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    Parting out Top Tier Gaming Build

    Bump for a nice rig.
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    Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

    The issue isn't that the boards are having problems. As many have said that happens to everyone eventually. The issue is Asus' response to the problems. That is 100% entirely in their control and completely their fault.
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    Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

    Say what you will about Steve but this is solid journalism. The GN crew does seem to at least make an effort to dig into issues and present actual factual information to support their position instead of just spewing clickbait like the vast majority of “media” these days.
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    FS: MSI 4070ti $760 shipped $760 shipped. Price is net to me. Card *might* have 10 hours of gaming on it. Mint. Comes with box. 10 bucks less without the box. Heat in sig.
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    Crucial 4TB portable drive for $225 (shucking opportunity)

    I think if you're after the bare drive, just buy a bare drive for less and no potential warranty drama.
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    How is this game still pushing out updates? I don't think I've ever seen a developer support their customer base quite like this, at least not without a monthly subscription or multiple paid DLC.
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    Should I just get a 4070Ti?

    The 4070ti is a fine card. It caught negative press because of Nvidia's BS naming attempt and other general crappy business practices but there is nothing wrong with the hardware. Roughly the same horsepower as the 3090ti with half the power consumption in a smaller form factor that supports...
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    [Amazon Prime] FREE The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind GOTY

    I remember Morrowind being pretty good. Thanks.
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    Mix and match RAM for server?

    If there were anything else I'd say YOLO and send it but for a TrueNAS machine I'd really try to stick to not only matched sticks but motherboard vendor qualified sticks. ZFS is very memory dependent (as I'm guessing you know since you are here.) It will probably work at some janky half...
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    Shipstation and USPS First class labels have no barcode

    Just toss it in the drop box and avoid the idiot.
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    FS: Qnap TS-873A and TS-231K NAS SOLD

    I have the 473A which is just the 4 bay version. Very easy to load TrueNAS or Unraid. Twin 2.5Gb ethernet built in. Has 2 expansion slots so you can do 10Gb and a GPU if you wanted. Takes ECC memory. Quad core ryzen. 2 NVME slots. Nice compact footprint. Very underrated machine IMO.
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    Need an intel cooler that screws into a backplate with coarse case screw style threads

    If all else fails I'll just drill the legs on a better HSF and use my own mounting hardware. Just tough to get even pressure that way sometimes. I don't want to cut the OEM case. It's neat and simple to use, that's why I use it. Otherwise I have enough spare parts sitting around to build 20...
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    Is medium to high end Pc gaming becoming too niche ?

    Didn't read thread and I can only speak for myself though I have a feeling 15 people have already said this. The $$$ isn't the issue for me, time is. It's just easier to pick up my xbox controller and quick resume the game I put down a week ago with zero delay, setup or any other nonsense. Does...
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    DIY Cloud Storage for Synching mobile devices

    NextCloud is pretty much self hosted Dropbox. Once it's setup it's as reliable as the hardware hosting it and your internet connection. Throw it in Docker and you're off to the races. Clients are available for pretty much everything.
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    Ubisoft + $1 for a month

    Longer than it needs to be but the combat is solid. Pretty much abandons the "stealth assassin" game in favor of Viking berserker but it's a damn fun time doing it.
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    How many MB/sec (fast) does content transfer to a iPad Pro 2022 ?

    The iPad will likely blow the doors off of your external hard drive but not in the way I'm guessing you'll try to use it. Also given some of your post history.... I'd stick with the USB hard drive.
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    WTB: Intel cooler with coarse case screw style screw downs.

    Heat in sig. Looking for something similar to this but with coarse mounting screws that would normally attach to a backplate. Don't actually need backplate. Not picky about style. Case is full height PCI card width. Similar to this but with the coarse screw threads...
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    Need an intel cooler that screws into a backplate with coarse case screw style threads

    I have an HP G4 tower style machine that's pulling backup duties at home. It comes with an OEM cooler that uses standard Intel spacing but screws into 4 standoffs behind the motherboard. The OEM cooler is probably fine for it's intended purpose but idles around 60C for me and spikes into the...
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    Bought SSD from Newegg, but they shipped it in a bubble envelope, I'm pissed off.

