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    Little PC build for design work: 12700 or 5900X?

    Hello, I just got a new job as a contractor doing multimedia design work, and as the workload seems a bit more intense, I think it feels like time to upgrade my system—I'm currently running a 4790K + GTX 970, which has served me well. 😊 It may not matter much, but for what it's worth, I'm most...
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    Weird .dll problems after moving programs with PCmover

    So, yeah, I probably should have seen it coming, but I am sometimes adventurous to the point of being irrational. I tried out this utility called PCmover a few days ago to move a lot of my old games over from my laptop to my desktop (trying out Windows 8 on the laptop for a little bit). Most of...
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    Workstation for audio recording; DAW under $1200

    Heh, Danny rightly pointed out that my old DAW blog with an unlimited budget is really different enough by now, that I need to start a new thread. So, what have we, now? 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? This build will be for an audio workstation. We will...
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    Custom HP ENVY 17 2nd Generation Core i7, 30% CC

    Logic Buy seems to be still running this promotion. 25% OFF on configurations over $1199, 30% OFF configurations over $1399. I threw together a quick configuration for $1800, and it got cut down to $1250 or so. Not bad. Logic Buy
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    ITX Build featuring a GTX 590, roughly $2K budget

    Hello people. So, like many others around here, I've been rolling this idea around for awhile, and I think I need to "put it to paper" and iron out the logistics. If you've seen my posts before, you know I'm a gamer, and you know what kind of gamer I am. I like pretty stuff (Mass Effect 2...
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    Late to the party, but wondering about Arkham Asylum

    I know, I know, I'm crazy late. But I couldn't find any threads about Batman: AA, surprisingly, even old ones. I've read all the rave reviews, and I usually get a good feel for things around these forums, but I didn't remember reading anything here. Basically, I want to give it a go, but I'm...
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    NFS Hot Pursuit, F1 2010, or some better alternative?

    Just finishing a little upgrade to my system, and I'd like some nice racers to put it thru its paces. I've got DiRT 3, which I enjoy, and I've played thru NFS Shift, which I also enjoyed. I tried out F1 2010, but it looked shockingly low-res and aliased for a Codemasters game. Not sure what was...
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    Another 5850, or a 5830 for CF?

    Just picked up Brink, DiRT 3, Crysis 2, and will probably try out Metro; getting a little taste for gaming again. ;) But I was surprised when I noticed I can't completely max out Brink or DiRT on a 24", without playing in windowed and dropping the res (looking for 60+ FPS). So, hehe, of...
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    HP Pavilion DV5: Right Click Behaving Strangely

    Edit: Crisis averted. :D
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    Challenge: Can I water cool Tri-SLI GTX 480's in an FT02? Please?

    UPDATED 9/15/2010 NOW WITH VISUAL AIDES! Here is my sad attempt at a somewhat-to-scale visual representation. FT02 owners or water cooling aficionados, please feel free to pick it apart: Mockup Rev. 3 Mockup Rev. 2 Mockup Rev. 1 Rev. 3 Revisions - Decided to remove HD cage, fan sled and...
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    Atom Bomb: PC-Q07 Idea—Should I Try It?

    Ever since I found this site, I have been itching to build a tiny PC with decent-to-good gaming capabilities. I was :thankfully: advised not to attempt it on my first build, and I have stayed away ever since. But now the itch is back, doggone it! That said, I have been slowly sketching a mental...
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    Recommendations on a budget build for Dad?

    Hello, [H]! It's been awhile since I needed to seek out your wisdom, but it looks like I'm building again. I built my parents a PC a few months ago, with a lot of help from here, and as it turns out, it was so [H], the whole family is hogging it! So (really because they know I love building...
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    Buzzing, and popping, and stuttering, oh my!

    Hey guys, just thought I'd put this out there into the sphere of your influence. Recently while watching a Blu-ray movie, I noticed the audio would intermittently buzz and pop (maybe every five seconds or so) while the movie played. We have a cheap little speaker setup with a floor sub, and I...
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    Good web site to download movies in 1080p?

    And yes, I do mean a pay site. I'm looking for Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince to watch with my stepdaughter, but standard DVD resolution looks funny to me now on a 24" monitor. Has anyone had success finding Blu-ray/HD movies for download? Any help would be great.
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    An [H] 'Thank You', and a few long overdue pics!

    So, I arrived at the [H] Forums just 6 months ago, a complete tech-moron, dead set on building a PC. I got TONS of help and advice, and you guys really helped me avoid tons of pitfalls. Little did I know I would get addicted to these forums, forsake all others, and live the rest of my life...
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    New Athlon II X4 build; CoreTemp reading 31°C during P95?

    Hey guys, just finished this build for my sisters: Lian Li PC-V351 Athlon II X4 620 OC 3.0GHz (stock cooling) GIGABYTE AM3 785G Motherboard 4GB G.Skill DDR3-1600 500GB Caviar Blue Enermax Liberty ECO 400W PSU Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) I have been road testing it for about 24 hours, and...
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    400W PSU situation

    139.99 HP 20-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor 109.88 Lian Li PC-V351B mATX Case 5.98 Link Depot 19.69" SATA III Round Cable [X2] 89.99 GIGABYTE AM3 785G HDMI mATX Motherboard 49.99 Enermax Liberty 400W Modular PSU 99.00 AMD Athlon II X4 620 Processor 94.99 4GB G.SKILL DDR3-1333 69.99 500GB WD...
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    Dynamite digital audio workstation; unlimited budget

    Update: Thought I would resurrect this blog, as it looks like I may be asked to build something similar very soon (the next two weeks). I know a lot has changed since I originally posted, but I'm really curious about what new thoughts you all have (esp. regarding Sandy Bridge) for a workstation...
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    Open season at Newegg on 5850's!

