Verizon Tablets


American Hero
Mar 25, 2003
Has anyone else noticed that Verizon really doesn't seem to have any new tablets in the works? Nearly everything that's coming out is destined for AT&T.... I know VZW isn't subbing tablets anymore, but it almost seems as though they have written off that market. I'm just looking for a tablet that will replace my tab 7.7 at some point and am not seeing a whole lot out there. Any other tablet owners thinking of switching to AT&T because of this?


Apr 16, 2006
Carrier tablets tanked, hard. Millions upon millions of dollars of inventory purchased but not sold. Very high cancellation rates on tablet data plans. Low customer satisfaction. Very high unwillingness to enter into a 2 year contract for a mild subsidy. You get the picture.

Verizon's bastard CDMA/LTE network architecture is going to seriously cramp your tablet options, but you can always get a prepaid plan on AT&T or T-Mobile and use an unlocked GSM-standard tablet.

In the 7" category, the Nexus 7 HSPA+ unit isn't a bad choice for Android, and of course there's the lackluster but well-built iPad Mini.

But frankly those aren't major upgrades to your Tab 7.7. You have a better display than either device IMHO, you have removable storage, that Exynos dual has similar processing and graphics power as the Mini's A5.

It's a really good hardware platform that was well ahead of the curve when it was released last year (which was why it was so damned expensive), though a bit crippled by being carrier-branded and carrier-updated in your case, and a total sales flop worldwide, even unlocked. Just too costly.

That said, pretty sure Samsung will be rolling out a new ~7" device at CES. If not as "upscale" as the Tab 7.7, at least upgraded, with an A15 Exynos a certainty. And maybe another SAMOLED panel instead of IPS. But don't hold your breath, they're still having yield and cost issues with that tech (and their phones/phablets are eating up most of the production capacity).