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    Asrock z87 Extreme 4 hanging on post sometimes

    So I just built a new rig and got the microcenter combo with asrock z87 Extreme4 + 4770k. The first install I did, seems like something shorted on the board cause it booted up then shut off and refused to boot again. I went back to microcenter and exchanged the board. Now with this one...
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    Changing fan speed on R4 freezes computer

    I just moved my build over to a Fractal R4 from a Cooler Master. One thing I noticed is that whenever I change the fan speed using the front fan controller, my whole computer will freeze and I'll have to restart. Anyone else having similar problems or know a fix? *edit I'm also getting...
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    help with pascal script in inno setup

    I'm not familiar with pascal and I tried asking this in multiple sites already and haven't really gotten a useful answer besides telling me to use MSXML. I have an XML file structured something like this <Library> <Book> <Name>Bobs Book</Name> <Author> Bob </Author> </Book> <Book>...
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    help with xml parsing using dom4j

    I'm given an XML document at work that is a schema from a database. I'm trying to parse the xml data into PERSON objects, and then store each object into an arraylist or something so that it can be fed back into a different database later. I'm not a very strong programmer and haven't written...
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    counter strike 1.6

    So I fired it up lately, but what the hell is going on. Sometimes servers dont show up, or even if it does its a list of foreign servers that give me insane pings. And most of the servers redirect me to other servers that are filled with bots or are empty. I thought that maybe no one played...
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    styling a jsp page

    I need some help with deciding on how to style a jsp page, I went with the 960 css framework and it is not working out too well as I have asked for help in this thread basically things are not where they are supposed to be depending on how large the...
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    Operating system not found

    My dad's 3 year old dell has the operating system not found error, and everytime he reformats and reinstall windows it will work fine until he restarts his computer then the same error pops up again. I thought it was harddrive issue so I ordered a new harddrive for him and he replaced it and...
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    need some help with 960 grid

    Doing this as a class group project, I'm doing the front end while other members are doing the backend. I'm using the 960 grid system, to try and position everything. It is my first time really doing a project using CSS and the 960 grid system. I'm using javascript to include other html...
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    $1700 gaming build for friend

    With all the new sandy bridge problems I think I should stick to AMD, AMD is cheaper anyways right? 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming, SC2, old republic, diablo 3 and guild wars 2 to be specific 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping...
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    backup for insurance agent

    My aunt is an insurance agent. She has a 4 year old PC that only uses IDE. She has asked me to setup some sort of backup system for her, this is my first time doing this sort of thing and I'm not quite sure how to approach it. She wants a hard drive to store and backup her work documents(info...
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    Argosy HV372T

    my dad is planning on buying one to play movies in digital format. Anyone know if they are any good?
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    chain supermarket inventory ERD

    I'm trying to create an ERD for a supermarket chain and I got stuck after creating the products and store table. under products I have ProdID as the primary key and under store I have storeID as the primary key. My problem is how would I differentiate the different products at each store? If...
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    text message forwarding

    I don't get reception that well in my room, is there a way to forward text messages to my computer or google voice or something??? I don't want to have to tell everyone on my contact list to text to my google voice number instead.
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    Diablo 3 announces final class bleh no paladin and necromancer, i guess i won't be getting this on launch demon hunter looks sick though,even though I don't really like the idea of using dual xbows and bombs.
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    drive letter missing after restart

    So I plugged in a SATA drive into my new desktop and then I formatted it through windows. I had to assign a drive letter to it for it to show up on My Computer. But the problem is every time I restart its gone and I have to assign the drive letter again. Anyone have any idea how to fix this...
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    fios qos settings

    I have an asus RT-N12 router running dd-wrt running as the primary router, bridged to the actiontec router. Recently I have noticed unstable speeds. Especially when I play counter strike, the ping would jump from 50-400 constantly. When someone in the house has torrents on even when the...
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    bad mobo or ram or hd?

    my parts for my new rig just came and i just put it together and installed windows 7 few hours ago. It ran fine until after i installed all my drivers and started to download my games. Then it started to randomly freeze, blue screen a few times with different errors such as memory_management...
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    tried to make actiontec bridge no internet now

    so i followed these instructions to try and make my actiontec router for fios a bridge for my asus rt-n12 after following the instructions for some reason I can't even access my rt-n12. So I tried to...
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    android phone without dataplan

    I'm on AT&T family plan and my sony ericsson w580 just died on me, im looking for a new phone to buy and i'm considering getting an android phone and use it with wifi. I have no use for the data plan. I've searched around and read about at&t charging you for data plan if it detects a smart...
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    $600 gaming build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming on mid-max settings, sc2, d3, LoL, WoW Cataclysm, ff14 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? 600 including shipping+tax I dont mind shelling out 20 bucks or so for significant increase in performance 3) Where do you live? NY 4)...
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    home backup suggestion

