DISH "Home Media" app - Gone?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 11, 2001
We have DISH (Satellite TV service) and on the main "Hopper" box, there was an app called "Home Media". This allowed you to access media from a DLNA server on your network and stream it directly to the cablebox. This was handy because I have a rather large amount of media on my fileserver. We do have a dedicated HTPC, but for other members of my family it was easier to access content via the cablebox than switch over to the HTPC and use the mouse, etc. This functionality has been built-in to the box for 7+ years.

A few days ago there was a DISH software update, and now the "Home Media" app seems to be gone.

I'm just curious, in case there are other DISH users here who by chance also used the app - is there any other way to access DLNA content directly via the cablebox? Has this feature been relocated or has it simply been removed?


Nov 2, 2016
Try using your TV's dedicated DLNA player?

My TV from 2011 already included this feature (as did the one I bought in 2017). I've been using it to playback media since 2013.

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