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    How do I get 5.1 from Windows 10 Netflix / Hulu / Prime ?

    As a last resort you could try running a toslink optical cable from the computer to the receiver but I can't tell from your description of your setup whether you can set your system for toslink audio while still supporting your display setup. Normally I prefer direct toslink from computer to...
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    How do I get 5.1 from Windows 10 Netflix / Hulu / Prime ?

    You'll also need to check the Windows Control Panel Sound settings. Check the Properties for whatever device you have set as your Default Device and under the Advanced tab make sure to check the boxes for Allow Applications to Take Exclusive Control of this Device and Give Exclusive Mode...
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    Samsung Quits Blu-ray Player Market

    Since there's no indication that Redbox will ever be renting 4k blurays, not having a player won't matter to me.
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    Considering "upgrading" to Win10

    The question for you should be what would you be doing with W10 that you can't do now. For me the answer is the W10 Nexflix app gives me Dolby5.1 surround sound. Second, there's an app that I can use to control and monitor my home HVAC system. That's enough for me. What's enough for you?
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    windows 10 mail fails

    Don't know if you already did this-- last time I had mail problems, I went into the settings for Email and Accounts, deleted the accounts, and then added them back in. That may help if you haven't tried that already when you reloaded the mail app. You could also try reloading the Advanced...
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    Win10 Enterprise Power setting of "Ultimate Performace" WTH!!

    I consider adding this option a first step. One of my pet peeves has been that during the installation setup process, they should ask you if you are installing on a battery powered or hardwired AC powered device. If its hardwired, then by default all power saving options should be turned off...
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    Microsoft Is Deprecating the Old Windows Volume Mixer

    I think you mean LEFT clicking the sound icon, which still works.
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    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    What I can't understand is if I access my ms account from one of my computers that's OK, it shows I have 3 licensed computers, but if I access my account from the computer with the activation failure, it shows only 2 computers and omits the non-activated one. So I can't use the option of...
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    Microsoft Is Deprecating the Old Windows Volume Mixer

    Or how about this: create a new shortcut on your desktop sndvol.exe and then pin it to your taskbar and you have the same thing just as it always was except now its a left-click rather than a right-click.
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    Starship Technologies Robots are Delivering Packages

    Also notice how there are no steps or stairs, and you have to wonder how it would activate your elevator. Also no revolving door entrances, manually opened building doors, etc.
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    Intel Core i9-9900K 9th Generation CPU Review @ [H]

    The problem I have with these reviews is that they ignore those of us who don't want to use a separate graphics card. I've always felt that these reviews should include an AMD G processor like the 2400G when comparing to an Intel cpu which includes graphics. A graphics to graphics comparison...
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    Why Are We Drawn to Looking at Other People's Screens

    We're looking at their screens for the same reason they are--we're bored and have nothing better to do.
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    Youtube is Cracking Down on Duplicate Videos

    I must be missing something. I've always felt that the people who upload to Youtube will do it anyway, so why pay them, especially since almost all of the uploads are crap anyway. I think the stupidest thing Google/Youtube does is pay for stuff they can get for free. How about if they just stop...
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    Strange network copy speeds.

    Sorry for my misunderstanding. Another possibility is that there is a difference in copying files that consist of uncompressed data and files that consist of compressed data.
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    Strange network copy speeds.

    Most wifi setups will show a lower speed from the wifi pc to the router/access port simply because the antenna power transmitting from the wifi pc when it is the source is lower than the antenna power transmitting from the router/access point when that is the source. So you should not expect the...
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    Startup Claims Solid State Battery Breakthrough

    Didn't we already discuss this last year:
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    My speakers died and I need help routing my sound through my monitor's speakers

    Sorry I missed the start of this thread, don't know where I was. Anyway, on certain MBs like my old ASUS H97i, audio over DVI has to be ENABLED in the BIOS to work on a DVI-audio monitor. So if I had been here earlier, I would have suggested checking the BIOS setting first. For future reference.
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    Slim cheap ITX case

    That's one of the reasons I moved to a larger box--so that larger mainstream fans like Scythe or Noctua could run at a slower speed. Plus I got tired of having to compromise on motherboard and power supply sizes. Now I can use Corsair power supplies that are silent with the fan stopped a low...
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    Slim cheap ITX case

    I used to use the Silverstone Milo ML07 cases since they can hold an SFX size power supply. For cooling I used to use the Prolimatech Samuel 17 low profile cooler, which gives you a lot of flexibility with fan selection. They've updated their design to the ML09 case so that might be better. If...
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    Need Help: Home Network on Windows 10 (Sharing Files / accessing 1 main drive)

    As someone pointed out in another similar thread, when MS dropped Homegroup, they turned off (Set to Manual) the Function Discovery Resource Publication service. If you set that service to Automatic it may help. What I do on my computers is I just create a desktop/taskbar link to File Explorer...
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    Help getting DVD onto HD..

