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    FS: iPhone 7 32GB Unlocked

    Looking to sell my iPhone 7 32GB that's unlocked. Condition is good. Very minor scuff marks. Always used a screen protector and case. (Half the time OtterBox, half the time Apple leather case). Battery health at 84%. I don't think I have the original box, but I can keep looking. I could include...
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    FS: Intel i3-6100

    Intel i3-6100 - Nothing wrong with it. Just upgraded to another CPU. Used for about 18 months. It's coming from an OEM Dell. SOLD heatware: hanakuso
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    FS: Ncase M1 parts

    Looking to sell a few parts for the Ncase M1. Used silver top panels (1 is for DVD/CD & 1 is non-DVD/CD) Brand new fan bracket (I believe this is the V4 and newer version) SOLD heatware: Hanakuso
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    FS: Ncase M1

    Looking to sell my Ncase M1 V3. Color is silver and it's in good condition. I can provide pictures if needed, just let me know. SOLD
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    FS: Asetek 545LC & Gentle Typhoon AP13 (92mm)

    Looking to sell my Asetek 545LC & two Gentle Typhoon AP13 (92mm). Both barely used. The GT AP13s have black sleeving on them with genuine black molex connectors. I can put the original white connectors back on. Asetek 545LC $75 Shipped Gentle Typhoon SOLD heatware: hanakuso
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    FS: Samsung 850 Evo M.2 250 GB

    SOLD heatware: hanakuso
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    FS: i5-7600K & Asus Z170 ITX combo

    Looking to sell my i5-7600K & Asus Z170i Pro Gaming together. The i5-7600K is 1 month old and the Asus motherboard is roughly 2 years old. Nothing wrong with either, I just recently upgraded to Coffee Lake. SOLD heat: hanakuso
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    FS: Intel Core i5-6600K

    SOLD Looking to sell my i5-6600K. Lightly used. It's been overclocked it to 4.2Ghz and undervolted the whole time I used it. Didn't try to overclock it any higher. Just let me know if you want pictures of it. heatware: Hanakuso
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    Crucial MX200 250GB SSD

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    Not for sale anymore

    Not for sale anymore
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    FS: G.Skill DDR3 1866Mhz 8-9-9-24 8Gb

    G.Skill DDR3 1866Mhz 8-9-9-24 8Gb Sold Heatware: Hanakuso
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    FS: G3258, G.Skill DDR3 8Gb, ASRock Z97e-ITX/ac

    Looking to sell my Intel G3258, G.Skill DDR3 8-9-9-24 1866Mhz 8Gb, ASRock Z97e-ITX/ac as a combo. Everything is in working condition, only selling because i'm parting out this PC build. As a bonus, it should also come with Windows 10 Pro since I believe it's tied to the motherboard, but I'm not...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 750 Ti

    Looking to sell my EVGA GTX 750 Ti. Still in great condition. Parted out my PC so I have no use for this anymore. No external power source needed. Sold heatware under hanakuso.
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    FS: Ncase M1 Complete Build

    Parting out
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    FS: Cooltek/Thermolab LP53

    Cooltek/Thermolab LP53 Looking to sell my Thermolab LP53 cooler. Also known as Cooltek LP53. Great if you need a low profile cooler for cases such as the Ncase M1 or Dan A4. Only used once, nothing wrong with it. SOLD heatware under hanakuso
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    FS: Asus VG248QE & Dell XPS i7 920 PC

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    FS: Silverstone SX500-LG SFX-L

    Looking to sell my SX500-LG SFX-L PSU that's in great condition. Nothing wrong with it, I just don't need it anymore. I have most of the original cables and some from the Silverstone Short Cable Kit, but I also modified/shortened some of them. If you need the exact lengths, just ask. SOLD heat...
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    FS: Intel i5-5675C (Unlocked Broadwell)

    SOLD Looking to sell my i5-5675C that's been barely used. I kept it at 4.2Ghz and had a slight undervolt. Local pick up in SoCal available. heatware - hanakuso
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    WTB: G3258

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    FS: Bitspower Mini Reservoir for DDC pumps

    Looking to sell my barely used Bitspower Mini Reservoir for DDC pumps. I threw away the sponge since I used a barb fitting instead of the sponge since I felt it restricted the water flow too much. SOLD heatware under hanakuso
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    FS: MSI R9 280x

    Looking to sell my MSI R9 280x in good condition. I replaced both fans because one of the original fans was faulty. These run slightly slower then the original ones so it does get slightly hotter, but using a program like MSI Afterburner will fix that easily. SOLD
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    Looking for the smallest case possible with SFX, ITX, iGPU

