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    NE shell shocker deal: XFX RX Vega 56 8GB (20h left) $350 - $20 MR *dead*

    newegg has a shell shocker deal for the non reference cooler XFX RX Vega 56 Double Edition for 349.99 w/ a $20 dollar MR = 329.99. if i hadn't of just bought a GTX 1070 i'd of been all over this. :(
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    recommended pump speed arctic cooling LF 240

    so i just recently bought the arctic cooling liquid freezer 240 and friggin love it but the pumps the loudest thing about it.. i've been trying to figure out what the recommended pump speed should be on it(currently 5400-5500rpm) but can't seem to find anything on recommended pump speeds. was...
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    green line artifacting with GTX 580

    ok so i have a GTX 580 that originally came out of an SLI setup(was the second card) that a friend picked up. the card works perfectly fine when in SLI with my GTX 580 but when it's singled out and used as the primary GPU i get some weird green line artifacting mostly over black/darker colors...
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    Display repair: Samsung 245BW

    so i've run into a road block on repairing this 245BW display.. theres 4 capacitors i know i have to replace on it and were easy to find, but where i'm stuck now is that i need to replace the 450WV 82uf capacitor made by samwha and for the life of me i can't find a single non shady looking...
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    Need some help figuring out what capacitors these are..

    my left monitor finally kicked the bucket about a month ago, given how it died i figured it was a blown capacitor but i've been lazy not feeling like opening it to check. so i finally got around to it today but i need help figuring out exactly what capacitors these are and what i can use to...
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    anyone ever seen this happen before?

    ok this is a new problem i've noticed recently that seems to only ever happen if i'm running star trek online and try to watch a flash video with STO minimized. its very random and doesn't happen 100% of the time.. but here are some screenshots just to give an idea of what is happening...
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    questions for gigabyte z68/p67 motherboard owners

    ok need either a comfirmation that this is normal or my board/bios is screwed up from anyone that owns a gigabyte z68/p67 motherboard. i currently have a gigabyte z68 UD3-B3 motherboard thats being used in a customers build. this is the first intel based gigabyte board i've used in a long time...
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    Front Page: review articles..

    the review article links are no longer working.wasn't sure if you guys were changing the url links or if chromes being a piece of junk again. but figured after them not working for the last 5 hours i'd bring it up.
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    Sandy Bridge max voltage *warning*

    saw this thread on might be worth your time to follow. its almost posted on just thought i'd forward this on. if it was already posted and i missed the thread just let me know and...
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    The Mysterious release of the Phenom II x6 1100T

    well for all of you AMD fans out there and people that dont read any other sections of the forum besides the DC section or people that own AMD processors and need something to play with in the overclocking realm i present you the OMGWTFBBQ Phenom II x6 1100T...
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    cudart32_31_9.dll fix/work around

    for those of you like me that just got this retarded ass error(good job Pande Group). mfl0p found a work around. tested and works perfectly fine. thank you mfl0p!
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    How to get 20k PPD without bigadv :p

    fuck it deleting this shit.. thread closed.. pg still hasnt come to say anything but im getting sick of being the "bad guy" because i found a trick out and no ones come up with hard evidence that it actually effects the science being done so im just going to remove it.. what ever.. next time...
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    New standard A3 WU? P2633?

    Project ID: 2633 Core: GRO-A3 Credit: 235 Frames: 100 Name: smp Path: C:\Folding@home SMP\ Number of Frames Observed: 5 Min. Time / Frame : 00:03:07 - 5,811.3 PPD Avg. Time / Frame : 00:03:24 - 5,100.2 PPD Cur. Time / Frame : 00:03:07 - 5,563.9 PPD R3F. Time / Frame : 00:00:00 - 0.0...
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    Anyone have a card or a pair of cards laying around they arent using that can fold?

    well i recently had to send back vsboxerboy's GTX260 he let me use while was gone on a trip to fold with. right now im using his 8800GT he let me borrow as well be for some reason its starting to run into problems(probably a baking candidate but its his card and i dont want to be the one baking...
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    F/S some older AMD parts

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    BFBC2 lag?(xbox 360)

    hey just curious to see if anyone else thats playing BFBC2 on the 360 is experience a weird lag issue.. has been happening to me for the last 3-4 days yet all my other games are completely fine so im just checking to see if its just me with the problem or something with the EA servers..
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    Arg! I think i officially found the worst WU ever!

    god damn this A3 P6041 WU SUCKS!!!!! 19:23 TPF 13 friggin hours left and its been going for 22 hours!! its worth 7104 points including the bonus which sounds awesome except the fact that im losing 3000 points if you count my PPD.. yeah i know this is worthless to post but i seriously needed to...
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    Free PPD (first come first serve)

    as most of the people that come in the DC forum over the last year and a half know i no longer fold under my own name and havent for almost a year now.. since ive finally decided to get into trying the A3 WU's to see what my 940 can do thanks to zero82z's more useful guide on the SMP client im...
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    GPU3 news update/info

    not sure if this was posted already(couldn't find it) so here you go.. was already posted..
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    AMD Phenom II x6 1090T/1055T reviews..

    anandtech posted a review of the 1090T and the 1055T with the 1090T beating the i7 920 on a few benchmarks and beating the i7 860 on a few as well.. so now my question is when will F@H add support for the phenom II x6? so now we can end the SMP1 allowing the phenom II x6's to run the bigadv...
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    m2n-sli deluxe phenom II + am3 cpu support

    well it looks like asus is still updating ancient friggin motherboards.. they released a beta bios as of 4/14/10 5001 that adds all athlon II, phenom II, sempron processors including the AM3 variations of those processors.. link:
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    F@H News Update: WU Shortage

    ok here you guys go so that we dont need 50 million threads asking why your not getting WU's.. Progress on WU shortages We had some WU shortages over the weekend, but for the most part handled the biggest demands. However, we still have shortages for certain types of WUs...
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    Arg!! tool-less cases SUCK!

