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    When do you finally retire a PSU?

    I generally get a new PSU each time I build myself a new rig, every 2-4 yearsish. I generally leave the old PSU with the rig it was initially built with. A 10-12yr warranty is mandatory. I just had a 11yo Seasonic x1050 kill the MB and CPU it was hooked up to when it died. Rails were solid...
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    Which DDR4 kit least likely to have issues on X570?

    Gal ;) silentcircuit, If you contact gskill and explain the issues your having they may swap out your current kit for an AMD certified kit. At the least they can help walk you through plugging in proper timings, speed and voltage for your current modules.
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    Pop goes the x1050

    Well, nothing good to report unfortunately. The PSU, MB and CPU are deader than doornails. Memory, GPU and SSD are fine thankfully. I've never had a power supply kill itself and take out other components in 25 years of building rigs. It really bums me out for the old girl to go out like this 😭 I...
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    Pop goes the x1050

    Well, its looking like the MB and i7 8086k are dead, haven't been able to check the SSD or mem yet. Can't get a video signal from the onboard or either of two GPUs. The only other CPU I have to test with is underwater of course. Going to be a pita either way i go.
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    Pop goes the x1050

    I hear ya, messing with the innards of power supplies isn't something that I am comfortable with at all. I may pull the fan out and toss the rest :( after I carefully take some pics for our local pros to check out. Sadly the warranty is no longer valid either. I bought it 2-2012 according to...
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    Pop goes the x1050

    Seasonic x1050 finally died and seems to have taken the Asrock z390 phantom gaming 9 with her. All I can get out of it with a new PSU is blue flashing RGBs (the last color I set in polychrome)on the MB and the troubleshooting readout is flashing in concert with the RGBs. I've never seen anything...
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    Super Flower Leadex VII XG 1300W 80+ Gold $209.99 - $25 (Newegg)

    Oh man, what a sick deal! When most 1300w gold atx 3.0s are going for 3-4 bills easy, from reputable companies. Dayuuum, I'm tempted to grab a few just cuz this is such a badass deal...but I have no use for them 😔 NICE FIND!
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    Yum! Ramen for Starving E-Gamers: 24-Pack 3-Oz Creamy Chicken Maruchan Ramen $5.76 @Amazon/Walmart

    Used to eat 4 of the chicken ramen at a time when I was a young man. Ugh, now just the thought of all that sodium makes my feet swell up.
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    Chieftec Dragons

    Those prices are stupid. I picked up a silver thermalbake version a couple of years ago for $20 on craigslist. Ended up giving it to the dude I sold my Koolance to. My original Chen Ming was a black Koolance super tower that came watercooled with their 3 fan module up top. 80 and 92mm Sunons...
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    7900 XTX held back big time by current build...

    Why go through all the trouble of rebuilding in a tiny case for an extra 10 or 12% with a 7800x3d? When you can just order a 5800x3d and you're back to gaming like a champ in the time it takes for UPS to get it to you, plus the 30 minutes it will take to install it.
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    Coolermaster RS-750-ACAA-A1 / Coolermaster 750 Watt Psu - Help Intermittent Power On

    For that rig you'll only need a 500w unit at the most. So your ahead of the game by quite a bit already. A gold certified unit is fine. Where will you be shopping for a new PSU? We can help find something solid and have your daughter back up and running in no time 😉
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    Coolermaster RS-750-ACAA-A1 / Coolermaster 750 Watt Psu - Help Intermittent Power On

    The only trustworthy review I could find for that PSU was from 2007. Do yourself a big favor and get a new unit. Here's the review
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    Kingston 32GB 5600MT/S DDR5 ECC CL46 DIMM 2RX8 Hynix A-Die $117.61 + shipping [Provantage]

    DDR5 only runs hot when run at more than jedec specs, 1.20v+. Increased voltage=increased heat. Longevity isn't a factor at stock voltage. Memory heat spreaders do little to nothing to cool the modules, cheap rgb spreaders in particular. The reason companies started using heat spreaders...
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    Best 2TB SSD for my needs?

    WD sn850x would be my suggestion. They have been on sale for great prices recently and performance is great. Another excellent option is the SK Hynix Platinum PK41 they are as good as it gets...
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    850 watt enough for 7800x3d + 4090?

    Whoa, slow down guys. The PSU the OP is pondering isn't some pos off the scrap heap. It's perfectly fine for the components he has configured. It's not going to explode or take out his GPU. At worst it may cause a crash while gaming.
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    current best air coolers

    Post #251 has a graph that NightReaver posted. It's not a bad unit, 5c behind the PA 120 and 6c behind the FS 140 so nothing to be worried about imo.
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    current best air coolers

    That one reviews pretty well and is popular you just have to make sure the fan won't run into your case door/window if you need to offset it to clear your memory. It can make a 155mm tall hs a 160mm tall hs really easy. In order to fit the Thermalright pa 120se in my back up rig, I had to set...
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    current best air coolers

    Oh man, I completely burned myself out on rgb with my main rig (10,000 wires, ugh). All because I wanted an all black and blue rig. Both of my back up rigs are completely blacked out as a result. Well, other than the green anti-freeze I'm using for coolant in one :/
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    current best air coolers

    I hear ya. There's nothing as easy and clean as dropping in a Noctua Chromax heatsink. Altho, if I were to need another heatsink at some point. That's probably not going to happen anytime soon...kinda moving back into a full on wcing kick again. I would go with either a Phantom Spirit 120 or...
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    current best air coolers

    I swapped my U12As a12x25s to a pair of ippc 2000s on my 9900kf (for shits and giggles really) but the only real benefit was about 5c and a ton of noise at 2000rpm. The ippc 2000s have a harsher profile past 7or 800rpms compared to the a12x25s. I swapped back to the a12x25s obviously. The U12A...
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    850 watt enough for 7800x3d + 4090?

