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    If I have 300Hz display, but GPU only puts out 100 frames a sec, any benefit?

    I'm wondering if it is worth paying a premium for a display with a much higher refresh rate than my GPU can match. Does it provide 0 benefit? A little? Less motion blur or something? Yes this is a naive question, i really don't know.
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    Which ITX motherboard?

    Is the msi one good? I'm going to use it with 5600x and a thermalright axp-90 in a dan a4 case. I don't have any special requirements, a decent sound chip would be nice though. Any tips and suggestions appreciated, I haven't built a computer in ages
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    Can You Answer My Dumb Questions? (Non-native res & dci-p3 vs sRGB)

    #1) How bad is it to game at 1440p on a 4K monitor? I've always read that playing at a non-native res is worse. How much worse? Is this still true on newer displays? Reason for question: I'm sure I'd game at 1440p and never 4k but I could occasionally benefit from 4k in non-gaming...
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    Thermalright AXP-90 -- Good SFF CPU-Cooler now more readily available

    The Thermalright AXP-90 received some great reviews, it fits especially well in SFF systems. The problem was you had to order it straight from China for a long time. Now I see two sellers on EBAY who are shipping them from places in the USA. So now this option can be considered by more people.
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    Grateful for all the 2020 paper launches

    I was all set to get some 5600x and some new vid card. Yeah that isn't happening. So instead of being a shut in gamer I guess i'll do something outside and maybe actually acknowledge people. Win by losing
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    6700 Speculation & Rumors (NOT 6800/6900x)

    Very little known on 6700 cards yet. Since almost all discussion is about the 6800 & 6900, I created this thread for speculation, rumors, and crumbs of info specific to 6700. They're based on navi 22 gpu, rumored to have 12gb gddr6 memory. wccftech posted speculation that there will be two 6700...
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    Lack of 16:10 options is DEPRESSING

    It seems like 16:10 monitors haven't been updated for years. There are so few options. None with 120hz or other common options. 16:10 is having a resurgence on laptops now, but nothing for desktops. Is there really no hope for us?
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    Power efficiency, AMD vs Nvidia new cards?

    Which will have better power efficiency?
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    Any info on new AMD chipset motherboards? X670?

    I would have expected these to come out soonish but can't find info
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    Zen 2 release date speculation

    Hello, I have been seeing some blogs claiming Zen 2 is coming as soon as January. So I don't give these stories much credance and don't expect anyone else to. However, anyone heard any juicy rumors or have any reasonable guesses at when it might ship? I guess the next generation of...
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    Where to buy new ryzen 5 2600e (45w tdp)

    Hello, I saw these new low wattage version 2600e mentioned in the below article, wondered where i can buy one?
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    pixel 2: real time translation good or lame?

    I need to find out whether this new real time translation feature is good or lame. Specifically I'm wondering if it can translate a lengthy lecture or if it is only capable of snippets. I understand that automated translations are often highly problematic and have experience with google text...
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    Upgrade opinions wanted -- crazy overkill or reasonable?

    I am considering upgrading to Nvidia 1070 or 1080, leaving other components as is. Upgrading motherboard/cpu/ram would cost a lot for little gain (am I wrong?) My current setup, more than 2 years old: GTX 770 2GB Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3, 16gb ram & SSDs 1920 x 1200 (unusual ratio) 24" BenQ...
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    Total Newb Asks: dremel case without removing motherboard first?

    I've decided that the only part worth upgrading in my tiny Silverstone SG05 case is the video card. Currently I have a 770gtx, which just barely fit without any case mod. I anticipate buying a 1070 card that would be 10.5 inches, or 269mm. I'm jumping the gun a bit by worrying about this before...
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    Silly Newb refresh rate question

    So I'm buying a Benq 2411pt, 60 hz refresh. The specs claims it can do 75hz refresh, of course that doesn't mean it can do it at the max rez. But wishful thinking, if it does, can I actually play games with a 75hz refresh rate? Or am I totally misunderstanding something basic. I guess...