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  1. harmattan

    Games with the best audio/sound design?

    I recently re-played Dark Project and Metal Age (probably first time since they were originally released), and good God the sound design is fantastic. They beat the pants off most "stealth" game spacial sound... and are over 25 years old.
  2. harmattan

    Nvidia planning to throttle supply of RTX 4090 to increase RTX 4080 sales

    This will be an interesting strategy considering 7900xtx is already dropping in price in the market with rumors of an official price drop some early Spring. I don't have all the sales data, but I suspect a further reduction of 4090 supply won't bolster 4080 sales one bit. No one looking at a...
  3. harmattan

    Square one again passing the blame

    While they've had a few bangers over the past years e.g. Deus Ex(es), Tomb Raiders (I loved these games), I just can't get past the maga/boy band ascetics and bad localization in most of their games. I'm sure it's just my inflexible Western sensibilities, but just can't get past the cringe.
  4. harmattan

    4090 worth it over 7900 XTX?

    Faulty how? Apart from the earlier batches with the water fill issue, the reference design is very good. I had one of the first ones that had the water fill issue which got RMA'ed no issue. Had someone in the factory not calibrated the filler machine correctly, I would have 100% had kept it.
  5. harmattan

    Crypto Miners Paint GDDR Memory Chips to Hide Wear and Tear

    [Eyelid starts twitching involuntarily] I'll never get those hours of my life back spent with Dellienware customer "service" trying to get an RMA for that.
  6. harmattan

    4090 worth it over 7900 XTX?

    I have the Red Devil XTX. It's a superb card, and for now, it pushes all games way beyond what I want/need in games. Moreover, the cooling is excellent, it overclocks very well (flirting with stock 4090 in rasterization), and runs cool. I've also owned a 4080, and the experience is largely...
  7. harmattan

    Pulsed helium3 fusion in a magnetic bottle, not lasers or same old tokawhatever...

    On your second point, they don't want it "to be available" is the key detail here. Having had a bit of an inside view, energy companies are throwing everything right now at figuring out how to create and store energy cheaper, but they want to be able to control it and sell it back to consumers...
  8. harmattan

    The Last of Us Part I

    Bethesda: Hold my beer...
  9. harmattan

    No new Switch this year as Nintendo plans to ramp up production post pandemic induced shortage

    Likely. I'm guessing they're sitting on a design (and likely a choice of chip), but can't/couldn't move forward due to capacity issues. Current Switch is still selling (with a 6 year-old chip), so why rush anyways? In any case, even a new SoC is going to be at least a few years outmoded on any...
  10. harmattan

    Need help - I RMA'd my 2080 Ti XC2 Ultra with EVGA and have been given the choice between a 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra, or a 3070 Ti XC3 Ultra. Which one?

    I'd also suggest going with the 3070 ti. Marginally raster performance (5-8%), notably better RT performance (10-15%) than the 2080 ti. As for the VRAM, you're not really going to be playing 4k with either of those cards unless you reduce settings which will obviate the need for >8GB. And at...
  11. harmattan

    Review the game you finished recently.

    I also just revisited Dark Messiah. It's a great experience, abeit a bit short. The skill tree and weapon upgrades matches the length, it doesn't need to have 15 paths. Like a lot of games at the time, I'd actually categorize it as "extended arcade" i.e. it plays and feels like an arcade game...
  12. harmattan

    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    I had the 110c issue on my 7900xtx. I knew nearly immediately there was an issue (junction temp ramping up to the thermal limit within two minutes and throttling is not by design on any electronic device I've ever seen), and had figured out early on it was the cooler that was the culprit...
  13. harmattan

    What games do you think were graphically well-ahead of their time?

    I recall only ever owning 2-3 Sega CD games (including the incomparable Bram Stoker's Dracula that burnt the Wilhelm scream into my memory). Likely the same number for 32x. They looked and sounded impressive for the time, but played like utter s*^t.
  14. harmattan

    What games do you think were graphically well-ahead of their time?

