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    Installing Windows today, Win 10 or 11?

    if you were installing windows today on your ryzen system, what are you going with and why? i got a new mb and i am going to be doing a clean install of windows. i am thinking 10 because i have seen some performance issues with win 11. option's?
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    Ryzen 5000 series inconsistent L3 in Win 11

    anyone else notice this? i just installed win 10 to do some testing and i am seeing some weird stuff. win 10 win 11
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    FS/FT RX 5700 XT, Ryzen 2700X, B450, RAM

    Looking for a VR setup Have: Red Devil 5700 xt $550 SOLD Ryzen 2700x $100 Asus Strix b450 $90 Corsair 3200 rgb (cjr) 2 x 8gb $65 CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB 16GB (2x8GB)...
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    Win 11 L3 AIDA64

    So my sabrent nvme died and i had to do a reinstall of windows. yeah, i went windows 11. just got around to running aida64 on my system. same bios settings as windows 10 and these are the results. anyone have a windows 10 5950x to run this?
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    What are people using for wifi 6 aps?

    I think I’m done with my UniFi aps. I’ve had this issue with my tvs and 4K with private listening that I can’t fix. And I know it’s the aps as it works with a cheapo router ap. I’m going to be keeping my er4 and es16. So I’m going to need some poe wifi 6 aps. Any recommendations?
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    What is this brand?

    So I was able to buy this last night on Amazon for 1300. I ordered once I saw the price thinking it was a powercolor card. Looking again I realized it wasn’t. Is this a scam?
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    Travelers championship tickets FREE

    Anyone in the ct area into golf? I have two tickets to the travelers championship with parking and food/drinks. Something has come up and I am unable to go. Tickets are free.
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    CTR 2.0 Diagnostic Results

    download: system is running optimized defaults and ram at xmp 3600 (16-19-19-39) 4x8gb
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    Ryzen 5950x highest boost per core?

    what are people getting for the highest boost per core? this is what i am seeing with pbo on (ill post my pbo setting later as i dont remember them). are people seeing about the same or better?
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    M1 Mac Mini vs 2019 i3 Macbook Air

    Can someone school me on the performance differences between the two? My wife is a teacher and last year for Christmas I got her the Macbook Air. At the time she wasn't really using it that much, but that has changed. With remote learning she is on it all day long. It really just isn't keeping...
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    I'm a bad owner

    I didn't realize how much I've been neglecting my pc. I'm going to clean it now and change the MB in hopes of getting a 5000 series CPU.
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    MB for 5000 series?

    What are peoples plans for mbs with the 5000 series? I’m on 470, but it isn’t the best mb. I’m not sure if I’ll go 570 / 5900 or 550 / 5800. With this generation of cpu being the last for am4 I really don’t want to spend a ton on a mb that will be a one and done. At the same time I feel most of...
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    I need to move some AMD parts

    MBs Asus strix x470 $120 Asus strix b450 $100 CPU Ryzen 2700x $175 Ryzen 3700x $220 RAM Corsair vengance rgb 3200 2 x 8GB $50 GSkill NEO 3600 two 2 x 8GB $60 each kit...
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    The front panel header and what sound card it uses

    So I just watched a Paul’s hardware video on YouTube and I had to come here and ask this question. According to Paul some motherboards front panel audio connection uses a different sound card. This sounds about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If a motherboard had dual audio chips I’m sure...
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    Call of Duty physical edition

    I thought this was funny. Can you imagine how long it would take to copy all that from a dvd drive? I would bet a 100mbps connection would be faster.
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    Low r20 3700x

    I’m only getting about 4300-4500 after updating to Anyone else lose like 400 points?
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    Asus X470 bios, where is docp?

    Ok, really Asus, where is docp in the new bios? If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Unknown device? wtf is it?

    this is on the x470 mb in my system. clean install and the only things connected are the kb/m and the h100i. I installed all chipset drivers and gpu drivers.
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    What number do you think is a lot of wireless devices at home?

    What do you think is a lot of wireless devices at home? How many devices do you have?
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    Dt 770 pro for gaming?

    Anyone use these for gaming? or how about open back like the dt 990 pro?
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    New to WC, what do I need?

