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    Nvidia 4080 Reviews are out!

    Check out your favorite tuber for details.
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    AMD Gen 4 Epyc up to 96 cores.

    Holy cow AMD made a monster of a CPU.
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    LG OLED65C1PUB 65" $1,099 (new). $999 (refubished) microcenter instore.
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    4090 Reviews are up.

    Get it from your favorite YouTuber. TLDR it is a monster in Ras and DLSS performance.
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    HP Officejet Pro 8710 issue.

    I been have a issue with this printer at work. I have to scan file a lot of documents on a daily basis and when I load up the scanner tray I get an printer error after it scans two sheets. It will only scan if I do it right after a fresh reboot. I might get 1 or 2 scanned in before the error...
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    Ryzen 7000 Delidding Der8auer

    Der8auer is making a deliding and mounting kit for Ryzen 4. Looks like a good 20c drop in temps at stock setting. It scary to me to use the deliding tool on a soldered IHS.
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    Microcenter - Free 32GB DDR5 kit with purchase of a Ryzen 4 CPU.

    Updated alive again as of 10/14/22. It is a decent 5600 c36 kit but wth it is free.
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    Ryzen 4 Reviews Are Out.

    Several of the YouTubers have posted videos.
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    Suikoden 1 & 2 remaster announced!

    It will have redone UI, music, art work and script. Slated for a 2023 releases. Hopefully it does well for a possible Suikoden 6 in the future. They are even contracting some of the original staff to work on it even though they are currently working on Elysium Chronicles
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    Raid card for NAS.

    I am trying to build a Nas and realized my nearly $400 MB can't do raid 5. Is the High Point RocketRAID 640L any good? I am really not familiar with raid cards. If it is not can anyone recommend a 4 SATA port card that won't break the bank?
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    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    Looks like EVGA is dumping Nvidia. Suck cause they are my favorite AiB.
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    Cooler Master HAF 700 EVO

    I am liking this case. Supposedly it will retail for $650 in the US.
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    PC not poweimg on after GPU upgrade.

    So I just upgraded my GPU to a 3080ti tonight and my PC won't power on afterwards.. All I get is all LEDs flash for a split second none stop. The clear CMOS button in the back also just flashes. I rechecked all connections and swapped out to 2 different GPUs and get the same thing. I tried...
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    PSU or GPU issue.

    So tonight my system black screen while mining. I rebooted and everything worked fine when idle or doing web browsing. After a few minutes running a game or mining it would black screen. When I start up Tomb raided it works til gets to the option screen before black screening. When I start up...
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    Anyway to use Valve Index with HDMI or TB?

    I got a new laptop which lacks DP and wondering is there a way to get the index to work with it? All I read it will only work with DP. I would like to use the laptop as portable VR system. It has a 3060 in it.
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    PC crashing when turning off display.

    So ever since I added my LG CX to my setup my pc crashes when I turn off ether the TV or my Samsung g7 monitor. It doesn't crash of I turn one off while the other is on but when only one is on and I turn it off it will crash my system. Never experienced this. The only thing I changed was using a...
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    Sony walking back shutting down PS3/Vita store.

    You can continue to make PS3/vita purchases but they are shutting down the PSP.
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    Issues safely removing a external drive connected to USB type c port.

    So I can't safely remove my external HDD when it is connected to the type C port. It doesn't even show up in the list. It shows in file explorer when connected. It doesn't even show up in the right click send to list. It works perfectly fine when I connect it to a type A port. All drivers are...
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    Seasonic warranty for coil whine.

    So today i noticed my new Seasonic FOCUS PX-850 platinum psu developed a loud ass coil whine while gaming. It is pretty damn bad. Does the warranty cover coil whine. I didn't see anything on there site about it.
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    EK pump stops working randomly.

    Yesterday I noticed all my fans ramped up to max while it was mining and the computer shut down. I notice that my pump was not working when I turned it back on. I figured my pump just shat the bed. I tried turning it on this morning and pump was working fine. Do EK pumps have overload or thermal...
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    Sony's State of play 92/25/2021

    Sony had their state of play and it was pretty damn garbage. It is so awesome we getting getting DLC for a incomplete game. SE can suck it. I am surprised they are offering a free upgrade for FF7 to ps5 tho. It might be a shiny turd now but still a turd.
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    Issue with Alphacool water block for 3080 ftw 3.