    I recall getting Sewer Shark on my Sega CD (with 32x!) and was blown away with the graphics. Then I figured out the gameplay and mechanics were basically the same (or worse) to Dragon's Layer with timed clicks and wanted to return it straight to Sears.
  15. harmattan

    What games do you think were graphically well-ahead of their time?

    Outcast (1999) - Graphics not only looked significantly advanced, but different from the early DX API at the time. It uses a novel pure software-based engine with ray casting. Considering the engine uses virutally no 3D acceleration, it is seriously impressive. On the other hand, it required...
  16. harmattan

    After picking up a 4090 Founders from Best Buy i feel the price is worth it.

    Ah, the rare 7800 GTX 512mb... Only in production 2-3 months, 30% more cost for 256mb of VRAM and a hefty clock bump. Completely eclipsed by the 8800 a few months later. An elegant weapon.
  17. harmattan

    Ubisoft cancels three more games, issues dire update

    Hah, I distinctly remember my father throwing up his hands screaming "I just paid $2500 for a video game machine!" like it was yesterday, after witnessing me play Ultima V for a three hour session. I had pushed hard for months to get a 386 (and a DX, no less) to "help with classwork". After all...
  18. harmattan

    Ubisoft cancels three more games, issues dire update

    I'm just a few years older, but definitely recall a period from the early 80s to late 80s e.g. 83-88 when I played virtually no video game consoles -- and this was right in the window between the death of Atari and birth of NES. I was still playing games periodically on our C64 and C128 during...
  19. harmattan

    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    There's no design flaw on the reference cards. There was a batch of the initial cards that simply didn't have enough water added during manufacturing in the vapor chamber. They never claimed the issue was anything but that (although forum "experts" were speculating everything from heatplate...
  20. harmattan

    Which 4090? FE or PNY or Gigabyte

    I'm guessing PNY since they are based in the US. Their cards are very solid, albeit don't have a lot of fancy branding and are usually not far off FE performance. I had a 2080 and 3090 XLR8s and they were excellent. PNY have focused mostly on professional cards in the past. I've never dealt...
  21. harmattan

    7950x with XFX Merc 319 7900xtx

    That's a very good score for the Merc. My Red Devil (which has a higher power limit) gets just over 31k. What settings are you using? My best results have been with 1020mv, 3000mhz core/2700mhz mem, +15% power limit.
  22. harmattan

    Tips on actually getting a 4090?

    They pop up occasionally, but of all the channels and models they are the most scoped out by bots, so near impossible to get.
  23. harmattan

    4070ti 800$ no thanks nvidia! My 3080 is lookin better and better everyday.

    What a poor showing this gen has been in pricing and QA/design. Literally no price/performance increase: without precedent in the history of semiconductors, and a crapshoot being an early adopter from either AMD or nV. My own experience was actually ok last gen as I rode the buy low (got two...
  24. harmattan

    Major flaw detected with AMD 7900 XTX vapor chamber cooler

    On mine, it would hit 110c after a few minutes, then throttle to 307w and run between 2200-2400mhz core -- so performing nearly exactly like a 7900xt.
  25. harmattan

    Major flaw detected with AMD 7900 XTX vapor chamber cooler

    Even the "reviewer" at OCUK (who is in fact doing a promo to sell the cards at their store) raised an eyebrow when they saw junction temps on their sample. I've literally never seen them do anything but glowing videos of products...
  26. harmattan

    Major flaw detected with AMD 7900 XTX vapor chamber cooler

    Mine without a doubt had this issue. Chip ran well, but it heated up to >110c junction temp after a few minutes, then would throttle. Undervolting helped a bit, but it still wouldn't run at stock speeds. It's been RMA'ed. I could have rigged up a waterblock, heck, I could have pieced...
  27. harmattan

    Should you pay considerably more for High end Motherboards

    In answer to OP's question, I'd say it's worth buying the lowest-end board for the highest-end chipset. In my experience, the higher end you go, the more unecessary features, blingy lights, racing stripes and cheap plastic shrouds there are, and the price becomes exponentially more expensive...
  28. harmattan

    NVIDIA's RTX 4080 Problem: They're Not Selling & MSRP Doesn't Exist

    Here in the UK, nearly every 4080 model with the exeption of the FE has been in stock somewhere since they launched. No one's buying (or very few, at least). A few weeks ago, one of the vendors lowered the price to £1099 on a Palit model, likely to test the waters (base MSRP in UK is £1200...
  29. harmattan

    AMD 7900 GPU series reviews are up.

