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    Anyone run a whitebox ESXi Server for Homelab? Purple Screen with Zen2

    So after 1.5 days of uninterrupted uptime, it looks like ESXi just doesn't like either my Crosshair VII board or my 3700X. I find this very odd. Just putting this out there just in case anyone else finds it useful. Thanks for the ideas guys!
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    Anyone run a whitebox ESXi Server for Homelab? Purple Screen with Zen2

    Apparently, I also get PSODs while idle too. So at this point I'm not super sure. Downgrading to ESXi 6.5 didn't seem to help (also with the latest patch) I'm doing a little digging in the vmkernel-log and based on my limited understanding of reading the log, ESXi may not seem to like either...
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    Anyone run a whitebox ESXi Server for Homelab? Purple Screen with Zen2

    One baby step at a time! I doubt anyone would really want a 300GB database though, over our crappy internet connection. ;) Thanks. I have little experience in really troubleshooting ESXi apart from running it. Will give it a look. -- Just to update, a BIOS rollback didn't do much. Will...
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    What low cost motherboards would you recommend?

    For an i3 setup, I have a feeling any B560 or B660 (depending if you go for LGA1200 or 1700) will be fine
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    Anyone run a whitebox ESXi Server for Homelab? Purple Screen with Zen2

    Just realized last night after another PSOD that the error came around when I was doing IO on the datastores. Not much info past that yet. The NVME drive is just my Windows 10 boot drive / install since the machine used to be a gaming PC (before I sold the GTX 1070TI in it) and put a GT 710 in...
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    Anyone run a whitebox ESXi Server for Homelab? Purple Screen with Zen2

    Hi All, I'm getting purple screens when doing basic IO on my whitebox ESXi server. The machine is for testing with the following specs: 3700X X470 CH7 WiFi 4x16GB DDR4 3200 @ XMP GT710 Passively cooled NVME WD Blue SN550 1TB (Windows Install) SATA Devices all running off the MB SATA ports. 1x...
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    Worth upgrading 2700x to 5600g?

    The 5600G is a bit faster than the 3600 and a bit slower than the 5600X. The 2700X lags behind the 3600 in gaming but will win via brute force in some multithreaded applications. If gaming is all you do, maybe this is a no brainer, although a 5600X will still be the better option if you have a...
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    X570 AORUS ELITE Secure Boot Disable?

    Probably means your current OS was installed without UEFI support Reinstall OS using an installer for UEFI edit: reinstall it with CSM off
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    Did DisplayPort cable damaged my GPU?

    Probably RMA time.
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    Did DisplayPort cable damaged my GPU?

    I don't have an educated opinion yet on your particular situation, but does your DP cable come with a lock?
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    What Z690 board are you eyeing?

    Is it just me or that the VRM heatsinks on these boards are massive? Or is it just that the socket is located further away from the left side of the board, so vendors had to extend what it usually a small plastic shroud a little further than it usually is?
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    Keep 2070 super or 'upgrade' to XLRB 3060

    It's a sidegrade at best. Both the 2070S / 3060 is in the general "1080TI" level of performance and is not/no longer a 4K card now.
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    AMD working their driver magic!

    I mean this is great and all but it just goes to show how much more work AMD needs to go towards the goal of great day 1 drivers, where the succeeding drive releases will only need to be incremental bugfixes. This is not a bash AMD post despite how it sounds (I just cant seem to word it any...
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    $600 conundrum, 1080ti vs 3060

    I think for 2017 and below games, if you can find a 6600/XT for a lot cheaper, you'd be fine too I guess, although a check on the AMD website says that there seems to be one release driver for Windows 7 and nothing else. What monitor resolution are you using?
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    $600 conundrum, 1080ti vs 3060

    For $600 in today's money, the 3060 for the warranty alone. Yes, the 3060 does have W7 drivers, but only for 64 bit.
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    Can't enter BIOS MAG X570 Tomahawk

    Ive read of some people wiring up their case reset switch to the clear CMOS jumper when they expect to clear the bios often... or a $5 switch from amazon wired to the jumper could work too.
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    Can't enter BIOS MAG X570 Tomahawk

    You can try the following: 1. Enter UEFI BIOS from Windows 10. This may differ slightly based on what version of Windows 10 you have, but it should be similar If you installed in BIOS compatibility / non UEFI mode, you will not...
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    Upgrading processor for my Gigabyte AX370 motherboard

    1. Need to update the BIOS 2. You probably want a 3600, 3600X, 3700X, 3800X, 3900X, 3950X, depending on the number of cores you need.
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master won't power on - (temporary) solution

