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  1. BiH115

    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

    Honestly, I’m having a ton of fun with it. It’s a great recreation of the Z saga. Sure, the side quests are pretty bland, but the nostalgia and the ability to fight all the baddies is what keeps me coming back. The combat is simple for the most part, but you can cancel in and out of combos with...
  2. BiH115

    Games that should be revived...

    Knights of the Old Republic and Max Payne for sure, that's what I came here to write and you had them on your list.
  3. BiH115

    Xbox series X

    I own every console at launch, regardless of what games it will have down the pipeline. For the PS4/Xbox One saga, the PS4 by far, without question, had the better exclusives. Period. I enjoy my Switch as well, but I put that in a different tier in my mind. For me, the PS4 had more memorable...
  4. BiH115

    Ghost of Tsushima

    I just need it. So freaking bad.
  5. BiH115

    The 25 best games of the decade

    I'm not sure I'm really in the headspace to name 25 games right now, but God of War for the PS4 is by far "the best game I have ever played" in my mind; it easily trumps the hundreds of games I've played in the last 10 years, by far, and The Last of Us and Witcher 3 are right up there as well...
  6. BiH115

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    I agree with a lot of your points. Playing on the PS4 myself, and the game is built perfectly for the controller, no doubt about that. I think they captured the sense of atmosphere very well, and I’m loving the combat. One of the better games I’ve bought this year for sure. I knew I wanted the...
  7. BiH115

    Nintendo Switch

    Don’t disagree with you, $60 is a bit steep for the majority of folks, no doubt. Personally, I buy what I like and I don’t care about the price. What’s important is that I get that entertainment value out of it, I place that much higher on the scale. Helps to have that gamers club discount from...
  8. BiH115

    Nintendo Switch

    Almost done with Links Awakening, been playing here and there on my business trips, I really can’t recommend it enough. Been discussing it a lot with people at work, been getting tons of praise from many folks. Lot of love went into this remake for sure. Also grabbed Dragon Quest XI today to...
  9. BiH115

    iPhone 11

    Went Max this time myself as well. I always had the Plus versions of the phones but for the XS, I decided to go smaller because the screen real estate was nice but I didn’t have to reach or use it two handed. I use my phone a lot, for work, videos, etc., the extra size of the Max was appealing...
  10. BiH115

    iPhone 11

    You’ll get used to it. Honestly, I far prefer it. I’m really digging the midnight green, it’s very nice in person. I liked the rear side presentation when opening the box as well. The newer matte finish on the rear will deter fingerprints far better I’d wager.
  11. BiH115

    iPhone 11

    Got myself a pre-order slot this morning for a Midnight Green 11 Pro Max and a Gold 11 Pro. Now to decide if I should go with a green leather case for the lulz, or a clear one from Totallee (thinnest, highest quality cases in the business, check them out).
  12. BiH115

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Lot of good points in the thread, and while my prime was TBC and Wratch (when I truly went hardcore), you can’t discount the fact that retail WoW has come a long way in terms of boss mechanics in raids. Most of vanilla is now considered face roll because most players now have been playing so...
  13. BiH115

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Of course they are, it’s 15 year old content. Most people know it like the back of their hand. That being said though, the overall atmosphere and feel as a whole is fantastic and the nostalgia helps push it forward pretty strongly. It’s really what you make of it.
  14. BiH115

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Have a perfect guild for you to join on Sulfuras-Alliance. Would fit your play style very well. Lot of helpful people while leveling, from questing to crafting. You really don’t have to invest an insane amount of time, it’s play as you go. Let me know if you’re interested.
  15. BiH115

    World of Warcraft Classic

    My experience as well, lot of grouping and meeting great people. Even added some of them to group with down the road. The problem is 45m-1hr queue times. You basically have to log in around 5-530pm, before the rush starts. When I see the queue I just go and play some other game or do something...
  16. BiH115

    World of Warcraft Classic

    Doing the same. Having a blast playing casually with some friends. We’re alliance on sulfuras. Lot of good memories with this game.
  17. BiH115

    Would you quit your job to finish your videogame backlog?

    You’re right. I’m sure I could, I mean I make time for various business ventures when I already feel like I’m spread thin. I suppose the real fact is that I simply don’t want to make any more time for life-altering responsibilities. We don’t really want kids period, just too caught up in what we...
  18. BiH115

    Would you quit your job to finish your videogame backlog?

    No. Fuck that. Honestly, I really don’t think I could fit kids into my life as it is, period. It just doesn’t seem possible while trying to do everything else (main job and semi-management of my own businesses is easily eating up 85% of my day, every day). I miss WoW so much. Debating hopping...
  19. BiH115

    Would you quit your job to finish your videogame backlog?