    Hello, i'm looking or a smaller replacement for my wife's Ncase M1. Only thing I can think of is the Jonsbo U1, but that case seems to be very hard to get in the US. Requirements: ITX SFX/SFX-L PSU 2 2.5" Hard Drives Aluminum (Highly preferred) Windowed (Highly preferred) Build: ASRock...
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    FS: Intel i5-4590

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    SOLD: i5-3570K, Asus Z77-i Deluxe, 2x8GB DDR3

    i5-3570K - SOLD Asus Z77-i Deluxe SOLD 2x8GB DDR3 SOLD Looking to sell my i5-3570K, Asus Z77-i Deluxe, and 2x8GB DDR3. Nothing wrong with these items, just upgraded. i5-3570K. I had it overclocked to 4.2Ghz and undervolted. Never tried to overclock it any higher. Never overvolted. Asus...
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    ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac

    I thought we should have a thread dedicated to the ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac since the Z97 and Z87 ASRock ITX boards had threads as well. It seems this is one of the most popular Z170 ITX boards on here as well. Specs ASRock Super Alloy Gaming Armor - CPU Power / Memory / VGA...
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    FS: Samsung Miracle RAM 2 x 4GB

    Looking to sell my Samsung "Miracle" RAM. 2 x 4GB Nothing wrong with it, just moved to Skylake so I upgraded to DDR4. Here's a link to the thread here for what these can typically do. SOLD
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    FS: Asus Maximus VI Impact + RAM Combo

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    FS: Netgear Nighthawk AC1900

    Looking to sell my Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 that I've been using for roughly 6 months. Nothing wrong with it, I'd say the condition is 9/10. Sold Heatwave in signature
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    FS: Audio Technica ATH-A900X

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    Can I reuse my Windows 10 key with new motherboard, RAM, CPU?

    Looking to upgrade my PC to Skylake but I believe Win10 activates itself with the motherboard. I've reformatting a couple of times and it automatically activates once you have internet connection. Is there a way to "deactivate" Win10 on my old motherboard and activate it on my new motherboard?
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    Silverstone Slim Blu-ray Combo Drive

    SOLD Looking to sell my Silverstone Slim Blu-ray Combo Drive (SST-SOB02). Barely used and in great condition. I have 4 extra black screws that are a tad bit longer and washers that I will include. Heatware under hanakuso. Also have feedback as Tennobanzai on OCN
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    FS: SeaSonic Platinum SS-860XP2 860W

    Selling my SeaSonic Platinum SS-860XP2 860W. I send in a XP1 for RMA and they replaced it with a XP2. It appears to be brand new but i'm not 100% sure about that. I can test it out if a serious buyer wants me to, but I need to unseal the cables from it's plastic bags. Sold
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    FS: TJ07 Modded Parts

    Willing to sell all the items for $40 shipped within the USA. The black paint has some very small paint imperfections (bubbles). Let me know if you need close and more detailed pictures.
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    Bridge Mode Question

    I'm currently on ATT UVerse with there combo modem/router and i'm planning on using my own router in bridge mode. My question, can I still use all the 4 RJ45 ports in the ATT modem/router. Is there any downsides to this idea. My own router will act as a wifi router in the middle of my house...
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    FS: Lian Li EX-H34 Hot Swap Cage

    Looking to sell my hot swap cage. It's in good condition with some light scratches on the sides of the bay. I believe I have the original fan but I'm not sure. I could throw in a Corsair fan if you want that instead. SOLD
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    FS: TJ07 (SoCal Only)

    Looking to sell my TJ07 locally here in Southern California. It's in fair condition with some scratches and missing screws. Overall I'd give the condition a 6/10 rating since I did a few mods and damage to it. The scratch on the acrylic window looks like it might be able to buff out. The missing...
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    FS: Apple Cinema Display 27" (2560x1440)

    Looking to sell my Apple Cinema Display 27". I would say the condition is in 9/10. It's in perfectly good working condition. I also have a DP to miniDP adapter that I could include. I don't have the original packaging so I want to keep it local. I'm in Los Angeles and i'm willing to meet up if...
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    FS: iPhone 5 16gb AT&T

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    WTB: Windows 8.1

    I'm looking to buy a legit key of Windows 8.1. It doesn't have to be the Pro version. I'm also willing to buy 8 or 7 but I prefer 8.1. Please have some heatware, thanks!
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    WTB: Cheap Haswell CPU

    I'm looking to buy or rent a cheap Haswell CPU so I can update my motherboard... If renting, I can give you some money or when I send you back the CPU, I can give you a Gentle Typhoon or something. Another option is I can go to Microcenter and buy a Haswell CPU that's instock and give it to...