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    Videocardz: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti gets 4864 CUDA cores and 8GB GDDR6 memory

    It looks like 3060Ti will be releasing around the same time as the 3070. Which makes sense since it's a cut down 3070. Given how little Memory BW is on even the 3070, It's really looking like the plain 3060 will be 192 bit bus 6GB card. :( Though that will probably get a cut down to a 3050 Ti...
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    VideoCardz: AMD to introduce Zen3 on October 8, Radeon RX 6000 series on October 28

    Yesterday, Frank Azor of AMD, tweeted there would be something today. That something was announcing the dates, for the announcements of Zen3 and RX 6000
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    Witcher 3 getting a Free Ray Tracing update from CDPR.

    My favorite game developer does again, blowing my expectations. They are doing a Visual Upgrade (including Ray Tracing) for next generation consoles and PC. Free for current owners: Ray Tracing is...
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    The NVidia 3080 FE and 3090 FE Cooler design. Will no one think of the CPUs!

    After seeing the airflow of the new cooler, there have been some some online concerns about it overheating CPUs. But this is NOT a cause for concern. Lets think about this from perspective of a standard PC case using just the exhaust behind the MB, and examine some points it raises. 1: Close...
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    What did you think of the NVidia 3000 Series Launch?

    Well the dust is settling. How did Team Green do this time?
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    New NVidia 12 pin GPU connector is only for space savings, not increasing power.

    There are a lot of bad assumptions flying around about the new NVidia 12 pin connector. From everything we have seen, this is just a smaller replacement for dual 8 pin connectors, which for reason that will be made clear, are NOT meant to carry more power than dual 8 pins. Some people have...
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    TechGuide: Hisense launches Dual Cell TV with the black levels of an OLED and the brightness of LED

    This really seems like one to keep an eye on for reviews. A potential game changer for LCD TV/Monitors. It was at CES but now it has a price and is supposedly shipping next month. It's the layering of a 1080p monocrhome LCD to modulate the backlight and a color 4K LCD for the final picture...
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    VideoCardz: Microsoft provides more details Xbox Series X architecture

    Massive info dump on the Xbox SX architecture with a big slide deck: One of the slides seems to indicate dedicate ML (inferencing) silicon. When it says: "Very smaller area used".
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    Guess the price of 24GB RTX 3090 FE

    With the product name confirmed by Micron, and some credence given the Twitter leak that first mentioned RTX 3090, there seems more likelihood that there will indeed be a 24GB version. What do you folks think that means for pricing? Does the name 3090 signal a big price jump. How about 24GB...
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    Would you choose a 12GB or a 24GB RTX 3090?

    If you had to pay extra for the extra RAM of course.
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    VideoCardz: Micron confirms NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 gets 21Gbps GDDR6X memory

    Micron document inadvertently confirms 3090 Product Name, and memory config (12 GB GDDR6X, 384 bit bus), while shooting down claims that it would be 20GB-24GB. This table was cropped out of the Micron doc...
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    Anandtech(Arch day coverage): Intel’s 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake SoC Detailed: SuperFin, Willow Cove and Xe-LP

    Today is NDA day for Tiger Lake and there are some interesting tidbits. 10nm+ is 10nm Superfin, and it looks like a significant improvement over previous 10nm. Allowing much higher clocks. CPU core sounds like a lot nice little tweaks as well. I look forward to reviews, though what I really...
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    VideoCardz: Intel to unveil Xe-HPG gaming architecture with hardware ray-tracing

    I usually don't post rumors here, but Videocardz is calling this confirmed, and they are usually sure when the say that:
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    Businesswire: New Leaders for Key Intel Technology Organizations will Report Directly to CEO Bob Swan; Murthy Renduchintala to Depart

    Reorg at Intel, with another high level departure. This time it's Murthy Renduchintala - Chief Engineering Officer, who was rumored leading candidate to be CEO, before Bob Swan took over. The kind of bury the lead on this one. Oh and BTW, minor point at the end: "As a result of these changes...
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    Anandtech: The Intel Lakefield Deep Dive: Everything To Know About the First x86 Hybrid CPU

    Intel's Rube Goldberg Atom-Core Hybrid with multiple Layers, that performs like an Atom. It looks like a lot more complexity (and thus cost) for a questionable benefit.
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    The Verge: Westworld showrunners are creating a Fallout show for Amazon

    I love the atmosphere of the Fallout games. I want this to be good, but it seems like it would be easy to get wrong.
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    VideoCardz: Intel confirms Alder Lake-S to require LGA1700 socket

    Looks like the desktop Socket after LGA1200 is LGA1700. Seems like a big enough change to require bigger coolers:
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    Does MB Wifi typically steal m.2 slot?