    So I’m looking to go custom wc setup. My current system doesn’t really need it, but the blocks seem to work on more than one socket. I’m looking to do a 360 setup for just the cpu. What is really needed? Is there kits? I plan to go soft tube for now.
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    Amd chipset drivers

    Anyone update to the latest drivers April 7th I put these on today and my system did not agree with them. Applications just kept crashing and a had a few blue screens. I will be avoiding this version. Was wondering what other people’s experience has been with these?
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    3000 series on 450/470 mb experiences

    What are people’s experiences with this?
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    Call of Duty benchmarks?

    Is it weird that no one has posted benchmarks of the game other than Nvidia sponsored ray tracing benchmarks? I would like to say that I don’t know for sure they are sponsored, but the lack of other cards leads me to believe that. Usually guru3d and techspot are quick to post benchmarks.
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    Twitch: Give a Follow, Take a Follow

    I’m trying to get my follower count up. Anyone care to give follow? I’ll follow you in return.
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    What fans are you using?

    So right now I have 011-dynamic case. For case fans I have 8 Corsair ll120s. They work great, but the wires are uncontrollable! I have 6 connected to the commander pro and 2 connected directly to the h100 pump. Also with that many fans you need two rgb hubs. I am thinking about switching back to...
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    Amd game bundles and amazon

    Anyone purchase an amd card from amazon that should have come with a game bundle? Did you get the bundle. I just got a 5700 xt and I’m trying to get them to give me the bundle but they just don’t understand.
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    windows 10 disable the ability to type on the start menu?

    is there a way to disable the ability to type on the start menu? ive tried just about everything and i cant figure out a way to do it. i am trying to lock down users ability to use apps. using win 10 ltsc 1809.
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    2700x high voltage

    so this is at stock. do i have a really bad cpu?
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    Time to overclock

    So it’s time to oc my 2700X. It’s running on a Asus prime x470 with 2x8 Corsair rgb 3200 non pro (16-19-19-36?). Running stock it will boost to 4.05-4.1 at over 1.4v. Temps are fine with h100i gtx. So I guess my questions are with should I be looking at for volts for the cpu? What is the safe...
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    2700X RAM timing help?

    so i am trying to get the best timing i can out of this crappy ram. The problem is i really dont know the type of ram it is. MFR, AFR, CJR?
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    WTB Far Cry 5 keys

    looking fow two if anyone had any
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    1k upgrade?

    So tomorrow I have the opportunity to go to microcenter. It’s a two hour drive each way, but I’ll be in the area for a conference. It’s really bad timing as the new intel stuff is about to come out, but it is also time to upgrade. For the most part I only play games. I got 1k to spend. System is...
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    Stream help/advice

    im looking to do some streaming. I have a 4770k cpu, 16gb ram and a vega 56 as my gaming pc. I have hardware that I could use as a second system to stream if I purchase a capture card. So here are my questions: If I use a capture card and a second system will that have a big impact on...
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    4K shows more of the bottom bar?

    So I have a tcl 4K tv with a Comcast 4K box. When I watch channels with a bottom line (espn like) there’s another bar under the bottom line. It’s not like a black bar, it’s more of a continuation of the bar. This makes me wonder if 4K has a slightly different aspect ratio?
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    Will Nvidia RTX runs hot?

    with the reference card being a dual fan cooler and a lot of the AIB cards being 2.5-3 slot coolers are we to assume these cards run hot? And maybe use a lot of power? Do we have a rx 290?
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    FS RX 580 8GB

    i have two pulses and one Asus dual. Edit: $270 Edit:$260 Edit: $250 Edit: $240 Trades? Edit: $225 Card were purchased in November 2017. Update: Asus sold Edit: $190 shipped New price$180 newest price $175
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    Buy tether when the market is crashing?

    I’m on the newer side to crypto, just want to say that first. Tether always stays between .99 and 1.01. How, I don’t know. With it never really changing in price, why not convert your cryptos to tether to avoid losses when the market is crashing?
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    Removed a drive from raid, trying to use it as a data drive

    so i took a drive from a raid and im trying to use it as a data drive. windows sees the drive in device manager, but not in disk manager. i think the drive still has something on it that says its part of a raid. how can i fix this?
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    Pool for a small eth miner

    So I’m running three rx 580’s and I’m looking for a pool that would be the most profitable for me. Any suggestions?