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    T-Force Vulcan Z 1Tb SSD $58.99 if your Building,

    I racked brain on this because I just bought two WD SSD in 512Mb from BB in a rush for like $48 a piece. T-Force Vulcan Z 1Tb SSD $58.99 on Newegg with free shipping and the 512Mb are $29.99 with free shipping / 2TB at $119.99 on Back Order I got the 1Tb on the way for my Cooler Masterbox nr...
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    RX 6700

    People have been quite about the new card from AMD called the RX 6700 with 10 Gb of memory for $369.99 Seen any reviews ?
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    RX 6600 INCOMING

    With the current drop in prices and AMD offering a free game, I thought it was a good time ( I jumped ) to repalace the RX 570 8Gb that I sold to a facebook miner for $300 back in Nov and as newegg has the Sapphire Pulse for $279 new with free shipping and Steve's review of it mopping the floor...
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    Is my scale off on recording with RTX 3070

    I am coming from AMD so don't hate, Is the scale off? as I have a wide screen 1080p Acer display and I'm using the Nvidia built in recorder on the 3070, as I thought it was corrected a while back but, World of Tanks looks a little off to me on YouTube watching the play back with the scale some.
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    RX 5500 4Gb deal ..

    I ran across this system on bestbuy which comes with the Ryzen 3 4300g and an RX 5500 4Gb for $629 .. pull the card and sell the system with 4300g as video card .. (Two Wins) I seen a dude with a review of a 4300g system that he give $400 for in April 2021 and he seemed pleased with the gaming...
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    Older video cards worth anything ?

    I had to clean out some storeage and have 3 older video cards being R9 290x Tri X New Edition / 770GTX 4 Gb Twin Frozr/ RX 570 4Gb Red Dragon What kind of value would be fair to ask ?
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    New game title with AMD FSR added for all video cards supported with update.

    Marvel's Avengers just got an update to replace FX CAS with FX FSR for anyone that owns the game ..
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    Question about x370 board boot issue

    I have an older Gigabyte x370 board with a Ryzen 3600 . System ran great since built and sold it to someone that has had it since Aug 2020 , they gamed on it a lot and was happy with as video card is MSI RX 5700 The issue is that it only boots to the Gigabyte screen with the options to enter...
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    Any x470 / 5000 series flash yet ?

    I thought it was a good question to ask , I have a board and the 5600x but was holding off for now trying as it has a 3700x current running smooth.
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    How does my Ryzen 5 5600x perform in World of Warships ?

    I been playing around with it and I now have After Burner working with temps and clocks .. the Mobo is MSI B550 Mortar with a PBO 200 + .. The cooler is generation one Ryzen 5 1600 AB with cooper core and Corsair TM 30 .. Given the old RX 570 a work out as my display is 165Hz dp in 1080p...
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    Please delete .. already post else where

    I found this on TechPowerUp NVIDIA Announces New CMP Series Specifically Designed for Cryptocurrency Mining; Caps Mining Performance on RTX 3060
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    Ryzen 3 3100 has more clock speed ..

    This is noting off the hook but I found it interesting that I could do the same as other higher priced Ryzen's as to uncap the 3.9Ghz and get an extra 200Mhz without hard clocking the cores as it's free to scale up and down.. Also being gpu limited I can't tell the Ryzen 5 3600 is even missing...
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    Pricing is getting crazy again

    I have noticed all AMD cpu's prices have creeped up again .. as I just bought this Ryzen 3 3100 for $105 and now it's back to $170 as Hong Kong has stock .. lol as it makes it hard to build a budget platform these days being the 3300x is only Fairy Dust that never exited ...
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    VisionTek RX 5500 XT 8Gb from Dell store

    I seen that card a while back and cheaper so I guess prices are up some .. It's so small that it ends at ram slot 0 on the MSI B550m Mortar to give you an idea of length and I wanted it for a ITX build later down the road .. I had no issue pulling the RX 570 and installing this new card as to...
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    Is this fast enough for Fortnite ?

    I was ask to put up a you tube video showing my 3600/RX 5700 running in competition settings for Fortnite which I really don't know what those settings are but I can only take some much down grade and here is 1080p Med with Epic draw distance is what I came to like .. Do you think this to be...
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    Stock Temps for 3700x with the box cooler recorded .

    I know a lot people may not know what the Cooler Master can do if it's was your plan to go 3700x as I like that cooler myself and fit my build plans , also I got the update for AB as I really didn't know the in game temps for the cpu as it's running in auto overclock mode .. it's paired with my...
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    Cross Fire on Navi ?

    I thought Cross Fire was not supported on Navi but yet I see Time Spy being ran by many RX 5700 XT's in Cross Fire with the 3900x as the cpu of choice
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    MSI RX 5700 Mech

    I came into some extra holiday money and I wanted more to the test mule system which is a mATX board being an MSI B350M Gaming Pro with Ryzen 3600 .. so I decide to try this MSI RX 5700 Mech out at $339 from BB as it caught my eyes to have only one 8 pin power connection, It seems the card is...
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    I have a base run with AGESA on x470 / 3700x

    Hot off the flash from MSI for my refurbished x470 Gaming Plus is AGESA bios = beta My 3700x is on stock cooler and reset my memory after reboot I put the memory back in XMP 3200Mhz profile and X Boost set to office...
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    What i found out about Navi and current state today for me .

