, but then again, it was just posted yesterday.
OOPsie. I Thought I had contacted you previously. I owe you a BUMP.
Another member told me you might have an aftermarket cooler for a 1080TI FE. Of course that might have been three years ago.
Thanks. If you have one for sale please let me know.
Hey I saw your post about your streaming setup with a I7- 8750H CPU, etc. I was wondering what capture card have you been using and how has your experience been
Hey thanks for your help. I found a FW900 with the Anti glare coat, however the bezel has a dent. It is not that bad, but I'll have it in my living room and would prefer something that looks nicer. Since you de-bezeled yours, I was wondering if you still have the bezel around by any chance and if you'd be willing sell it? or know someone that might have spare bezels?
Was curious why I couldn't pm anyone anymore. Was looking to buy on the buy/fs thread. Is still a minimum requirement because I thought I pm'd someone before. But i honestly can't remember. I use to have an account 10 years ago but just browsed and never did anything there either.
Maybe FrgMstr can answer?
I think there are some restrictions to inactive members.
Reading the FSFT Rules would be a good start.
sounds good fair now. thank you
hi there - interested in the 5700 that you're selling and I'm pretty close by you to pick it up. I am unable to pm since I'm new but have other forum feedback/ebay feedback I can provide. Would you mind shooting me a pm so we can discuss?
hey, did Erek ever reach out to you regarding the 5800 Ultra?
Mr cool
No, iv not had a msg off him, I am looking at selling it,I'm just unsure of a price as a few ppl r telling me it's rare.
Hey, do you still have the 2080ti for sale? it says I have no privileges to post on that thread but I've been a member since 2010
A while back you said you successfully used the FBT from a Dell P1110 into the GDM-FW900.
I have both and the FW900's FBT needs replacement.
Are you sure they're inter-changeable?
They're different parts:
FW900: NX-4504
P1110: NX-4502

Thank you!
Hey! Sorry I have been busy, Do you have a discord account or twitter? We can talk in messages there, I can also get in contact my friend who works for the museum and maybe he will buy it for there or his personal collection.
I know they apparently sold for 1500 dollars but no one bought one other than on Ebay, so maybe they never official sold?
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I can provide the prices the other 3 have sold for if you have no idea how much you want for it!
My Twitter Handle is :
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Rob Black
I don't have Twitter but I'm on Instagram @johnnysuarez
Hey there. New user here and do not have permissions to pm. I'm interested in the 5700 xt you're selling. I have ebay and other forum feedback if needed.
Sure whats your ebay?