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    Samsung 850 Evo 500gb $138 with free Ass Creed

    Adorama link: Code: TECHREPORT Courtesy of
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    FS: MGS V: Phantom Pain + Arkham Knight for $50

    You get both promo game codes from nVidia for only $50.
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    Westinghouse 4096×2160 12-bit 28" 40" monitors
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    AMD Fury X $529.99

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    MSI Nightblade M1 *GPU above motherboard*
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    Corsair SF600 600w SFX Powersupply,29317.html 600w. Fully modular. 92mm fan.
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    Hisense 4k@60hz starting at $598
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    New Samsung 4k for everyone. Stats & Reviews: Only PC mode with UHD color-enabled gives you uncompressed 4:4:4. JU6500 REVIEW FLAT. Edge-lit. Input lag: 26.5ms (GAMEMODE) 48ms (PC MODE) JU6700 REVIEW CURVE. Edge-lit. Input lag: 27.8ms (GAMEMODE) 44.2ms (PC MODE) JU7100...
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    AMD convert. What brand doe?

    I'm used to evga's killer support. But for AMD and after googling like crazy for best Radeon makers, I still don't know which brand has the best customer support. I want a company that has the less bs.
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    Anybody has T-Mobile Jump?

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    [TD] 4690k 174.99 Promo code:SNI148894 With Bank of America 20% cashback = $139! RIP Amd and i3 lineup.
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    Noctua 75% off from PPC![0]=1033&name=&news_from_date[from]=&news_from_date[to]=&order=special_price&psu_style=&side_panel=&sku="]
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    GTX 980 $463

    EVGA: Gigabutt: Add to cart and to see savings. Additional Promotion code: Preferred3 A lil more expensive Asus: Promo code: BlackFriday
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    Chiphell: AMD 3xx perf. leak Smokes the GTX 980.
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    10-bit question

    If I have a 10-bit screen that can only display @ 4:2:2, is it possible to use 8-bit mode @ 4:4:4?
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    Cooltek ITX30 > All lowprofile CPU coolers. Quieter than the competition. Good performance. Extremely smaller than others. Great for Steamboxes... perhaps the best companion for those as well. Is...
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    Any 802.11ac dongle for screen mirroring

    Would love to "smart" up one of my ancient TV. Giving it screen mirroring capability such as Miracast is a must. 802.11n is too slow from my previous experience. So any 802.11ac dongles out there? Coming soon?
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    Bitfenix Phenom itx &matx

    Comes in White & black, itx or matx models. Saliva am drooling. >>> Newegg Preorders <<<
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    W700 still best upcoming Windows tablet?

    Any upcoming Windows tablet can best the beastly W700? I'm looking to buy once they all come out. Let me know if there is one.:cool:
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    Intel's NUC (smaller than ITX) Socket 1155

    Size: 4x4 inches Supports: -I think integrated CPU--Sandy Bridge for now, Ivy Bridge later. -2 Mini PCIe -USB 3.0 -2 So-DIMM -Thunderbolt: External GPU with this small guy!! :eek: I think we're almost there for DIY laptops. :cool: SOURCE...
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    ASRock Z77E-ITX Ivy Bridge-ready

    PCI-Express 3.0! Source: or
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    Most 2012 LG TV to use IPS? Could be the end to the annoying lottery!
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    Fastest GPU without PCI power connector.

    I'm only aware of higher end cards. So, what is the fastest card that doesn't require a PCI express power connector and takes power straight out from the motherboard? :D Can be Red or green, but preferably green.
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    Corsair H70 $79.99

    h70 $79.99
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    HDTV as monitor

    I've tried asking in AVS Forum for assistance, but I did not receive any reliable information regarding the subject of using HDTV as monitor. Instead, I am coming back here. *Copied and paste from AVS* Looking for a LED HDTV 46" - 52". My budget is around $800 - $1500. I need recommendations...
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    So how blurry it is to run on 47" HDTV?

    I'm interested in purchasing a new 47" TV but I've remembered somewhere that people were saying the texts are blurry and such. My question is how blurry? Day and night difference compared to a 24" monitor?
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    Shuttle PC63 500w available!

    As promised by Shuttle, here it is: The Shuttle PC63 powersupply with 80+ Bronze rating.
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    Mini 600w PSU! How's the efficiency of this PSU? If it's good, then this is a monster for any SFF system without the huge ATX/SFX PSU in the way! They also have a 500w with 70% efficiency. Shuttle will be selling their 500w PSU "80+...
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    4850x2 2gb $149.99 openbox Very limited in stocks. 4870x2 openbox: $263.99
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    Silverstone SG06 available.

    Store availability: or
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    SX58H7 $570 MSRP: $710 SuperBiiz: $570 my own mockup: Motherboard: $250 PSU: $100 Heatsink + all the cooling: $70 Case: $150 Darn good deal if you ask me!
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    4850x2 2gb $149.99 openbox
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    GTX 275 $213.32

    MSI GTX 275 with custom heatsink. Use: 37424-1025 as coupon if price isn't $213.32.
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    EVGA bringing back MATX. This time x58! /Courtesy of's member, Russian.
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    Cheapest MATX x58 sighted!

    MSI x58m @ $179
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    Does black expansion bracket exist?

    Nowadays, high-end videocard comes in a black color PCB. I am wondering if black expansion bracket exist?
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    Delete please

    nm delete
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    JR X58-T3H6 instock! Very cheap too.
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    Anybody played with Raidmax Icecube?

    Just wondering because this case looks roomy for a big videocard such as GTX 280. It can fit in a fullsize 120mm and a ATX PSU. The exterior design is just great. It also has that classy look on the front and the back. :cool:
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    First X58 MATX = DFI JR.

    Source: DFI LP JR X58-T3H Board features SLI and possible Crossfire configs.:eek: