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  1. Spartacus09

    WTB: BF2042 Key $40 (PC/steam/origin version)

    Per the title, willing to do F&F/zelle/venmo/etc for those with good heatware, otherwise paypal G&S (I'll cover the fee). Bought one from MajorMullet recently, looking for a second for my brother.
  2. Spartacus09


    Bought from tnt3k march of last year, used for gaming since then and replaced with a 30 series, never been mined on. In great condition other than a cosmetic scratch on the backplate. $450 shipped from 78726 to CONUS, can take most digital payments, venmo, pp, zelle, apple cash, google pay, cash...
  3. Spartacus09

    Sold: 9600k/z370/16gb Ram Combo

    Per title $320 sold (conus): Intel i5-9600k Asrock Taichi z370 Motherboard 4x 4gb Ballistic DDR4 2400CL16 Bought from a member here works great ran windows solidly for several weeks, but decided I wanted something with IPMI so turning it around. Can include the shown Coolermaster V6GT for an...
  4. Spartacus09

    FS: H310(it mode)

    3 2x 2.5" 500GB Samsung Evo SSD ~ $55/ea or $100 for both Hifiman HE-35X comes with neomusica 10ft braided cable (with 6.1mm adapter) ~ $55 Sold 2x Dell H310 SAS Raid controllers (in IT mode w/ kapton tape pin fix) ~ $35/ea ~ have some SAS to sata cables as well, can discuss I'm tired...
  5. Spartacus09

    Core i9-10900K hits new highs for Intel with 7.7GHz overclock/world record
  6. Spartacus09

    WTB/WTTF: Low end coffee lake CPU

    Would prefer a G5400/G5600 or i3-8100 Pm me, have buncha stuff I could trade as well. Heatware in sig
  7. Spartacus09

    FS/FT: Udimm/ECC Ram DDR3/4, Xeon CPUs, Misc

    Heatware is in my signature and I accept paypal, venmo, apple cash, google pay, and BTC/BCH. Due to Covid I'm going to try to minimize my trips to ship things, but will likely ship out the same week at minimum. Prices include shipping conus, willing to discount for multiple items CPUs: 4x Xeon...
  8. Spartacus09

    FS/FT: QNAP 16 Bay NAS (TS-1635AX-4G)

    Recently upgraded/migrated to unRAID so sellin' this guy now, asking $950 via paypal/venmo/google pay (shipped continental US ~ willing to work with others on shipping price). TS-1635AX-4G - Worked great using barebones ubuntu and VMware in HA with...
  9. Spartacus09

    Found: iPhone X 64GB+ (ATT/GSM)

    Like the title says looking to replace mine that got run over by my mini van and is finally starting to give up the ghost and I'm meh about getting an 11/11pro. Looking for: - non-blacklisted - non-activation locked - any color - 64GB+ (larger is fine but price is important) - don't care about...
  10. Spartacus09

    FS:1155/1156 Stuff, DDR3 Ram (16gb kits)

    Spring cleaning time! All prices shipped CONUS, Paypal F&F preferred, heatware here: Combo: $60 - Gigabyte Board + 860 CPU: $20 - i7-860 $5ea or $15/all - Xeon E5-2407 (have 4 of them from a Dell Server) MOBO: $65 - Intel Desktop Board DP67BG Extreme Series -...
  11. Spartacus09

    Advice Request: High quality cans for movies/gaming ($200'ish)

    I had a generic turtle beach wireless headset previously and had to fall back on a pair of earbuds after they crapped out on me. So I'm back to being used to wired again, however I think the earbuds are destroying my ears and giving me severe tinnitus. I game daily but have a blue yeti for mic...
  12. Spartacus09

    Z390 Celeron CPU Compatiblity?

