Which ITX motherboard?


Jan 21, 2014
Is the msi one good?

I'm going to use it with 5600x and a thermalright axp-90 in a dan a4 case.

I don't have any special requirements, a decent sound chip would be nice though.

Any tips and suggestions appreciated, I haven't built a computer in ages
I've been pretty happy with my Gigabyte X570 board.

The ASRock X570 ITX option is unique in that it has a Thunderbolt port. The tradeoff is you get one m.2 slot instead of two.

When I bought my Gigabyte board, there were no options with a USB type-e header on board. This is useful if your case has front-panel USB-C or whatever the latest standard is for type-A ports. The type-e header allows for 10gbps. Some of the B550 options may have this, so something to look for.
I use an Asrock B550 Gaming ITX and I've had no issues (other than wishing for a clear cmos button). For a 5600x you might as well go for the cheapest (Asrock B550M-ITX) and buy an external sound card.