    So a couple weeks ago I got a alphacool block for my 3080. I installed the block and it worked perfectly for a day and then it died. I just got another one back from rma this week and installed the block on it. It failed to display from the start. I am really distracted with this atm. I had no...
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    Evga RMA Process.

    Is it me or is Evga's RMA process garbage? I been trying to RMA my 3080 since Sunday. I can't start a RMA cause it keeps asking me for a service ticket. I submit a ticket and they just giving me a run around with trying several things which I already tried before trying to RMA the card. I have...
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    Gigabyte X570 master error code 62

    So I just installed a new wb on my EVGA 3080 ftw 3 and everything worked fine most the day. It just rebooted mining. Temps and everything were in 40s under load the entire time. After it rebooted I get no post with a error code 62 on the board. Manuel says installation of PCH services. I am...
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    New system extremely laggy.

    So I finally got my new system up and running with a 5950x and 3080. The system is super laggy even in the bios. I just finished it last night and didn't feel like trouble shooting it anymore. I believe it is possibly the riser cable in my lian li that might be the issue. I did a clean I...
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    WB for 3080 ftw 3 ultra availability.

    Anyone know where I can find stock of a wb for the ftw 3 ultra?
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    FS: Gigabyte 1080ti with EKWB. (Sold)

    Due to buyers flaking out I am putting this back up for $325 shipped CONUS. Edit. Sold for real this time!
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    FS: Gigabyte 1080TI with EKWB For Sell. (Sold)

    Selling a 1080TI with a EKWB. Asking $350 shipped CONUS. I do not have a backplate on it. Edit: Sold locally.
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    3090 water blocks.

    Where are all the water blocks for the 3090. I plan on buying a 3099 tuf when I am able too get my hands on one and all water blocks I see are coming soon. I see some Bykski blocks for sale on aliexpress but they are a month plus for delivery.
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    FS 3950x

    Looking to sell 3950x with retail packaging for $525 shipped ConUS. Heatwave: vegeta535 Sold locally!
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master chipset fan.

    Alright I know I bitched about people complaining about these chipset fans had no reason too. Well in the past couple days this fan is running none stop at 100%. I don't seen any fan control in the bios to adjust it driving me nuts atm. I didn't change anything. I have the latest bios on the...
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    Valve index face gasket.

    Is there a place I can buy bigger face gasket for the index? I guess I have a wierd face that leave a gap I can see through by my nose and is annoying. No one else seems to have the issue. Even kids. No mater how I try and adjust it I can't get rid of that gap for me. I didn't have the issue...
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    Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Kick Starter.

    New kick starter from the creator of Suikoden 1 and 2. This the first KS I will back. Suikoden 1 and 2 are my favorite JRPGs. It looks like a spiritual successor to the Suikoden series.
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    FS Inland Premium 1TB NvME Drive.

    Looking to sell a 1TB Inland Premium NvME. It has been opened and install but barely used. I find no need for it. Asking $110 shipped to continental US. SOLD
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    Over kill system.

    Just browsing youtube came across this computer build by Xidax. Pretty good damn over kill. It has 4 radiators and 30 fans. I wonder how it would of cost. I though it was a threadripper and disappointed it had a i9-10980XE.
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    High idle temp on 3950x.

    So my idle temps have gone up to 50c out of no where. This is under a custom wc loop with 2 280 rad and a 1080ti in the loop. I was idling in the low 30s before. While running prime95 my temps go to the low 70s which is normal like before. This at stock settings. I redid the thermal paste and...
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    WTS x299 7820x.

    Delided 7820x with Lquid Metal. $250 Sold I'll thrown in th deliding too also if you want it. 2x G.SKILL TridentZ Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 $60 per set. $100 for both. Sold Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming i9 $200 Sold. Asus Tuf 1660 S barely used. $190 shipped. Sold...
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    Godfall PS5

    First look at a PS5 game.
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    Xbox series X

    Yawn. Might as well just make a PC for the living room now. Looks like one.
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    WTS Boarderland 3

    I got a BL3 code for the Epic launcher. Asking $25.