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  1. LFaWolf

    Apple iPhone 15 Live Event "Wonderlust"

    From what I can glean base iPhone 15 uses usb-c connector while iPhone 14 pro still uses lightning connector. I personally prefer usb c. You can compare the models differences here -,iphone-15
  2. LFaWolf

    Apple iPhone 15 Live Event "Wonderlust"

    I am on iPhone X and planned to upgrade to 15 when Face Id died on me earlier this year. This morning, the camera went dead. Guess it is a little more urgent to get a new phone now.
  3. LFaWolf

    WTB: Radeon 6000 series

    I am not the seller -
  4. LFaWolf

    WTB, 17" screen, win 11 laptop for an old lady

    That thing is like 8lbs according to specs. She will get a good workout out of it, lol! Also, too old to run win 11
  5. LFaWolf

    WTB, 17" screen, win 11 laptop for an old lady

    If Microsoft turns on the check after installation, then what do you do? The laptop specifically for an old lady who wants 100% windows 11 support and no hacks. Context is important here.
  6. LFaWolf

    WTB, 17" screen, win 11 laptop for an old lady

    Windows 11 requires Intel 8th gen and up for Core Processors.
  7. LFaWolf

    F/S mounts, brakes and end caps 20) No ALCOHOL, tobacco, firearms, weapons of any kind or pornography (anything that can be classified "Adult Material") are to be sold here..... nothing that is governed by the Federal Government as interstate...
  8. LFaWolf

    HF FS/T scam - thoughts / a nod to the community

    Yes, total for the calendar year, not per transaction
  9. LFaWolf

    RTX 4090 FE NEW BNIB

    Ha, I am in exactly the same boat and feel exactly the same way of OP helping out people. All 4090s require 4 slots and are too long, meaning I have to get a new motherboard and case. All except the FE, but I have decided to skip. Free bump for a great member here!
  10. LFaWolf

    Savings on Western Digital SSDs through 3/4

    I got the promotional email too but for some odd reason, the discount does not apply for me, even though I put 2x Blue 4TB SATA SSD in my cart. Tried 2 different browsers already.
  11. LFaWolf

    Samsung 870 EVO 1TB $59.99 Amazon

    This is where I first learned of the issues. Personally, I would avoid any Samsung at this point. I feel their quality has slipped a bit.
  12. LFaWolf

    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Pm on the NUC
  13. LFaWolf

    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Getting off topic here...
  14. LFaWolf

    Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Samsung 980 PRO 2TB SSD PCIe Gen 4 x4 NVMe $139.99

    Nah, only 90 days warranty versus the usual 5 years. Given the problem they have with firmware, it is not worth the risk. If you are short on cash, there are other brands and choices.
  15. LFaWolf

    Best Buy has the 3080Ti FE on clearance for $719

    Not available near me but is this a good price though? The 4070 ti is about 10% more expensive but also 10% faster and is of a new gen?
  16. LFaWolf

    WTS: Gigabyte Rtx 4080 Gaming OC/ 1TB

    Tempting bump.
  17. LFaWolf

    what should i do next? PayPal G&S is accepted by the seller.
  18. LFaWolf

    SOLD~~~ Playstation 5 Console

    FYI, you missed the /r in the hardwareswap link, like this -
  19. LFaWolf

    FS: NIB 12700k, genuine Intel i350-T2, LG 32GP850-B

    Report the scammer to mod so they can be banned.
  20. LFaWolf

    FS: EVGA 3080 XC3 Ultra

  21. LFaWolf

    Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition $2.99 on Steam

    Thanks. Bought it. Will see how it plays. .
  22. LFaWolf

    WTB DDR4 4x32GB desktop ram + selling Misc Stuff

    FYI -
  23. LFaWolf

    Shipstation and USPS First class labels have no barcode

    Which 2-label sticky papers do you recommend? And which scale?
  24. LFaWolf

    Scalpers Paradise Rules

    Guys, no need to get testy here. The rule has been updated and is set. Bickering about it can’t change it. Just take a step back and let it go. It is what it is. Have a great day!
  25. LFaWolf

    FS: Analogue Pocket

    Bump for looking.
  26. LFaWolf

    How to trade without PayPal? Is it possible?

    Very nice. I just set mine up. When I first used MFA that was not an option. I guess they have added it since.
  27. LFaWolf

    How to trade without PayPal? Is it possible?

    I don’t think PayPal has that .
  28. LFaWolf

    How to trade without PayPal? Is it possible?

    I used it without issue.
  29. LFaWolf

    How to trade without PayPal? Is it possible?

    If you have no Heatware or relatively few feedback, and ask for Zelle or any payment method without buyer protection, I doubt anyone would be willing to buy from you. However, if you are trying to buy, you can ask if the seller is willing to accept Zelle, Venmo or cash app. Note that Venmo is...