Cooler suggestions needed LGA1700

Jan 19, 2016
I need an advice cooling i7 12700k, i am not interested in overclocking the cpu, so what is a good cooler to cool this beast.

Thanks in Advance
Hard to beat the Thermal right Peerless assassin for $38. Black one is going to cost you $10 more. That said nothing wrong with the D15. It is still one of the best air coolers out there. Contact Noctua if you need 1700 bracket. I believe they were sending them out for the cost of shipping with proof of purchase.
NH-U12A. Outperforms the NH-D15 or comes close to it for a number of processors. I have used it with a 12700K, a 12900K, and now a 13900K and it performs very well. I have a NH-D15 and thought about using it over the NH-U12A when I installed the 13900K, but stuck with the proven performer. It's a little expensive, but well worth it IMO. If you already have the D15 then use that while getting the 1700 bracket as vegeta535 mentioned.
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I have an ID-Cooling SE-226-XT cooling a 12700k right now. Works fine and is sub-$50.

I would get the TR Peerless Assassin though for the price.

The Noctua U12A is over $100 right now. Not worth it.
If you already have a Noctua D15, that should do the job just fine. Especially if you aren't OCing
NH-U12A is what I have on my 13700K I wouldn't get anything bigger than that with a Air Cooler I'm even thinking of getting a AIO I just don't want to buy two of them if one fails
I never used a water cooler I owned one got one for free one time but I'm sticking with Air. I get 92 tops with Intel XTU stress test for 2 minutes but I don't nearly get that hot with games.
I like the LCD AIO they have on Amazon but you need extra space for the LCD controler ect...
Using my 7 yr old NZXT AIO for now got a Deepcool AS500 plus WH for when the AIO goes DOA.