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    Use Your Phone As A Lightsaber In Chrome

    The on screen graphics showed a stone age club instead of the light sabre
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    Use Your Phone As A Lightsaber In Chrome

    The advertisers will love this. What a cunning way to get someone to register all of their devices. We will track you with the dark side of the force... :D I can't get it to work on my Nokia 6210
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    Police Arrest 21-Year-Old Man Tied To VTech Toy Hack

    Looks like other Brits beat me to it. We can buy booze at 18, but generally that starts a couple of years earlier. You can sit in the beer garden at 16 with your parents, or drink with with a meal at that age. Or just drink at home as a 5 year old... The problem here is clearly not...
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    Facebook To Halt Tracking Non-Facebook Users In Belgium

    This is exactly what made me avoid FB. I'd have clients who would sign up to FB and click that "upload my whole address book and spam everyone with invites" button that used to be the default back then. Scared the hell out of me the first time I started getting these messages. It was how...
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    Fast Broadband For All UK Homes And Businesses By 2020

    I have a client on the "wrong end" of a large business estate. One end has fast fibre, but his end is on 5Mbps(!!) ADSL. He has also had that "offer" made to him for his company to pay the hundreds of thousands to wire this up. What annoys me is that BT got millions from the government to...
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    Fast Broadband For All UK Homes And Businesses By 2020

    UK Cities get covered by fast 100Mbps - 200Mbps fibre broadband and above. It is easy to make back the investment when everyone lives close together. Trouble is those who live outside of the main cites can get very patchy service. There is a lot of BS from the main phone companies and some...
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    CoD: Black Ops 3 Marketing Stunt Gone Wrong?

    This is so true :D
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    Amazon To Release $50 Tablet?

    I hope they leave this tablet crackable so an updated Android can be installed like Cyanogen. Or at least release a jailbreak when support is abandoned. Annoying when I bought an Asus tablet in 2014 only to find out that not only were zero updates ever issued for it, but I am now stuck with...
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    Life-Size LEGO Bricks For Building Real Stuff

    Full episode of James May building his Lego House.
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    Apple Patches Nine Vulnerabilities In QuickTime For Windows

    Haha... yeah. I have often thought that. I also wonder if Apple intentionally put their worst programmers on the iTunes PC bundle. It is such a mess, clunky, slow, and not storing album images in a format other players can use. Glad to see Quicktime has finally dropped from the compulsory...
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    McAfee Free Antivirus Beta

    Norton Commander looks like a rip off of X-Tree Gold. Symantec didn't create much, most ideas were purchased in
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    Amazon Bans Adobe Flash Ads From Its Sites

    Thank you Amazon. The sooner we see the back of the buggy insecure mess that is Flash the better. We need some of the big news sites to also do this and force the Advertisers to abandon it completely. It took a while to get rid of the insecure mess that Oracle's Java became, so it will be...
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    McAfee Free Antivirus Beta

    That is the best review of McAfee products out there. I'd love to see what Peter Norton thinks about Symantec's trashing of his name in the same way.
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    McAfee Free Antivirus Beta

    @rezerekted: I am just going by personal re-world experience. I see so many different combinations of client PCs from home to business it means I get to see a lot of normal user mess. These are the users who have no idea what [H] is all about and just use a computer as a tool. My view is...
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    McAfee Free Antivirus Beta

    Free BJs for the staff? No wonder they are so distracted :D
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    McAfee Free Antivirus Beta

    The package of junk they install alongside their AV still sucks. In the past month I have had three different clients have computers borked by Norton program updates. In each case an update managed to quietly break the OS whilst the Norton software claimed all was fine. This lead to loss of...
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    Solitaire And Minesweeper Weren’t Just Games…

    I still make use of the games for exactly this. Even now I still have clients who are new to computers. Normally the older retired generation who have picked up a laptop to talk to family through Facebook and Skype. Sticking a card game in front of these people is ideal. Solitare is all...
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    This Laptop Has Bugs

    I love spiders. I put them to work in my house. Their job is to remove the woodlice as they enter the house. If you look under the bath it is like Cambodia's Killing Fields under there with all the woodlice carcases!
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    This Laptop Has Bugs

    Spiders are needed here. The classic debugging tool. I often find spiders or webs inside client computers. Especially those on the floor. Funny how often there is a pile of Woodlice shells sitting at the bottom of the case where the spider has been feasting. Which shows the spider is...
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    Cool Video of the Day

    Etch A Sketch for the 21st Century!! F*cking Magnets, How Do They Work? :D
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    iTunes is Illegal Under UK Copyright Law

