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    Looking for a gaming chair.

    Actually, I'm looking for a chair recommendation of any kind really. I am interested in gaming chairs as I've sat in a few that were fairly comfortable. I would prefer to keep the price to around $600 max, but I can flex that if need be. I've had the Herman Miller Aeron and the Ergo Human...
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    FS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti FE

    SALE PENDING! NVIDIA reference GTX 1080Ti Founder's Edition graphics card for sale. $420 shipped (Firm). CONUS only. Card is used, but in excellent, working condition with the original box and package contents. Payment Terms: Paypal / Money Order Only No trades. PM Me with questions...
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    The Top 5 Best Motherboards of All Time

    After the positive responses I received for The Top 5 Worst Motherboards of All Time article and by popular demand, I decided to create a list for the the best motherboards. Unlike the worst boards which were picked for obvious reasons, I it was important to qualify exactly how I chose the best...
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    The Top 5 Worst Motherboards of All Time

    I often get asked what the worst motherboards I've dealt with are, were, or who made them. I've decided to count them down in order of best to worst, and tell you why they suck. #5 DFI LanParty nForce 4 SLI DR Expert -2005 I expect to catch some shit for this one. This was one of the boards to...
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    2016 CPU Progression Thread

    I always thought the CPU progression threads were fun. So here is an update for this year as I didn't want to engage in thread necrophilia. My CPU progression: Intel 8088 4MHz Intel 80286 12MHz Intel 386 SX 16MHz Intel 386 DX 25MHz Cyrix 486 DX2 66MHz Cyrix 486 DX2 80MHz -(Still...
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    3x ROG Swift Monitors and more for Sale!

    I have three ASUS ROG Swifts for sale. They've been used for a couple of months only. These have no dead pixels and are in like new condition. They have their packaging and all accessories present. I've tried to capture the back light bleed somewhat as there is some. These are also set at...
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    Combination Air Hockey Pool Table -FREE

    I've got a combination air hockey and pool table I need to clear out for some space. It is similar to this one here: I'll post an actual picture of the thing shortly. (It is disassembled though.) The table is in pretty good shape with the felt in good order. There are some...
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    Dual-Link DVI to Mini-DP Adapters

    I've got two adapters I used with my Eyefinity setup. These are both active dual link DVI to mini-DP adapters. These are necessary for any display with a resolution greater than 1920x1080 which only support DVI connections. These will adapt dual-link DVI to mini-Displayport. These...
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    Radeon HD 7970 CrossfrieX Issues

    Recently I upgraded to dual 7970 HD's in CrossfireX. To say that I've been unsatisfied is is an understatement. I've experienced poor performance and instability from day 1 while running in CrossfireX. Searching the forums I found several threads concerning issues with scaling and instability...
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    Free 100 gallon Fish Tank & Stand

    I've got an Oceanic 100 gallon fish tank (currently setup for freshwater) which can be yours for the price of zero dollars. I'm tired ot taking care of my girlfriend's fish tank which I originally opposed because I didn't think she'd take care of it. This prediction has come true and it's dirty...
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    WTB: NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT

    I'm looking for a GeForce 6600GT. I suppose a 6800GT or Ultra would do as well. However I don't need that much power for what I intend to use it for. I need this because it will do S-Video out and DVI at the same time while in BIOS. This enables me to do BIOS captures for reviews. Something the...
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    FS: Diamond Multimedia AMD Radeon HD 5970

    I have a Diamond Multimedia AMD Radeon HD 5970 for sale. The card includes the original box and all original accessories. The card is in perfect working order and is actually installed in my machine as I type this. If you are interested in Eyefinity, I have an Accell dual-link active DVI to...
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    Intel SSD died, received free upgrade!

    Well sort of. I was running dual Intel X25-M 80GB G1 drives in RAID0 and one of them crapped out on me. I called up Intel and got them to send me an overnight replacement. I paid their $25 expedite fee and instead of receiving the same drive, I now have a X25-M G2 drive. :cool: I'm probably not...
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    FS: Graphics cards

    I've got two BFG Technologies Geforce GTX 280 OC cards for sale with original packaging and accessories. These cards are used but in good shape. They were working when pulled from my gaming machine a few days ago. Not looking for trades at this time, only cash. I'll see about getting some...
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    Dan_D's FS Thread

    I'm refreshing my PC's so I have some parts to sell. I'm not really interested in trades at the moment, but let me know what you have in mind and we'll see. Items shipped in the Continental US only. Cash, check or Money Order accepted. Non-CC Paypal preferred. Local pickup is always an option if...
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    Case Considerations

    I'm in the market for a new case. I've got an EVGA X58 3X SLI Classified and due to the expansion slot configuration, I want to move my third video card down to the last slot (slot #4) and use slot #3 for something else. (Probably another card for PhysX, RAID controller, or a network card which...
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    WTB: Ikea Jerker (Dark Finish Only)

    I'm looking for an Ikea Jerker in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and surrounding cities. I'm looking for the dark finish to match one I've already got. I'll pay a fair price for it. You can contact me via PM or by E-Mail.
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    It is time.

    Introduction Well it was time I bought some new computer hardware. It's been months since I've bought anything significant (a true record for me) so I decided to build another box. I sort of have a need but really its for fun. I've had my hands on quite a few X58 boards and it was time to...
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    FS: NVIDIA Geforce 8800GTS 320MB

    For sale, used EVGA Geforce 8800GTS 320MB Superclocked Edition. $50 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. No shipping to Canada. Not entertaining trades right now unless you've got ammunition I want. I'm probably just going to use the money on ammunition anway. :cool: Non-CC Paypal and...
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    Dell Powervault 122T & 132T

    Any one have to mess with these things with Backup Exec 9.1? Well I'm doing it right now, and they are pissing me off. Drives show up in Device Manager. I'm using the latest drivers. I've got Backup Exec 9.1 and the 122T is configured correctly. The 132T on the other hand shows up as...
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    Dan_D's Hardware Blowout!