    yeah i almost caplocked the whole thread title because this shits pissed me off.. so i have this wonderful xclios windtunnel case.. out side it looks great.. performs great.. BUT it cant hold a god damn graphics card with its tool-less pos locking mechanism for anything.. so about 3 hours ago...
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    Vote: Chimp Challange participation

    Ok, well I'm sick of all the bickering back and forth in the other thread about why we should or shouldn't do it.. there are a lot of folders that don't typically post so having this poll might be the only way to get their responses.. I do not want to see any arguing going on in this thread...
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    windows 7 limiting NIC to 10mbit

    I dont know if this should be in the networking section or OS.. but i think this is an OS problem more then a networking issue so if its in the wrong spot feel free to move it.. so on to the problem.. this started about a month and half ago.. i have my system connected to a gigabit switch...
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    need a huge favor..

    i was wondering if there was anyone here from the bay area or central valley that might have an extra 10/100 pci network card laying around that they dont need/want.. im having some odd issues with my system and the only thing i can trace it to is that my onboard NIC is dying since it will only...
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    question about windows 7 aero and dual display lag in games?

    ok i finally decided to install windows 7 on my main gaming rig after using it since first beta release on my laptop.. but this craps really started to drive me insane.. i had absolutely no problems with dual displays in XP.. but for some reason running dual display's in windows 7 and trying to...
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    koolertek multiple 5% off deals 5% off code on my site already (HOLIDAY5) 5% off on here (HARD) 5% off on Anandtech (ATOT) the deals are stackable and its a new site.. ya guys might want to check it out.. (no this isnt my site) if this is against the rules feel free to remove it but the owner of the...
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    one of the admins please remove the hard dc'er of the month award from my name.. since ill no longer be participating anymore and im officially resigning the award.. there will be no discussion about why im leaving because honestly i dont feel like talking about it.. so good luck to all of you..
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    Newegg Wanfest

    figure there are some of you hard core gamers out there and want to win some free stuff.. ya might want to check this out if you havent already.. Newegg is back with the Summer Wanfest series of online tournaments sponsored by AMD, with over $25,000 in prizes up...
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    Windows 7 beta/RC1 2 hour shut down date updated

    just figured id put this in here since im sure not everyone has signed up for the beta update emails from microsoft.. or are still waiting to try windows 7 because they are worried about the shut off date for the beta or RC1.. here is the following email i received earlier today.. text...
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    need an opinion on my corsair 550VX PSU

    I currently have an corsair 550VX PSU powering a AMD Phenom II 940 @ 3.5ghz 1.465v on a biostar T-force 780g m2+ motherboard with 6 sata drives(none are WD GP drives), 2x1GB ddr2 pc-6400, 1 DVD burner, 4 tri-cool fans all on high, an 8800GT running at 760/1890/1015 w/ 1.1v bios mod.. my cpu...
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    BFG LS-450 power supply - $49.99

    Now, for a limited time, the BFG LS-450 power supply is only $49.99 with FREE GROUND SHIPPING! (Save $40!) Use coupon code, "LS450SAVE" during checkout. 80 Plus Certified Quiet 120MM Fan Rated at continuous output at 40C All cables fully sleeved HardOCP...
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    phenom II 940 on biostar tforce 780g m2+ (non HP)

    Ok, after much headaches and wanting to break stuff and half a pack of cigs later.. i got the phenom II 940 to work on my non HP version of the biostar TA78G m2+.. use these bios also its recommended to put heatsinks on the PWM's since...
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    im kinda bored and been thinking.. need some opinions..

    ive had this old iceburg II cooling kit sitting around in my garage for a few years.. was originally bought to water cool a socket A athlon 1700+ and had an idea that it might be possible to use it to cool say an athlon 64 3200+ clawhammer socket 754.. i know it doesnt come with a block that...
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    intel e2200 overclock on Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P

    ok, so my buddy and I have run into a wall with his e2200 on a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P.. so far we have only messed with the FSB and voltages on the cpu and dropped the memory to 1:1 timing to remove it as the variable.. its prime stable at 3.2ghz @ 1.34v 290x11 but for the life of me i cant get...
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    ok got a question on mixed results..

    ok im just a wee bit confused on this.. i have GPU-Z open and the rivatuner hardware monitor open.. ok currenty rivatuner is showing my 8800GT at 777.60mhz on the gpu, 1890mhz on the shader and 1026mhz on the memory.. but GPU-Z on the other hand is showing the same clock setup i have set in the...
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    Boinc Manager?

    ok what boinc manager do you guys recommend.. been using Bam! and it friggin sucks.. took me 4 hours just to get it to add seti and i can get it to add anything else to my boinc client.. ive tried manually adding stuff but it removes it everytime it syncronizes with Bam!
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    mmmm.. brisbane cores.. gotta love em..

    lol kinda bored figured id make a thread.. woot.. been screwing around with my X2 BE-2350.. current overclock right now.. finally got it fine tuned.. for the last month or so had it running at 3x HTT thinking it was going to crash on me like the older am2 boards if i exceed 1000mhz(2000HT)...
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    The RV770 Story: Documenting ATI's Road to Success

    just finished reading this interesting article.. thought maybe you guys would want to check it out.. basicly talks about the creation and ideas behind the RV770 GPU (4850/4870/4870x2).. its a good article.. makes you relize how nvidia and ATI really competed with each other and their plans on...