    Thats a solid unit. Built by FSP. It's an older platform so it may or may not handle the transients of your 4090. It certainly wont kill anything if you try it out.
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    Bought a 3090, loud as hell, unusually hot? Disappointed.

    Has the heatsink ever been pulled and die repasted. If not that may give you a nice drop in temps. While your at it take a look at the thermal pads or just go ahead and replace them if the card is 4 to 5 years old.
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    850 watt enough for 7800x3d + 4090?

    What model is it exactly? There are a whole gamut of EVGA units out there in the 850w class from excellent to trash level.
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    Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE $35.90

    I ran a SE on my 13700k for several months no problem. Once the curve was dialed in it was fine. The fans are a little bit loud compared to noctua a12-25s but damn near everything is. I use an SE on my test bench exclusively now. No complaints other than I cant swap it out one handed... 😂. If...
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    Musk Zuckerberg Cage Fight

    If this joke actually happens ( it won't imo). Musk will punch himself out in 20 or 30 seconds, maybe 40 if he realllly trains hard. He'll be too winded to defend himself after the first minute. While Zuckerberg will dance around eluding Musks best haymakers and out of shape old man grappling...
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    ILLEGAL to sell regular lightbulbs after August 1st

    Yep, yep. I've got 4 fluorescent shop lights(4 footers) that are 10 or 11 years old in my workshop. I've had to replace one full unit because the ballast fried. Haven't had to replace any of the other bulbs yet. I grabbed another 4, 4 foot, LEDs when I picked up the replacement for other...
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    ILLEGAL to sell regular lightbulbs after August 1st

    We switched the house to LEDs several years ago. I think I've had to replace one of them since. Regular bulbs on the other hand I had to replace constantly. Altho, I've got a giant florescent bulb (no idea what size or wattage it is)on the back of the house that comes on automatically. It's at...
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    Crucial (Ballistix) DDR4-3600 4x16GB throwing MemTest86 errors - a bit of a caveat

    Gskill is what I use for rgb ddr4 builds since the ballistix line was axed. Software can be finicky sometimes but generally your mb sw will have no problems controlling them.
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    Corsair SP2500 2.1 speakers + Sony X90J TV, Good Combo?

    I couldn't fit my 5.1 surround sound speakers with my x90j without mounting them behind the TV on the wall (same problem with my spare 2.1s). I didn't like that idea much so I went with a soundbar and 10in sub. Sounds is good for movies, games and was only like $250 all told. Only real drawback...
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    Remembering the disaster that was crypto mining and it's detrimental affects on GPU prices.

    All the crypto craze did was teach the aibs that most people are fickle af. Most will bitch and moan about high prices incessantly but will turn around in the same breath and pay ridiculous amounts for overpriced gear (see current MB pricing). Stupid pricing is an US problem not a them. We...
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    Feedback on Forum

    Unfortunately, that's not a game I play...hehehe. Sorry to see you go 😔
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    24/48GB DDR5

    If your bios is up to date your gtg.
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    Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120 availability?

    Aliexpress is probably your only option if it's not available from the usual sources.
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    Prime Day 2023 Deals?

    Just got a $10 coupon for a Rugged Ridge cargo liner I've had in my cart for a couple of days. No discount on the Weathertech in my cart tho. I was going to buy one or the other regardless but thought I'd hold off and see what happened during the big sale. Other than that, nothing I've been...
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    Need Help. Looking for stock Intel LGA1700 retention bracket.

    You need to post this in the fs/trade section. You will get yourself in trouble looking for parts here.
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    How long do motherboards generally last?

    I've never run any of mine 24/7 and they've fared fine. It's more a personal preference imo.
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    My newly built gaming PC just conked out on me.

    No no no, if your not familiar with GPU flashing (if you have dual bios just switch over to the secondary to test), even if it seems easy as pie. Don't mess with flashing the bios. It's too easy to brick your card and a major pita to restore if you have a bad flash, flash with the wrong rom or...
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    My newly built gaming PC just conked out on me.

    If your 3090 is working and gaming fine and your rig is showing no signs of instability underload (like it did before). RMA the 4090 and chalk it up to badluck. Game on your 3090 until the replacement comes. Life is good 👍
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    My newly built gaming PC just conked out on me.

    GPU, PSU, MB or temps are my first guess. Start with the GPU being that you have a spare to test with. If the problem persists, its something else. Check temps, hs/aio mounting next to be certain there's no issues there.
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    Thermal Paste?

    Yeah, that's really disappointing. You would think as big a retailer as they are they would have no problems turning over their stock.