    Looking at getting a temp processor to send off my 9900k for delid, anyone know if a G4920 or other style low end coffee lake would work in a EVGA Z390 FTW motherboard? (it doesn't list anything lower than a i3 for compatibility but logically I expect they're not listed because they didn't test...
  13. Spartacus09

    FS: P67 s1155 MOBO, 3570k, H90 Cooler, SSD

    All prices shipped CONUS, Paypal preferred, heatware here: CPUs: $90 - 3770 (delidded w/ IHS replaced) this was the top performer of my delidded chips and ran in my main rig $55 - 3570k (delidded w/ IHS replaced) this was in my HTPC and ran extremely cool (sub...
  14. Spartacus09

    New Core Hardware Build 9900k (pics inside) ~ Fin

    Will be upgrading my gaming rig core after many years of waiting finally bit the bullet with some extra cash targeting 5.0 on all cores once I get everything installed and stable. I'll post some final shots in the Fractal R5, with the 1070 and H110i GTX I already have after cable managing...
  15. Spartacus09

    WTB/WTTF: Intel 8th gen i7 (w/HT)

    Let me know what y’all have available if you’re getting the itch to upgrade to the i9 or a ryzen system. Looking for a 8700, 8700k, or 8086k. Would be open to a 8700T or 9900k as well if the deal was right. Anything in here I’d be open to add for an agreed trade value...
  16. Spartacus09

    FS: s1155 Ivy CPUs, SSD, H90 AIO, DDR3

    All prices shipped CONUS, main picture: Paypal preferred, heatware here: CPUs: $90 - 3770 (delidded w/ IHS replaced) $60 - 3570k (delidded w/ IHS replaced) $5ea or $15/all - Xeon E5-2407 (have 4 of them from a Dell Server) Drives: SSD...
  17. Spartacus09

    8TB WD Easystores all time low $130 at Bestbuy ~ ENDED The cost per TB is better than the 10TB deal for $180 (18$/TB) vs this $16.25/TB. I just picked up the last 4 I needed to fill out my NAS (these are the WD white shuckables). I was...
  18. Spartacus09

    Samsung EVO 860 2.5" 500GB ($82.99) (MZ-76E500E/AM)

    Available at both Amazon (prime) and Newegg (shoprunner) for $82.99 (depending on your state Newegg may be tax free) Newegg: Amazon: I just picked up 2 of...
  19. Spartacus09

    FS: Drobo 5C

    Selling 5 Western Digital 8TB Red hard drives (three model WD80EFZX and two model WD80EFAX). These are the red label drives shucked from easystores last year, I no longer have the enclosures. They were used in the Drobo that was replaced by a new QNAP NAS, no issues with the drives and only...
  20. Spartacus09

    WD 8TB Easystores are 150$ again WDBCKA0080HBK-NESN Obligatory reddit post about them.
  21. Spartacus09

    FS/FT: 3770k, Board, Ram, Misc (Updated 7/28)

    All prices include US domestic shipping (flat rate box generally depending on the item size) Heatware: (New'ish to here and heatware, but established itrader and ebay) Paypal preferred, open to other methods of payment. MOBO $90 Intel DP67BG LGA1155 ATX...
  22. Spartacus09

    WD 8TB Easystores are Back for 150$ WDBCKA0080HBK-NESN Obligatory reddit post about them.
  23. Spartacus09

    WD 8TB Easystores are back for 150$ (ended)

    Not the best price seen at Christmas '17 for 139.99, but damn near close. WDBCKA0080HBK-NESN Obligatory reddit post about them. Shuck'em if you got'em
  24. Spartacus09

    3 x 3770 Deliddings (Complete)

    Per my initial test delidding with my 2600k the next plan is to shuck the three 3770s and test the difference it makes. Test equipment: HP Elite 8300 SFF - Win 10 - 8Gb ram - 128Gb SSD I will be inserting each CPU, installing the default cooler with generic dynex thermal paste, and...
  25. Spartacus09

    2600k Delid Process [Success!]

    So I have several 1155 ivy bridge chips I'm wanting to delid (two 3770k and three 3770s) so for that many I picked up a rockitcool88 delidding kit. To get a feel for it I decided to throw !@#$ on the wall and see if it sticks on my old 2600k as a test even thought it's soldered on, here's the...