    I was looking at the specs of a motherboard I like when I read this: I don't need Wifi, but what the heck, built BT could be nice for BT keyboard... But if I lose one of the two m.2 slots, then it isn't so interesting.
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    AMD: New AMD Radeon™ Pro 5600M Mobile GPU Brings Desktop-Class Graphics Performance

    Sorry rumor fans, boring actual news. ;) AMD's first RDNA GPU chip with HBM. It looks like full fat Navi (40 CUs) with HBM support...
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    Videocardz: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 pictured? (now thats different)

    This is an interesting design, still dual fan, but one fan is on the front side and one is on the backside. I think I would like it more if this is push-pull...
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    NVidia YT: What’s Jensen been cooking? (World's Largest GPU)

    Jensen shows off new datacenter GPU product, likely GTC will heavily feature this:
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    Videocardz: Intel teases Xe-HP graphics processor – ‘Father of All’ GPUs

    Intel is teasing the Xe-HP package with a massive heat spreader. Definitely multiple chips under there, probably including memory and multiple GPU chips/chiplets. Probably Pro only device with 4 digit pricing:
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    VideoCardz: NVIDIA says “GET AMPED” for GTC 2020 Keynote on May 14

    NVidia, switched, moved, delayed GTC keynote is on again,and it may be talking about Ampere:
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    EposVox: NVENC vs AMF/VCE vs QuickSync vs X264 - ULTIMATE Encoder Quality Analysis 2020

    Big encoder test: TLDW: NVidia is out in front, AMD is lagging everyone.
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    HWUB: DOOM Eternal, Mega GPU Benchmark, 5700 XT, 5600 XT, 2060 Super, 2070 Super...

    This is what a well optimized game looks like. It's now the Poster Child for good Vulkan games: Edit: Updated added new video, after the old was pulled for issues.
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    DF YT: Gears 5 on Xbox Series X: The Tech Demo Analysed In-Depth!

    A video devoted to the Gear 5 update. I think some are getting carried away with snippets of this info from other videos. This time they made it more clear that when the test vs 2080, that it is as close they could get in settings (no new special lighting modes enabled that would slow the...
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    Videocardz: AMD promises RDNA 2 (Navi 2X) late 2020, confirms RDNA 3 (Navi 3X)

    If big Navi is RDNA 2 (with RT, VRS and nice perf/watt improvements), then they wait may be longer than expected: "The Navi 2X architecture is expected ‘at the end of 2020’, while Navi 3X somewhere in 2021."
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    Arstechnica: The Mandalorian was shot on a holodeck-esque set with Unreal Engine, video shows

    This is pretty freaky stuff. I know most modern movies/TV shows are heavy on the CGI department, but I just assumed lots of green screens. But what they are doing is creating something like a Giant Holodeck, and using Unreal engine to create the environments, and then display them on the...
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    TPUP: Apple Finally Buying AMD CPUs? Pointers to Ryzens Found in MacOS Beta

    This would be a major shakeup. If Apple started using AMD CPUs, it would be a Major Blow to Intel and boon to consumers. A Mac Mini with new 7nm APU would be awesome.
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    Intel Intros new PSU standard ATX12VO

    Simplification doing away with other voltages and going 12V single rail for everything:
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    Videocardz: EVGA preparing GeForce RTX 2060 KO

    Interesting that EVGA has apparently decided to launch a lower priced ($299) 2060 SKU without NVidia approval: According to TechPowerUP, who are citing EVGA representatives at CES 2020, the company is set to launch a new model based...
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    GN: Intel PCIe Socketable Computer: Tear-Down of Ghost Canyon NUC SFF PC

    GN tears down the nifty new Intel NUC. I am hoping this takes off and spawns more variations and cases: Also, I would really like AMD to get in the NUC/SFF game sponsering some alternative designs of it's own. Update. You can also plug the element card inside your current PC, to have a PC in...
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    Most important CES announcement(IMO): Ryzen 4000 APUs.

    While a Lot of people wanted big GPU news, I would argue this part is MUCH more important. Not only was this the most important PC HW announcement of CES, I would bet this is the most important PC HW of 2020. Anandtech blurb...
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    Videocardz: AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT gets 2304 Cores, 6GB, and a 279 USD price tag

    Priced about where expected: Today AMD introduces Radeon RX 5600 XT. AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT gets 2304 Cores, 6GB, and a 279 USD price tag The AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT features a Navi10 graphics processor with 2304 unified...
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    Videocardz: ASRock leaks Radeon RX 5600 XT Challanger D OC specifications (2304 SPs)

    Most interesting thing, is exact same Stream Processor count as the RX 5700. I am thinking it's essentially an RX5700 with a memory channel disabled: ASRock RX 5600 XT Challenger has 2304 Stream...
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    GN: The Disappointment PC 2019: Worst Parts of the Year

    GN retrospective of the worse products of the year...
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    AT: The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Showdown: AMD's Ryzen Picasso vs. Intel's Ice Lake

    Anandtech has a nice showdown between the both version of the Surface Laptop. AMD vs Intel on the same chassis. AMD needs to get it's 7nm APU out to be competetive: The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Showdown: AMD's Ryzen Picasso vs. Intel's Ice Lake There aren’t too many ways to sugar coat the...
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    AT: Intel’s Manufacturing Roadmap from 2019 to 2029: Back Porting, 7nm, 5nm, 3nm, 2nm, and 1.4 nm

    Intel is setting up to allow back porting their designs to a previous larger and mature node. Note this is one aspect where they messed up at 14nm. They had NO plans to backport new designs, so when the stalled at 14nm, they also stalled at skylake refreshes. Of course Intel hasn't exactly hit...
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    TSMC actual 7nm defect rate and therefore yield revealed.

    This is pretty big, because previously all we had were rumors and guesses. TSMC put the value right on a recent slide. 7nm is sitting at ~.09 defect rate. VERY good. That translates into: Navi 10: ~80% Yield of fully working...
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    Corsair RMx. Any reason to not buy 850 if it's cheaper than 650?

    I am wishlisting components for a build. I had kind of settled on the Corsair RM650x, but there is a sale right now, that has the RM750x ($119) and RM850x($129) as cheaper than RM650x($135). (prices are Canadian). Is there any reason at all to NOT get the 750 or 850 when even the 650 will...