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    LCD TV

    Anybody reccommend an afordable LCD TV 32" under $600?
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    FS/FT Need Memory or HDD's

    As the Title says I have for Sale/Trade the following items: Creative Labs WebCam Pro (USB) $20 shipped RP114 Web Safe Router $25 shipped Vivitar 3.3 mega pixel digital camera $35 shipped BF2 $35 shipped DVD Version Trading and Selling Only. Things Willing to trade for: 60GB/80GB...
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    FS/FT Memory

    =======FS======= Video MSI Ti4200 128MB AGP (Card only) $30 Shipped Vivitar 3.3Mega Pixel Digital Camera $35 Shipped MS Wireless Intellimouse (Bought but never used) $18 shipped Dropped prices ==========I want====== to sell the rest of these items, help me out ;) Email...
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    9800XT cooling

    I just purchased a ati 9800XT and have noticed that it gets pretty warm (to the touch) on the back side of the card(copper plate). How can i get this card to run cooler?
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    W2K Product Key

    Does anybody know of any tool that I can download to go in and change the Product Key of a W2K OS? I Ghost images of harddrives to save time. Instead of reloading each drive I ghost from a Master Drive hence I need to know if there is a program that can allow me to key in the Product Key of the...
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    I use a program most of you are probably familiar with called Aida32 that tells you the specifics of your system. My question is when I check the CPU type it says Intel Pentium 4 HT, 2400MHz (3x800) and in the CPUID it says Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 3.20GHZ so what gives?
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    WTB TI-83 Calculator

    Just what title says looking for a Ti-83 calculator would like one for $40 or less shipped. LMK what you have.