    I guess it was a mistake to think anyone would understand .
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    Has Ryzen 5 1600 picked up some IPC ?

    I dropped my 1600 back in my MSI board that I had one of my 3600's on as only thing changed was cpu and memory .. Also it's running on the AMD's latest chipset drivers not approved for as it did not say GEN 1 support that I seen anywhere and is baseline stock settings with only...
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    Radeon Image Sharpening Now available on Radeon VII, Radeon RX Vega 64, Radeon RX Vega 56 and Radeon

    19 . 9 . 3
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    MSI x470 Gaming Plus with Ryzen 5 3600

    I got the refurbished MSI x470 Gaming Plus booted and flashed it if any one has this board .. running very stable and this is MSI Gaming Boost = Easy Button I pulled the 3600 and dropped a 3700x on the board and flawless as what is playin the music on...
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    mATX build with RX 5700 ref is running .

    A few days ago this use to be a 1600/580 8Gb setup in a Raljintek STYX mATX case with MSI 350B Gaming Pro Mobo .. so I dropped another retail 3600 in this board and after all the bios updates / chipsets and Windows 1903 update with driver 19.8.1 .. I finally moved the XFX RX 5700 ref from my...
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    MSI B350M Gaming Pro mATX running Ryzen 5 3600

    I have my other 350B board running now with a different 3600 then my other as I can test this cpu with older hardware and newer drivers , This was a newegg combo kit from 2017 with the 1400 and some G-Skill 2400Mhz memory which I plan to upgrade as I try and bring performance up on this one as...
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    Ryzen 5 3600 on 350b WORKING Just get to F40 and plan on new windows install after you have post with 3600 installed . M2 it did not want to install windows on as it wanted my 1TB Seagate sata 3 drive to install on . but hey it;s working. off to work I reinstalled FS to get a...
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    Godzillia lives ..

    They built it for Apple and maybe showing Nvidia what they can really do now but I can see a RX 5990 XT warning being issued to someone .,39571.html Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GCN 5.1 (Vega 20 x 2) 128 8192 56.8 TFLOPS...
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    Warning = Bitcoin in coming ..

    I remember what it did to RX 580 after release . Maybe the way GOD wanted us to fight big banks = our own way to make magic money = Wizard of Oz =
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    Welcome back AMD to CX

    After dragging my dead old x58 out of cold storage and giving it a new SSD and fresh Windows 10 64Bit and overclocking the Xeon X5660 back to 4.2Ghz with 6Gb of Triple Channel DDR3 1600Mhz ..( more coming as Relive pulls the fps down) So in slot 1 we have RX 570 8Gb and slot 3 RX 570 4Gb as...
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    AMD game keys ..

    I noticed that the RX 570 and 580 no longer come with the 2 free game keys , RX 590 and Vega 56 / 64 /VII still do if anyone was on the fence about getting the bundled deal as I guess AMD has sold enough RX 580's
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    Ryzen 5 1600 = $119.99

    Newegg = $119.99
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    HITMAN 2 Was Designed to Be Played on a Powerful PC

    Intel sent me a link to a demo they seem to be very proud of ...
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    I down sized to RAIJINTEK STYX with Ryzen 1600

    I down sized my case as Newegg had a sale of $59 shipped for mATX RAIJINTEK STYX and Best Buy had the Corsair CX650M on sale for $59 to add to the build for power and heat sink is Deep Blue GAMMAXX 300R .. case Mother Board is...
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    Update 1.4 for World of Tanks Game Engine release today with MT/SMT support .

    I know everyone is waiting on Radeon VII reviews , but I have something for you guys that didn't know that today World of Tanks released the updated for the game engine as to add MT /SMT and dam it is sweet on my Ryzen 5 1600 in stock from paired with RX 580 on driver 19.1.1 I know a lot of...
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    Can we talk about Ryzen Master ?

    I have been playing with Ryzen Master for awhile now with 3 different cpu 's and it has been my understanding to overclock is to do all cores at that locked speed as why Gen 1 has issues pass 3.9Ghz but working with the Gigabyte 350B board I am at F24 bios. I now find that with my 1400 I can...
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    Would you say this is cool running ?

    If I told you it was a 290x would you believe me on it's stock air cooler with driver controlled fan speed ?
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    Please delete / ty

    sorry .
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    Multi-Threading in World of Tanks

    I saw this today and though it was worth a post as it is interesting the work they have done to there new game engine .
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    Take 2 for the R 5 1400

    I been given this Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. AB350M-DS3H-CF a work out as it will 100% support the 2200/2400g out of the box if your looking for a cheap board as it cost around $60 and under with it having the 370x chipset allows alittle more for less . I have ran two different G-SKILL...