    If you were Apple and had the chance to write a bundle of software to install on your oppositions Operating System... now would you put your best programmers on this? Or your worst? Are these "bugs" or "features"? Like other people here I have had major headaches with broken iTunes (and...
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    iTunes is Illegal Under UK Copyright Law

    The Government changed the law in November to *allow* copying. The Record Industry took them to caught to get the law thrown out. So back to no change. You can still use iTunes if you really insist :)
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    iTunes is Illegal Under UK Copyright Law

    Won't even bother following the silly iTunes link. Clearly that article is click bait. (Not [H], but the idiots making that claim.) Few little extra facts... starting with El'Reg's version of the same news item
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    Fingerprint Access Device Flaw Could Make It Easy to Open Doors

    Cons - Once a fake finger has been created to steal access to your data there is no method to "reset" like with a normal password. - Burn your finger on a hotplate and you loose access to your device - Work as a builder, plaster, or any of those manual trades outside with your hands and...
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    The NYC Subway Runs On Technology That Is Nearly 100 Years Old

    My current car was built in 1998. Still low mileage as only just gone past 100,000. With various other cars owned and maintained since I started with my first car that had been built in 1972. I have certainly seen and fixed 1980s engines. When that 1972 motor was scrapped it had 300,000...
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    The NYC Subway Runs On Technology That Is Nearly 100 Years Old

    Yeah - very much this. Is it really "power efficient" if it has to be replaced more often? The other problem is that there are so many extra pointless features added that also go wrong. I had a 1980s washing machine which inside could not have been more basic. Speed controller and motor...
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    The NYC Subway Runs On Technology That Is Nearly 100 Years Old

    Ancient? That's only the 1950s. Try some Victorian (1890s) Era Underground (subway) like in London. The older the kit is, the more I'd trust it. That 1950s bit of kit in NY is going to still be there working well in another 50 years time. Won't be able to say that about any of the IT kit...
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    Norton Antivirus Doesn't Like Microsoft Edge

    Norton's bloated toolbar crudware is part of the reason that extensions are getting banned. Some of those AV Add-ons are painful. Part of the time they are just trying to hook into the search for debatable reasons. If you have decent antivirus on the PC, and Grandma clicks on a bad link...
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    Installing Windows 10 On A 7-Year-Old Laptop

    Bro-science. I like that terminology. It is bang on. There is another part to it that I have observed. That Bro-Science is often started by someone who installs a new OS / buys a new computer but doesn't read the manual or bother understanding the new concepts. So just shouts and screams...
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    Google Gets Patent On Using Finger Frames To Snap Pics

    Do the people in the patent office live in a cave? Do they carefully select staff with no knowledge of the outside world? Or is the place now staffed with Apple and Google employees? Some of the common and obvious ideas that get patents make a joke out of the whole patent process.
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    Drones To Deliver Medicine To Rural Field Hospital

    This makes a bit more sense that delivering some DVDs! There is logic to medical delivery in rural locations. But just think of the sport this will create. Especially for all you armed Americans. There will be so much random kit that can be harvested from the air with just a simple...
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    Amazon Is Data Mining Reviewers’ Personal Relationships

    According to the Amazon database you now have a long list of partners who all live in the same house with you...
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    Free Font Automatically Redacts NSA Surveillance Trigger Words

    So this tool "censors" your text as you type? And that is supposed to be a good idea? This has to be supplied by the NSA to do their work for them at the client end... [/sarcasm] The obvious solution is the exact opposite. You flood all conversations with trigger words making those...
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    Who Owns Your Face?

    ROFL!!! Going for the full life sized version there I see :D Obviously, being a Brit, I already have a few of these masks to spare.
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    Who Owns Your Face?

    I've got it - we need to start up a trade in pixelated face masks.
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    Who Owns Your Face?

    Maybe I need to use a QR Code?
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    Who Owns Your Face?

    Does this mean I need to get a copyright tattoo for my face? Add small print to the back of my neck? The veils and masks thing will get interesting though. Look at the fuss that already happens with the hijab. If facial recognition gets as common as it looks like it will be then I can...
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    Facebook Can Recognize You Even If You're Not Looking

    You have a face. This is all they are after. I'm like you, no FB account. Yet I do know they have a big profile built up about me based on those "friends" and clients of mine who share their address books with FB. Which means FB already have my phone, address, and email. Have you ever had...
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    Facebook Can Recognize You Even If You're Not Looking

    See the film Minority Report for details. Its all about the targeted advertising.
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    That Mysterious Windows 10 Icon On Your Desktop

    Yeah - I want to see the install numbers for W10. How many installed in the first eleven months, and how many copies are installed in that last month before the offer expires. I get a feeling the graph will have a weird peak on it