    I'm clearing out un-needed hardware that's been piling up. In some cases for years. Shipping is negotiable depending on location and is not generally included in the prices. I'm flexible to some degree on the shipping but I'm not going to get raped paying to ship to Canada or Alaska. Trades...
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    Does RAID 60 support online capacity expansion?

    I'm pretty sure that online capacity expansion is going to be limited by the controller. It has nothing to do with the RAID level itself.
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    I admit it, I was wrong.

    All this time I had defended Crysis for being so tough on the systems and being well optimized when many said it wasn't. Granted I still think that many people swearing it was poorly coded aren't well educated on the subject, but that's not the point. I think my conclusion was generally...
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    Well it happened again............

    I won't bother re-hashing the complete history I've had with these things and the total sum of my experiences with all the various 680i SLI chipset based motherboards I've used and replaced due to failure but I thought it interesting to note that my last 680i SLI chipset based motherboard, my...
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    FS: 2x EVGA 8800GTX

    I have two EVGA 8800GTX's that I'm selling. Price is $250 shipped or $475 for the set shipped anywhere in the Continental US only. Cards come in the box with all of thier included accessories. These cards are reference clocked cards. These cards are also used but in good condition. They both...
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    New HTPC Build, thoughts?

    Well I just completed the first stage of my HTPC build. Here are the specs: Silvetstone SST-GD01B-MXR case Thermaltake ToughPower 750watt PSU Intel DP35DP P35 chipset motherboard (Media Series) Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 B3@2.4GHz w/Artic Freezer 7 CPU cooler Corsair XMS2...
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    Intel D5400XS Sighting

    Looks like Intels' D5400XS motherboard is now available for sale: I haven't found the Core 2 Extreme QX9775 processors for sale anywhere yet though.
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    Warm? BFG 8800GT OC@Fry's

    At Fry's electronics I just picked up a BFG 8800GTX OC card for $485 after mail in rebate.
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    Need old eVGA 680i SLI BIOS file.

    To make a long story short, I killed another EVGA 680i SLI motherboard and the new one shipped with BIOS P29. BIOS versions P29-P31 can cause difficulty with RAID controllers. That's exactly what happened in my case. I've searched the web and I've been unable to find one of the older versions of...
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    Well, I killed another 680i SLI board.

    Well, I just killed yet another EVGA 680i SLI board. I was having increasing stability issues, returned the board to stock, that didn't help, so I flashed it with the latest BIOS and now, it's BSOD hell. Swapped the ram, now the thing won't post anymore. So I'm installing the EVGA Black...
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    Logitech G9

    Well I got myself a G9. It's a little too early to be forming any final opinions on it in the 30 minutes or so I've been using it. I will say that it takes alot to get used to considering I've been using the MX series since the original MX500 and the G5/G7 which all had the same basic shape...
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    Water Cooling the P182

    I'm looking to water cool my second PC. I've already got the case, and all the water cooling hardware. I've got a Swiftech MCP655-B pump, and the res and all of that stuff. So I guess I need to ask, where the hell would you put the pump? Anywhere seems to be too cramped for it to fit...
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    EVGA 122-CK-NF69-A1 The MSRP is retarded on it, but I want one. Hopefully EVGA is binning them instead of just attaching water cooling hardware to standard EVGA 680i SLI boards.
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    Antec P190

    Well I purchased a P190 and received it yesterday. Here is my mini-review of it and suggestions for Antec. (Hopefully someone from Antec eventually reads this.) Initial impressions and praise After pulling the case from the box, the whole thing screams of quality just as the P180 series...
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    Coolermaster Stacker 830 FS/FT

    Coolermaster Stacker 830 (Black for sale.) Comes with two 3 for 4 drive modules instead of the usual one. The case has been used but I still have the box for it and the case is in good shape. I can take pics on request. Coolermaster Stacker 830 (Black) -$150.00 (SALE PENDING)...
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    Farcry 1.4 and HDR

    For some reason I can't get HDR to enable no matter what I do. AA is turned off just in case it still won't let me run AA and HDR at the same time, but for some reason I still can't enable HDR no matter what I do. The game seems to recognize the command, but it isn't actually changing the HDR...
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    FS: X1950XTX & X1950 Crossfire Edition

    I am selling a built by ATi X1950XTX and a built by ATi X1950 Crossfire Edition. The regular X1950XTX is a retail card, and the X1950 Crossfire Edition is a OEM card. Both cards come complete with all their packaging and accessories. Both cards are only a month or so old. The cards do not...
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    FS: E6300

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 for sale. Here are the basic stats of the product: Core 2 Duo E6300 2MB L2 1066FSB Core: Allendale Core Clock: 1.86GHz FSB: 1066MHz L2 Cache: 2MB FPO/BATCH# L627A823 Pack Date 08/17/06 Asking Price=$160.00. (SOLD!) This is an Intel boxed processor. Unit...
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    P5W DH Issues

    Well, the P5W DH is in and working. I do have one issue though. I can't make the EZ Backup ports work at all. The software doesn't detect my drives, and I have tested both drives on other SATA ports and each of them works perfectly. I have two identical Maxtor Diamond Max 10 7200RPM 16MB...
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    ATI Drivers are making me miffed.

    I recently setup my Core 2 Duo based system using an X1950XTX. Problem is that once connected to my LCD panel, the card does not output video in DVI mode. It only does so in analog mode. Of course this means my display looks like crap. I've installed the modded Catalyst drivers I found on...