    HIS, Sapphire, and Diamond, I believe. For now. Appear to be quite a few XFX 5870's, as well. Some of the prices might sting a little, tho.
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    Fun CPU-intensive tasks for a fast processor?

    Finally got my new rig up and running smoothly (bar a few little driver issues), and I am itching to try it out. I've never had a powerful processor, or even a "good" processor (my last machine was running a Pentium D 2.66 GHz). Anyway, gaming has been incredible, my graphic design work is...
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    No subtitles or dialogue in MW2?

    Just finished installing MW2, but I think I must have done something wrong. After playing for a few minutes, I realized that quite a few times, someone would look at me, and their mouth would be moving, but I wouldn't see or hear anything else. It finally occurred to me that this was probably...
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    Sure I'm late, but what gives with Crysis Warhead?

    Wow, QFT. I didn't realize how true this would be. I downloaded the original Crysis Demo while I prepared to get the full version of Warhead to actually play through (since according to the reviews I read, the sequel's gameplay was much improved and the graphics were roughly identical). Playing...
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    Can't find a working overclock method for 5850

    Hey guys, I have read a lot of the threads about this, but I just can't find a working method. I was able to unlock the voltage inside of Afterburner, but I can't raise the clocks. I'm stuck at 775/1125. I tried flashing the MSI BIOS, but I couldn't get it to boot from a jump drive or a CD. I...
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    Did bad overclocking kill my system forever?

    Completely baffled, guys. Synopsis: - Built system, ran fine. - Bad hard drive, RMA'd. - New hard drive, great. - Tried to overclock (stock voltage, 200MHz), died during P95. Result: Powered on for 1 second, and then died. Every time. - Replaced the motherboard Result: Booted...
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    Burn-In Checklist?

    Thanks to everyone here for helping me put together my sig rig over the past month or two. Another [H] child is born. :D I just received my DVD drive, which my stepdaughter and I will be installing tomorrow, and at that point it will be time for Spaceman Spiff's maiden voyage. Now, I guess I...
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    Will this RAM work for an i5 rig?

    I am in the midst of the i5 build in my signature, and it was pointed out to me recently that the 1156 socket is rated for DDR3 RAM with voltages up to 1.65V. Well, this was news to me. Somehow I missed this in all of my wonderful "comprehensive" research, and it turns out I'm a complete voltage...
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    Will this RAM work?

    I am in the midst of the i5 build in my signature, and it was pointed out to me recently that the 1156 socket is rated for DDR3 RAM with voltages up to 1.65V. Well, this was news to me. Somehow I missed this in all of my wonderful "comprehensive" research, and it turns out I'm a complete voltage...
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    'Intel Core i5 Inside' stickers?

    Does anyone know where extra stickers can be bought? Or who I should contact to get some more?
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    Stubborn price points from Intel, NVIDIA and AMD

    I guess it's hardly news around here that NVIDIA's GTX 285 prices are still unchanged, and will likely remain unchanged for some time. Ridiculous, given the can of so-and-so that the 5850 has opened up on it? Yes. But this minor injustice got me thinking about another big performer whose time is...
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    HD4870 1GB X2, HD4870 512MB X2, or GTX 275?

    Sorry, the title should read: HD4870 1GB CF, HD5850 1GB, or GTX 275 SLI? Background Info So, I'm on the cusp of building the rig in my sig, but I just can't settle on my video card(s). I would consider myself a "casual enthusiast". I love reading about this stuff, and I am really excited to...
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    Where are the rest of the P55M boards?

    [Posted this in motherboards, but I don't think many people venture over there.] I seem to recall reading dozens of good reviews for µATX boards from EVGA, ASUS, and MSI, but I can't find them for sale anywhere. GIGABYTE has good availability on its boards at Newegg and Microcenter, but nobody...
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    Where are the rest of the P55M boards?

    I seem to recall reading dozens of good reviews for uATX boards from EVGA, ASUS, and MSI, but I can't find them for sale anywhere. GIGABYTE has good availability on its boards at Newegg and Microcenter, but nobody else? Am I just jumping the gun, or has anyone else been wondering this? MSI...
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    Budget build for a lady friend

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I couldn't find where it should go. Anyway, this build is for a friend. She is a Dell/iMac person, and not a power user. I am trying to interest her in custom building, and she is willing. But is this a good price for this build? I know I have seen some...
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    Sleeving/Cable Management Question

    So, I'm working on my first build, and I am just learning about sleeving and cable management, etc. I have found a site where I can buy the sleeving by the foot. I would rather do this than get a sleeving kit, because I don't want to buy a bunch of sizes I will never use. I will be working in...
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    Cool My Case! Lian Li V350 Case Fan/Heatsink Ideas

    I guess this deserves a different thread. I hope. I've been looking for some possible replacement case fans and a heatsink for an upcoming build, as the i7 920 is apparently going to try to give my poor Lian Li rig a heart condition. Performance (cfm/load temperatures) is first and foremost...
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    $1700 (or so) small form factor gaming PC: First build

    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Aug 09 - Oct 09 BUDGET RANGE: $1700 (or so) SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Adobe Creative Suite, Crysis, Blu-ray, minimal MIDI recording, web surfing, school work PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Speakers, subwoofer PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:,