    I've been running through a few more titles over the past few days on by 7900xtx reference: Ghost Recon Badlands, Red Dead Redemption 2, Deus Ex MD, XCOM 2, MechWarrior 5. None are graphical barn burners, but they play flawlessly so far, and are dicernably faster than my 3090. I've also played...
  30. harmattan

    AMD 7900 GPU series reviews are up.

    I had a similar (very minor) issue with my reference XTX. The cooler extends in height about 1/2 inch over the PCI bracket thumbscrew which makes it difficult to get purchase. You almost forcibly need a screwdriver, and let the thumbscrew drop when taking the card off.
  31. harmattan

    Inexplicably high temps on 5800x and 5900x

    Those PBO settings (PPT 150, TDC 115, EDC 130) are holding down my temps. However, this board now has a frustrating habit of resetting my vcore setting, which I keep at 1.3mv back to stock, thus increasing my temps again to uncomfortable levels. This Gigabyte x570 is the worst mobo I've used...
  32. harmattan

    AMD's Radeon RX 7900-series Highlights

    I look at it as a question of do I want the best gaming performance/dollar i.e. the area where I will almost uniquely stretch the card's legs. I have a passing interest in RT, I will never use VR, I will never do content creation. I may at some point want to dabble using Linux. So for my use...
  33. harmattan

    AMD 7900XT and 7900 XTX Reviews

    Almost all the the early reviews were testing the ref model which is already no slouch. But the AIB designs are clocking much higher ~3200mhz+ (vs 2500 stock):
  34. harmattan

    AMD 7900XT and 7900 XTX Reviews

    I can't remember a card/chip that overclocked this far. Even the references with their limited power limit and cooling are getting 2900mhz core out the door. 9800 GT maybe came close, but not near 20%? Also, what was the rational for AMD to not capitalize on the chip's potential? Trying to...
  35. harmattan

    AMD 7900XT and 7900 XTX Reviews

    There will almost certainly be an unlocked bios for the reference card. I just got mine and it's probably the heaviest card I've ever owned, surprisingly so. Noticably heavier than the other hefty card I recall having, a 2080 ti Aorus.
  36. harmattan

    AMD Allegedly Has 200,000 Radeon RX 7900 Series GPUs for Launch Day

    OCUK got over 1000 units, about half XTs, half XTXs; nearly all were reference models (rebranded by AIBs). That's just a single reseller in the UK who makes up about 1/4 of the market, so extrapolating UK would have gotten around 4000 units. Taking that further, I'm guessing European market...
  37. harmattan

    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    I snagged an XTX yesterday. I'm currently running a backup 1070 and didn't want to wait yet another several months for prices to go down (if that happens at all). Left a bad taste spending $1000 on a card, and I'll likely not upgrade for a good while, but the XTX has the performance uplift I'd...
  38. harmattan

    AMD's Radeon RX 7900-series Highlights

    There is a benefit, however, to this follow-the-leader dynamic. AMD normally pulls features, once proprietary to nV, to open or near-open source. Had they not followed nV in adaptive sync, we'd likely still have proprietary, expensive gsync monitors. And there were many others, hairworks being...
  39. harmattan

    Does anyone else miss [H]ard reviews?

    Every time I see the desert of quality, editorial reviews (and the void left by [H]) at launches, I tend to think of Martin Scorcese's comments on Marvel: "They're closer to theme parks than they are to movies".