    Whatever did that was very heavy or it was probably stepped on. Box probably wouldn’t have made a difference. Regardless out of the hundred thousand SSDs shipped in bubble mailers that week, one got damaged. Bubble mailer is fine.
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    Clean My Mac

    NO. I've been a full time Mac user for about 15 years. I've tried that program twice and been happy I have backups both times. It is completely unnecessary and does just as much harm as good.
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    FS: GoW Ragnarok PS5 code SOLD

    SOLD Pretty self explanatory. PS5 code sent via DM. Voucher is unused, code is not revealed. $40 net to me. Heat in sig. It's on a pretty nice glossy card with the game graphics on the other side. If you want me to mail it to give as a gift I'm fine with that as well. **NOTE** Terms indicate...
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    [DEAD] Unreal games deal pack = $2.79

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    FS:X399 Designare & TR 2950X Combo

    NVM I'm an idiot. Free bump for you!
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    2.5 inch HDD NAS drives

    I have a Synology 4 bay full of 3.5" Reds sitting on a shelf about 4 feet from me. There is nothing noisy about them at all. Either step up to 3.5" for capacity or do like several others have suggested and migrate to SSDs.
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    Microsoft cancels "new" console

    Microsoft already has a huge installed user base for this. Their existing consoles already offer the option to stream games directly without an install. This isn’t nearly the leap for them that it was for Google.
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    Nvidia 4090 meltdown maybe an answer

    This is how I see it as well. These aren't regulated industrial tools intended to be used by only skilled/trained/certified professionals. These are consumer targeted entertainment devices. They quite literally need to be idiot proof. There is no expectation of end user competency here.
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    How do graphics adapters order multiple displays??

    We are listening to this. You are just ignoring the answer. The GPU doesn't do this, the OS does.
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    SOLD Todays Sale :> (1) HP Mini 800 G6 (i7 10 series, 8gb, 512gb SSD, W10 Pro) Factory sealed !

    I just bought this exact model machine from him. Fantastic unit that was shipped instantly and packed to survive a nuclear blast. somebody please buy this so I’m not tempted to buy another one!
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    Supermicro SC825TQ-700LPB Chassis with X9DAI Motherboard+complete build

    Please. Some mod put OP and this thread out of its misery already.
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    Supermicro SC825TQ-700LPB Chassis with X9DAI Motherboard+complete build

    This is all anyone should need to hear. Equipment that has fallen out of mainstream enterprise support is scrap and not much else.
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    Minisforums Intel NUCXI7 RTX3070 / 64GB RAM / 1TB NVME

    Any idea what the max wattage on that 3070 is?
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    Supermicro SC825TQ-700LPB Chassis with X9DAI Motherboard+complete build

    Don't even waste your time man. Something something chess with a pigeon....
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    Supermicro SC825TQ-700LPB Chassis with X9DAI Motherboard+complete build

    The irony is the hot swap chassis and power supplies are probably the only things worth any real money. If you were local to me I'd probably give you a few bucks for them. Those super micro cases make great foundations for a NAS.
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    Question about Synology Active Backup

    100TB? Damn. That's almost every Hallmark Christmas movie. Almost. I'd update the RAM regardless. 2GB is just too low for a device that can do so many things. The slot is easy to get to and everyone has a spare DDR4 sodimm sitting in a drawer rotting somewhere. Even just a 4GB stick would...
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    Question about Synology Active Backup

    I believe that 220+ has a celeron with a quick sync GPU in it. If you have a Plex pass then you can hardware transcode and replace your Plex server. I moved mine to a 920+ 2 years ago. I can tinker with my “real” machines without affecting Plex. Much more wife and kids friendly. Great little...
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    Question about Synology Active Backup

    It's just the changes. How many versions you save is configurable when you setup the backup job. I think dedup is limited to synology SSDs.