    Would I? Not a chance. Could I? Easily. Humoring the OP, I’d have to in order to catch up. Far too many great games I haven’t yet beaten, much less even started. Beside the point, I think it’s all in moderation; there are far more interesting things to do before dying (just one example of...
  20. BiH115

    Playing through every version of Final Fantasy (US releases)

    You have the free time of a god apparently, I wish I could finish one final fantasy game a year! Great idea though. I’d love to go through every single JP release in sequential order, but it would take me essentially forever.
  21. BiH115

    Magnetic charging cable for PS4

    I’m just picturing sweat deposits between the shell cracks, sweet mother of fuck. But that problem will be remedied with the shell replacement, nice. I’d get some Kontrolfreek thumb grips, helps to extend the life of the tops of the thumbsticks, plus they’re good quality. I used to hate using...
  22. BiH115

    Class Action Lawsuit Officially Filed Against Nintendo For Switch Joy-Con "Drifting" Issues

    There's a time and place for everything. They had 2 years to fix this issue, knowing fully that the problem existed from the start. At this point, people could stop buying Switches, or get the company to listen. We all know that voting with ones wallet doesn't really work, people still want...
  23. BiH115

    Class Action Lawsuit Officially Filed Against Nintendo For Switch Joy-Con "Drifting" Issues

    Agreed. No matter what it is, people expect a product to work, and if it forces people to shell out $80 every time something goes wrong (a known issue), then there's a problem. Especially if the company knew about it and didn't acknowledge it until there was outcry. When companies don't listen...
  24. BiH115

    Class Action Lawsuit Officially Filed Against Nintendo For Switch Joy-Con "Drifting" Issues

    Good to hear, and at least it's being addressed without too much hassle. Agree with you fully. I think they're far too expensive, but I don't know the profit margin either. You don't really have to use them outside of on-the-go, but some games, like Mario Odyssey have some moves (like throwing...
  25. BiH115

    Class Action Lawsuit Officially Filed Against Nintendo For Switch Joy-Con "Drifting" Issues

    I've had the original Switch for quite a while now, and haven't experienced the drift. I could buy new Joy-Cons if the issue presents itself, but that's not a great solution. I'm interested in the Lite as well when it launches in late September, so I really hope they fix this issue, because Lite...
  26. BiH115

    Thinking of buying a PS4

    This reminds me of that one thread where some OP asked something 2 months prior, then didn't say anything after that. Oh wait, that's this thread! :cool:
  27. BiH115

    Aion Online

    Was just going to say. Just over 10 years.
  28. BiH115

    Jony Ive leaves Apple

    It's hard to gauge as some have put it, how much influence he has/had in current products, but the guy has influenced the shape of the company for decades, and is a household name among a lot of designers and architects. Fiercely intelligent man for sure. Good article that takes a shallow dive...
  29. BiH115

    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    I think that thought process, as you noted, is effective. Selling existing parts to fund new parts is probably what we all do. Myself, I upgraded the GPU (I'm now back to PC gaming) each year when the next new one was out, and then tried to find a buyer for the one I had. But I'm finding that I...
  30. BiH115

    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    Well said. Both sides of the coin provide equally impressive and fantastic experiences, and it's proportionate to the resources you dump into it. Honestly, I can't believe this thread is still alive. Limiting yourself to one side is limiting yourself to certain game experiences. For me? No...
  31. BiH115

    CONTROL (Remedy)

    Love Remedy. Their games are always such high quality. Can't wait. Don't care for the storefront political bullshit, I want to play good games that interest me. I realize that the store is a bag of trash, but I want to support the developers for putting together masterpieces. We can't seem to...
  32. BiH115

    E3 too many games coming out....

    Finally some god damn positivity. I agree that some years have been underwhelming on the whole, I'm not blind, but I think we're at a point now where if you gloss over the previous year in terms of ALL releases (independent and AAA), there are a good number of hours to be spent playing games. I...
  33. BiH115

    FS - iPhone 7 Plus (Rose Gold) - Unlocked - SOLD

    Bump, open to offers.
  34. BiH115

    FS - iPhone 7 Plus (Rose Gold) - Unlocked - SOLD

    Family member upgraded their phone this past week, figured I’d see if anyone wanted first dibs on this before I just go to one of the phone selling sites or craigslist. iPhone 7 Plus - Rose Gold T-Mobile originally and now factory unlocked 32GB storage 80% battery Have original box and will...
  35. BiH115

    Nintendo Switch

    Eh, to each his own, we all like what we like. I don't sell games anymore, used to back in the PS3 days when I was still fully into PC gaming, but since then, I plan on keeping 100% of my purchases, especially since a large percentage are collector's editions. Do agree that PS4 titles barely...
  36. BiH115

    Nintendo Switch

    No love for Luigi's Mansion 3? Looks incredible. I'm also really looking forward to Animal Crossing, Ni No Kuni, and Panzer Dragoon. This E3 was fantastic in terms of gameplay reveals (not just for Nintendo), one of the best in recent memory. It's easy to forget how much work and love goes into...
  37. BiH115

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch Remake)

    Day 1 buy, for sure. Can't wait.
  38. BiH115

    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

    When I saw the trailer I thought "it's about damn time". I'll be picking it up on the Switch when it's released, but as for when I'll actually have time to play it, eh, can't really answer that in the near future. It's the Final Fantasy that my friends and I played at the same time, talking...