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    WTB: 2.5" PATA Laptop HDD

    Hey All, I'm looking to purchase a 2.5" PATA hard drive. My laptop's HD just died on me, so this would be its replacement. Feel free to PM me with info on the drive you want to sell and how much you are looking to get (shipped to Los Angeles). I have heatware under Kay0909 (19-0-0)...
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    CD Burning error...

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    Abit NF7-S Rev2 beeping once every five minutes...

    Update: It stopped doing...:confused: If anyone knows what that was all about, could you let me know? It was doing it for about 1.5 hours.
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    Abit NF7-S Rev2 beeping once every five minutes...

    I woke up this morning, got on the computer, and after a few minutes I heard a random beep, but I didn't think it was anything. Then, I hear it again a few minutes later. I check the time and wait for it to do it again. I find out that it's doing this in 5 minute intervals (7:05, 7:10, 7:15...
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    FS: Toshiba Portable SD-P1600 DVD Player

    Talked to you on AIM, calling dibs for tonight.
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    CD Burning error...

    Hey guys...I'm posting this for my cousin, let me know if you need anymore info. This is what he sent me: I am trying to burn a single, 50 minute Mp3 track. The track plays fine in Winamp. My burner keeps crapping out, usually around 26-50% complete and it gives me a "Focus or Tracking...
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    Asus A7N8X AMD 3000+ and Abit NF7-S AMD 2600M, 512mb Kingston DDR333

    I'm interested in the NF7-S / 2600 combo...sent you an email.
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    FS: 4G iPod, digital camera, Netgear router, Jabra

    Dibs if you can part out on ipod accessories...YGM.
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    WTB: Finding Nemo DVD

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    WTB: Finding Nemo DVD

    Bump :p
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    WTB: Finding Nemo DVD

    Alright, let me know what happens then. Thanks! :)
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    WTB: Finding Nemo DVD

    10 bucks or so? From what I'm told Best Buy had it on sale for 12.99 a few weeks ago...I wish I had known :(
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    WTB: Finding Nemo DVD

    ttt :cool:
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    WTB: Finding Nemo DVD

    ttt :)
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    WTB: Finding Nemo DVD

    Looking to buy Finding Nemo on DVD...the 2 disc edition in widescreen. Should be in mint condition w/o scratches, know ;) AIM: kay0909 email: kay0909 at heatware: kay0909
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    How do you become an Admin or Forum Moderator? worked for me. :cool: (see sig)
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    General Mayhem??

    25 bucks? Say it isn't so. :( edit: you should make it free to us old timers...say if you registered before 7-5-2002 (the day the original genmay closed :p)
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    Hey the [H] is back!

    Post counts are in profiles.
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    Macromedia Flash player not installing?

    Hey vinnie... I think he may have had me uninstall ActiveX too...:( If he didnt, where would I be able to change it to "accept" or "prompt"? If its uninstalled; where could I get it...? I tried googling, but not luck :(
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    Macromedia Flash player not installing?

    I use crazybrowser, which has a pop up blocker in it. But I tried using IE and it did the same thing.
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    Macromedia Flash player not installing?

    Well something happened with my flash player and I asked someone for help...(bad idea) They made me uninstall it, and now when I go to macromedia's site and go to the "install flash player" section, It doesn't...
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    Matrimony Mod

    Nice mod dude :cool: Congrats !
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    24 NiMH 2000Mah AA rechargeable Batteries for $23.70 (again)

    Shit dude, and I thought MY family had it bad :( We just get bread and butter for dinner :(