Gaming Monitor Help for Best Compromise - Tried Multiple 32" Panels (Open to 27")


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Jul 5, 2016
Hey all,

I'm kind of in a dilemma and would love some advice.

Just got a new gaming rig, and along with that, purchased a new monitor.

First, I went with the ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQR 32” monitor. Long story short, while fairly happy with the picture, I was not happy with the local dimming performance since it's edge-lit and it was MUCH more distracting than I anticipated (so if I were to keep it, I'd need to keep the local dimming off as it's awful, and the contrast isn't the best with it off). Also had a firmware update issue, but I think I've worked around that - definitely lost a few settings options tho', but that's not a dealbreaker as much as the local dimming.

So, I tried the more expensive ASUS ProArt PA32UCG-K, which has full-array local dimming. Again, I'm fairly happy with the basic picture. The blooming is a tad distracting, but I think I could get used to it, though it is quite apparent in Windows in things like Discord for example, or even this forum. Unfortunately, it had what appears to be an eyelash stuck in the screen, which I was able to resolve with some gentle tapping, but I also appear to have at least 2 dead pixel, one in the upper right corner of the screen, and one in the lower left. I thought I had a stuck green pixel as well but can't find it at the moment (I think it's probably there tho').

I'm really torn on what to do. I don't think I'll keep the PG32UQR because the contrast with local dimming off is not great, and I feel like the PA32UCG is better in most ways there. But I'm not thrilled for the premium price I have a couple dead pixels, and the blooming is still more than I was hoping for as I do at least as much desktop work as I do gaming stuff.

I've considered something like the Samsung G8, but I feel like it'll be the same story at least as far as local dimming. I wouldn't mind going down to 27" if I could get something with very good contrast that won't have these issues. I'm a bit resistant to something like OLED as I had an OLED TV years ago and ended up suffering burn-in. That said, at the right price point, it might make the most sense.

I have a few questions, and a few choices to consider, and any help would be appreciated.

First, a question.

Q.) Are there any non-OLED gaming monitors, in the 32" OR 27" size, without local dimming but still with pretty great contrast (I realize nothing LCD/LED will be OLED), decently bright HDR, and good build quality?

I figure as far a options:
A.) I could suck it up and keep the ProArt. Local Dimming is what it is (and at least it's a LOT better than the edge-lit local dimming), and the dead pixels aren't that noticeable if I just try to get over them or push it back a bit. Still, it's a much more expensive monitor, so I'm sad I'm not happier with it.
B.) I could get something cheaper for now and see what the new 32" ASUS ROG FALD display that releases later this year is like. But I'll still need something for the meantime. Was thinking a G8 or decent 27".
C.) I could give OLED another shot and go for the new 27" LG OLED I see released today. Local dimming issues would be solved, though I know I'd be anxious about burn-in. At the price-point (I could literally replace it a few times for the price of the ProArt), maybe I'm overblowing that concern, and I have heard OLED has come a long ways since my TV got burn in (it was a pretty early-gen LG OLED TV and the hearts from Breath of the Wild got burned in despite varied content.) The new LG is not 4K, but I'm not sure how much that'd actually matter to me at the smaller size.

Thanks in advance for any advice. Kind of pulling my hair out trying to decide!!
You could wait for the PG32UQXR which has a 576-zone backlight. I'd send the ProArt with dead pixels back though. They will otherwise always annoy you.

What are your usecases?
You could wait for the PG32UQXR which has a 576-zone backlight. I'd send the ProArt with dead pixels back though. They will otherwise always annoy you.

What are your usecases?
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I found a 3rd dead pixel so it's definitely getting on the border of unacceptable.

Use cases are about 25% gaming, 50% productivity/work, and maybe 25% working with images (I like accurate, but nothing that requires accuracy, though that's always an ice boon if it's pre-calibrated).

I wouldn't mind waiting for the PG32UQXR but I would still need something until that time that's decent.
Just in case anyone's curious, after a lot of thought, talking with friends, etc. (also firmware updating the ProArt), I've decided to return both 32"s and go with the 27" LG OLED since I need something now and I feel like this might be my best option for the performance I want at a (more) reasonable price.

A few reasons:
- I'm just not blown away by the local dimming in these 32" monitors I've tried. Because I do a lot of desktop/web stuff AS WELL AS gaming, it can get a bit distracting, and even though it looks good in games, at least with the ProArt, I just don't find it that pleasant. My TV is a Sony FALD and I love it, but it honestly bothers me a lot less at a distance and since I'm not doing things like moving a cursor, chatting on Discord, etc.

- Even though I like the ProArt (pixel issues aside, and I've also had some issues with it coming back on to a signal after going to sleep) better than the ROG model (mainly because I couldn't use local dimming at all due to the edge-lit nature being super distracting to me), I just can't justify >$3K for the monitor when I can get perfect contrast and all the refresh rate benefits for $1K. I realize some interesting monitors are coming (the new ROG local dimming 32", a ROG and Dough 27" OLED using the same panel as the LG, etc.), and even if I ended up changing for something else after a year, it'd STILL be cheaper to do it 3X than this monitor I'm not entirely happy with.

- My other consideration was the G8, but I have a feeling local dimming issues will be the same, and I've never really been crazy about the idea of a curved monitor.

- I moved up from my old 27" to try 32" on my new PC, and as nice as the extra real estate is, I don't find the size always as much as a benefit as I thought it would be. Definitely a lot more having to look at different parts of the screen, etc. Maybe a clearer screen without the dimming issues at 27" will be plenty. I'm still torn on going smaller, but I think it's probably going to be the right decision, at least for now. Ditto with reducing from 4K to 1440p - it should be fine for my uses and I can take advantage of the crazy refresh rate since my new rig is beefy.

- I haven't tried OLED since my first and only experience with a fairly early LG television model. While I experienced poor HDR (it was before tone-mapping and very dim since it was an early implementation, which I'm sure is not an issue now) and also got pretty significant burn-in then, it was still a nice TV and the SDR was gorgeous. I think it'll be fun to give it another try with a modern panel. While I am concerned about burn-in, I plan to take care of it, but also not baby it. (IE., I'll set it to shut off when not being used and vary content, but I won't make it dimmer than I'd like [probably be in Win11 HDR mode] just to preserve potential life, etc.). It'll be a good test if nothing else, and like I said, even if I decide OLED still isn't the technology for me, it's less expensive than keeping the ProArt.

So there's where I'm at if anyone's curious. Wish me luck!
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