    Sounds like you're doing a lot of extra hard work. I just use DVDFab with the Passthrough option to convert disks to mkv files. If you're creative, you can find it for free.
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    Need some HandBrake help

    For some reason the QSV option is buried in the Tools, Preferences, Video menu.
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    Need some HandBrake help

    When I tried it, I just downloaded the Portable version and unzipped the files, so there's no installation process. Maybe that helps if their installer has problems with your individual setup. As for bluray rips, the main thing is to do a little as possible, with things like framerate set to...
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    Need some HandBrake help

    If I were doing this when I went through settings menus I would set framerate to "same as source" and CFR, and the audio to "Auto passthrough" since those didn't need to be changed. I would also turn off the Decomb filter since the source was not interlaced. Hopefully this might make it run...
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    Replacement 3.5mm plug

    Some alternatives of unknown quality:
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    PCI-e WLAN Options

    Wow, THANKS! for this idea. I had no idea that such adapters existed. I dug through my parts box and found an Intel 7260HMW which I can now use in a similar setup. Thanks again for a brilliant out-of-the-box idea.
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    TV Cord-Cutting Accelerating at Much Faster Pace than Predicted

    The traditional TV corporations also seem to be on a suicide mission by having shows with just 10 episodes per year and a 5 year (or more) story arc. I'm 67 years old and I could be dead by the time they wrap up shows like GoT. Plus a lot of these shows with just 10 episodes per year don't have...
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    Anyone go fanless? How was that? (Seasonic Prime 600W Titanium fanless)

    My builds are not as advanced as yours as I don't have separate video cards. Since I don't game I just use Intel's cpu built in video. For my main build I use the smaller Seasonic SS-400FL2 fanless model mounted in the bottom of a NZXT H230 case. If you're considering fanless its probably best...
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    lock keyboard ?

    You could use the windows lock function. Create a shortcut that reads C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation and attach it to your task bar. But you may not like this method since you have to log back into windows when you return.
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    Flash question

    As far as the display, you have to used the LIVE VIEW DISPLAY setting to have it reflect any exposure compensation settings you have made. AU means that the area of flash coverage is automatically adjusted to correspond to the setting of your zoom lens.
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    140mm case fan / 120mm cpu fan recommendations

    I used Scythe Glidestream fans SY1225HB12SH-P and SY1425HB12M-P in my last build. Great performance at a lower cost than Noctua. But that was before the newest Noctua NF-A12.
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    USB3.0 Ethernet adaptor 200kbit on USB3.0

    Another possibility may be that the amount of power available to drive that device differs among the usb ports you have available, which might affect performance.
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    USB3.0 Ethernet adaptor 200kbit on USB3.0

    It wouldn't hurt to open up the Device Manager and check the Properties settings for all of your usb ports. You may have to manually set a port to usb3 if auto switching isn't working and it doesn't hurt to make sure Power Management is turned OFF. You could also check the Network Adaptor...
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    Is there a way to permanently change 5.1 surround to stereo in windows?

    Since you added the information that you have a Sound Blaster ZXR card, perhaps all of your problems would be solved in you used the card's optical spdif output to connect to your receiver. You would still have to check the ZXR's control panel to make sure that its set for 5.1 speakers and that...
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    Is there a way to permanently change 5.1 surround to stereo in windows?

    OK, so I looked at these files again. There are basically 2 differences between the commercials that you said you could hear normally and the CNN video. The commercials (at least the Subaru one) have a video framerate of 23.976 while the CNN video has a framerate of 29.97. So your software setup...
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    Is there a way to permanently change 5.1 surround to stereo in windows?

    Maybe its the way CNN creates its single mono sound channel. Since you said you could hear the commercial, which is in standard 2 channel stereo, it must have something to do with the mono creation process. I will download the video file again and examine rhe audio further. Maybe its the bitrate...
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    Weird boot issue

    When you created your new W10 ssd, did you disconnect the old Windows ssd? If not, it sounds like W10 is set up for a dual boot configuration and so it won't boot without both ssd's connected and available. It is unfortunate that any time you install Windows its best to disconnect all other...
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    Is there a way to permanently change 5.1 surround to stereo in windows?

    I watched it with ad blocking off since he said he was having a problem where he could hear the ad sound but not the CNN sound. Since the ads are in stereo and CNN is in mono, maybe his software couldn't handle changing from stereo to mono in a continuous stream. Since his software is trying to...
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    Is there a way to permanently change 5.1 surround to stereo in windows?

    OK, I played the link and I also downloaded it to examine the file format. First, there needs to be a clear understanding that there is no "real" surround sound involved here. There is video in standard mp4 format and the CNN video itself only contains a single mono sound channel. The...
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    Is there a way to permanently change 5.1 surround to stereo in windows?

    This raises the question--what type of sound card or chip do you have, and what is the source of your sound driver? Is this a third party add-in sound driver? Perhaps your software is set up to simulate surround sound from certain sources, and the CNN playback activates it. Since Windows 7 does...