    I currently own a macbook pro and plan on getting a desktop PC for WoW and FF14. Right now all my music and movies are stored on a 500gb hd in my macbook pro and I'm running out of space. I'm deciding whether to put all my music and movies on a NAS, or to put it on an internal harddrive on...
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    stripped DS lite screws

    I'm was trying to replace my DS lite case yesterday, after reassembling it it wouldnt power on, i figured its cause the power slider is not aligned right or something, as i attempted to remove the screws , the two triwing screws on the power sliders side at the bottom of the DS lite are stripped...
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    sd card won't fit in macbook pro

    My microSD card just came in the mail today and it comes with a microSD to SD adapter. The SD card won't fit into my 13" macbook pro, its too big. The card reader on it is for SD cards right?
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    NFA and DFA's

    I'm reading my textbook and I am having trouble understanding NFA's, how to convert DFA's to NFA's, and converting NFA's to regular expression. Does anyone have a very simple explanation or a good link to a site that doesn't try to explain it with big terms and mathematical symbols/variables.
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    ettercap GUI on Snow Leopard

    I installed ettercap-ng 0.7.3 and gtk2 on snowleopard through macports but i keep getting this error when i type in sudo ettercap -G GTK support not compiled in ettercap anyone know how to fix this problem?
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    Global Agenda

    anyone bought the game yet?? how is it??? Planning on getting a 4 pack deal with a bunch of friends but i don't know how well it will run on my macbook pro 13"
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    white knight chronicles i was anticipating it ever since it came out in Japan but it took them a while to port it over and I kinda lost interest now, especially after watching this horrific video. Makes me want to shoot the narrator. Anyone...
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    used ps2 games recommendations

    yesterday i decided to pick up xenosaga at gamestop from the used section since I heard it was a really good game a while back. but damn there are so many cut scenes and they are long and boring. I'm thinking of going back tomm to look for another RPG to pick up and i'm looking for some...
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    time machine external

    just wondering what hard drives people here use for time machine. Im looking into buying an external for my 500gb 13" mbp and cant decide between enclosures or externals. I went through a few enclosures already and was never really happy with them because of how loud the fans are or how hard...
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    hdmi cable for ps3

    I've been searching through the forums but haven't really found an answer. I just bought a new 32" tv to hook up my ps3 to. Now i need an HDMI cable. Kinda broke from buying the TV so from what I have heard monoprice has them for cheap. But im confused with all the different type of hdmi...
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    ps3 tethering

    i was just curious if a ps3 can tether by connecting to a laptop/desktop that has internet access.
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    HDTV for around $250

    I have a 19" CRT I plan to play FPS games on, I'm looking for a HDTV where I can play my ps3 / watch TV and movies / plug in my laptop for regular use. My budget is around $250. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Hitachi Tagmastore

    Anyone know where I can find documentation for it? I am trying to find the IP address of it so I can access / manage it but the guy who worked here before me hasn't documented anything -_-. I looked at the back and it seems like theres no output for keyboard mouse/ monitor either
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    Bootcamp Windows7 ventrilo

    im just curious if anyone else has this problem or has a solution. I boot into windows 7 and my mic works for everything (tried recording my voice with sound recorder). Even on ventrilo when I use test the microphone in setup it detects my voice, but other ppl can't hear me in ventrilo, I made...
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    Software, licenses and documentation cataloging

    I'm interning at a firm right now and I am tasked to catalog all software CD's, licenses documentations etc into a bookcase/filing cabinet of some sort. We have a test and a dev environment, I was just wondering what everyones approach to this usually is and how they organize it.
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    ESX VM's backup to tape library

    I'm trying to backup VM's that are stored on both local storage and SANs to a dell powervault tl2000. I was asked to do this yesterday, and before that I have never seen a tape drive/library in my life. I'm pretty new to VM's but from googling stuff it seems like ESX does not support directly...
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    CS 1.6 on Windows7 Fusion

    I just got my 13" macbook pro yesterday. Installed fusion, created a windows7 VM, ran the windows update. I'm trying to play CS 1.6 on it but it will not let me run it in OpenGL saying that its not supported and switches to software mode, anyone know how to fix this?
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    cannot ping/remote into cloned VM's

    I cloned some VM's from one esx box to another then assigned it new IP's, the original AD image's ip was the cloned AD image's assigned IP is However I am unable to ping/remote into the cloned AD image. Is there something that I need to do that I missed?
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    cannot connect to VI client

    I'm an intern working at a firm right now, and I'm the only person on the team with some basic knowledge on VMware. but this is what happened a few days ago. we restarted the server hosting the VM's because of some hardware issue. After the server started up, i connected through the VI...
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    browsers cant view sites

    i'm trying to fix my cousins laptop, his laptop can ping sites like but the browser can't view websites and applications like AIM can't connect to the internet. I thought it was the routers problem but every other computer in his house works fine, he also brought his laptop over to...