Bought SSD from Newegg, but they shipped it in a bubble envelope, I'm pissed off.


Aug 13, 2014
This is the item I bought, if you look at the images the SSD it self is only packed in a factory plastic packaging.

I was sure they were going to put it in a box. It only took two days to get to my house. The package was pretty dusty and dirty. No rips or tears by the way. How do I know their wasn't a box on top of it or someone stepped on it or threw it around.

On the Mushkin website it says "shock-resistant 1500G of tolerance". But what does that mean while in package in transport, while it's in the PC and on/working ?

I've not unpacked or install yet it's crossed my mind to return it and buy it from Amazon they usually ship everything to me in a box. The reason I got from Newegg because it was a bit cheaper.

Am I totally blowing this out of portion you think ? I mean if the item was packed in it's own factory box I would not worry, but it wasn't. Would it bother you if you got a SSD and it wasn't in a box ?
Maybe a pic of what they actually sent you would help your cause.
I had one from newegg come in an envelope once. I didn't even think about it. If it only took two days, I'm sure someone was throwing it around the shipping dock trying to get it to you as fast as possible. :clown: :clown:
I ordered a mushkin SSD from newegg a year or 2 ago and it came the same way, but I wasn't really concerned. It's an SSD, not a HDD. If theres any physical damage return it, but SSDs are so light, even if you dropped the envelope over and over, it would be fine. This is my opinion.
It should be fine, it's not a mechanical spinner drive.
Check it to make sure it's new with no hours on it though.

Way better than the days Newegg used to ship multiple hard drives loose (just the static bag) in a big box.
No bubble wrap, no packing paper, nothing. Just several hard drives smashing into each other for days in shipment.

will probably be just fine.

EDIT: i used to ship RAM in antistatic bag + tape + bubble wrap + peanuts + box

if im shipping less than 200 miles (320KM) it goes in a padded envelope with static bag and tape with a postage stamp on it if its worse less than 200$

check it out using the drives utility software + there are good ones on the net too
Ok I feel better about it, I'll open it and try use, yeah the SDD and the packaging look factory new. It's just that the package was dirty, but what bothered me was it could be fragile and maybe due to shock of being thrown or the package being roughed up or stepped on could still damage or cause hairline cracks of the pcb inside the SSD.
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Ok I feel better about, I'll open it and try use, yeah the SAD and the packaging look factory new. It's just that the package was dirty, but what bothered me was it could be fragile and maybe due to shock of being thrown or the package being roughed up or stepped on could still damage or cause hairline cracks of the pc inside the SSD.

In all honesty, throw it off a skyscraper in a padded envelope and I'd bet money it'd still be fine.
Padded envelope is pretty common for SSDs--one of the advantages of an SSD over a hard drive is that its not fragile. I've gotten SSDs from both Newegg and Amazon in padded envelopes with no problems.
I ordered a Mushkin SSD from about two years ago, it came in a padded envelope and it was fine. would likely ship small items like SSDs in a padded envelope these days.

Yes, you are blowing it out of proportion.
I admire your belief they get treated better during shipping to the store and handling through the various warehouses.
Ok thanks guys, I won't think about it anymore.

I dunno dude.... I just got an SSD from Newegg in a bubble envelope too.
It's fine and works great and everything, but shouldn't we panic?

Should we start a support group so we can talk about our feelz on this?

j/k dude! :D:troll:

Resistance to shock is IMO one of the greatest advantages to SSDs. I'd have zero concern.
LOL once I sold a used 850 PRO 1TB SSD, placed it in an anti-static bag and inside of a small padded envelope. I handed the envelope to a mailman, he then threw it inside his USPS car and then threw what appeared to be 20lb boxes on top of it. I cringed but did not confront him about it. I was worried that the drive might arrive damaged but then I got positive feedback from the buyer so the SSD was good.
The only concern I have ever had with padded envelope shipping was used/refurbished RAM sticks - there's just no other reinforcement on those things. It has never resulted in receiving broken merchandise though.
I think of all the 15 or so years I sold used computer parts on ebay the only time I used physical boxes was when it was multiple items together of various sizes (like RAM, CPU, and video card), one or more hard drives, anything that was large like a motherboard, or had some part of it being glass like a tablet/phone.

Something like a single SSD I would not worry about if it wasn't in a box.
I won an SSD on eBay and it came this weekend in a USPS mailer envelope. No box, no foam, no bubbles. Literally the drive dropped into a cardboard envelope, sealed, and mailed.

The drive survived fine, and the envelope took more of a beating getting into my tiny mailbox than any other point in the trip, but come on.. for something costing a few hundred bucks, USPS has tiny boxes perfect for this stuff.
Sorry to necro but I think it is stupid as hell to put an SSD in a padded envelope if the SSD packaging itself is just a blister pack with no protection. This just happened to me last week and it was crushed from other packages being placed on top of it I guess. I contacted newegg with pics and they told me to trash it and gave me a refund. I ordered the next SSD directly from Corsair this week as they said they ship their SSDs and memory in a box not a bag or envelope.

SSD 1.jpg
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Whatever did that was very heavy or it was probably stepped on. Box probably wouldn’t have made a difference. Regardless out of the hundred thousand SSDs shipped in bubble mailers that week, one got damaged.

Bubble mailer is fine.