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  1. SeymourGore

    The Return of the Duke

    This announcement got a bit lost during all the Scorpio news yesterday, but MS and Hyperkin are bringing back the original Xbox 'Duke' controller for the Xbox One and PC. Pretty pumped for it, it wasn't everyone's cup of tea but I found the controller to be extremely comfortable and played many...
  2. SeymourGore

    NES Returns!

    Nintendo is releasing a miniature NES with 30 built-in games NES rerelease with 30 built-in games, 'classic' look, HDMI, suspend features, and classic controller. Personally, I would've liked to have seen a standalone 'Virtual Console' that specialized in all of Nintendo's past consoles, not...
  3. SeymourGore

    Playstation 4.5

    Too soon? Nevermind 4k, I'd just like to see 1080p/60fps be a standard. Sony is reportedly developing a 'PlayStation 4.5' for 4K gaming
  4. SeymourGore

    PS Experience *Free games*

    Sorry if this is ofn now, but EA's offering up Mirror's Edge (PS3), PvZ Garden Warfare (PS4), and NFS (Vita) for free on the PS store for this weekend only (to celebrate PS Experience). So don't forget to purchase some free games! Hopefully there will be more games from other developers too.
  5. SeymourGore

    New 3DS model

    Just announced this morning, faster hardware, and a new 'analogue stick'.
  6. SeymourGore

    New PS Vita redesign and Vita TV hardware

    Pretty cool stuff, and I totally didn't see the PS Vita TV hardware coming. The most exciting feature for me is that PS Vita TV's...