Synology with S3 - Results


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Mar 25, 2003
Awhile back I asked if anyone had used S3 to back up some of their content from a Synology NAS- My first month's bill just came due- $0.81.

I have about 20GB of pics that I store using RSS, and about 5GB of docs in the normal S3 environment. As a test I also uploaded 4GB of videos (season 1 of Home Improvement) and setup a data lifecycle rule to transition those objects into glacier- since they were only present for about a week, the cost for the 4GB was about a penny with another penny charged for the glacier put requests. I just re-ran the backup job from the NAS, and no further uploads to S3 were made, so as far as the NAS is concerned, the objects in glacier are synced up (and if you use the S3 console, all of the objects are present).

So all together the S3 backup is pretty transparent and seemingly affordable. Check it out.


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Apr 10, 2003
I am interested in doing something like this.. is there instructions? Also what synology program are you using? Is there a amazon one?