    I've read that the X570S Master has the VRM of the X570 Xtreme, 4 M2 slots indicating some different PCIE bifurcation is going on, and lacks the dual BIOS. I'm going to guess that based on that info alone, it's probably a different board altogether.
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    Just ordered a 5900x and Asus Dark Hero VIII x570s

    Nice kit! Realistically, you're likely to downclock that from 4000 C16 to 3600 C14 or 3800 C14 or something, unless you are lucky and your 5900X can do 2000 FCLK. More chips can do 1900 FCLK, but I haven't heard of any that can't do 1800 at this point.
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    Just ordered a 5900x and Asus Dark Hero VIII x570s

    Ryzens were only really picky about RAM until the 2nd gen. 3rd gen desktop chips (3xxx) could run RAM reliably up until about 3600, same with these 5xxx CPUs. I'd say you'd see very very very little upgrade from upgrading that kit of RAM. You could eke out quite a bit of gains by tightening the...
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    The GB X570 boards, especially the Master, have had a bit of an issue with the not booting and you have to remove the CMOS (there's a thread on here about that), but it *SEEMS* (based on my recent reading) that recent BIOS versions have finally fixed that. I don't think the 570S boards will be...
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    MAXIMUS XI HERO Chipset defect?

    If the chipset is super hot without you doing anything aside from the computer being powered up, it's probably a short somewhere or a bad chipset. That said, I do not have the knowledge on repairs of this nature. Best of luck to you though!
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    CPU for 1440p Gaming/Streaming

    How about a GT1030 and a 5600X?
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    i5-7600k to Ryzen 5 5600x worth the upgrade?

    I'm going to guess it was something to do with the compatibility support module (CSM) being turned off by default. If you set that to enabled, it would probably have let you boot. But a clean install never hurt anyone ;D Congrats on the upgrade! i5 7th gen to a 5600X is no small upgrade for...
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    i5-7600k to Ryzen 5 5600x worth the upgrade?

    Depends what game you are playing. If all you are going to do is play CSGO and Dota2, then the 7600K is still plenty. If your machine is that old, also consider a 1080p/144hz monitor or a 1440p/144hz monitor on your next GPU/CPU upgrade.
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    Problems with my new pc

    No need to correct. The originalRAM you bought is fast and will likely work with your existing setup.
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    Gigabyte A520M DS3H not compatible with Ryzen 5 3400G and Ryzen 3 3200G - why?

    Before you return it, try using the Bios Flashback (Q Flash Plus) or just the standard BIOS update to try to flash the latest firmware. I've read some people being able to run 2nd Gen Ryzens on B550 boards that are supposed to be incompatible, but they work fine anyway with newer BIOS versions.
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    Please update an old user - what's happened in the last 3 years?

    CPUs have improved quite a bit since then more than usual both in core count and clockspeed/ipc, and so have GPUs, but current GPU pricing is and will be crap until at least next year due to a number of reasons. At least you have a 1080ti though. That still performs more than decently. Buy it a...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    I don't expect a definitive answer to this question but have to "ask" anyway -- is EVGA just moving that slowly or are there a gajillion orders for these cards?
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    Android 11 WiFi no throughput

    I'm going to guess it's a problem with the firmware itself.
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    Looking for advice: Zotac 3070 and EVGA 3070 Ti are the same price - which do I get?

    Given oblongpolygon 's latest post, the Zotac should be alright. Take note that the performance difference between the 3070 and the 3070TI is small. Also -- DPI is right, PCIE 3 vs 4 is totally irrelevant in this case.
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    Looking for advice: Zotac 3070 and EVGA 3070 Ti are the same price - which do I get?

    3070TI is faster and at the same price. Quality wise should be the same between the two cards. The XC3 and the Twin Edge are the 'entry' variants of both brands. If you live in the USA, EVGA probably also has easier customer service to deal with. I'll go with the 3070TI
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    help setting up 11400f on gigabyte b560

    1. Probs my bad. If your board has MCE, you probably dont need an unlocked CPU. Not sure which boards have MCE though. 2. I have it set to s4+s5 or something similar.
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    ROG X570 Dark Hero m.2_2 disconnecting at random intervals

    RMA time I think. :)
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    help setting up 11400f on gigabyte b560

    1. Not possible. You need a K CPU and a Z series board to do this. 2. Bclk overclock is probably possible, depending on your board. I have read about some B460 boards that have it. 3. Better to check the motherboard manual for the board you are considering. Hard to blanket tell you that...
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    (3) GTX 780 ti's to Drive (3) 2021 LG 27GP850 Monitors

    So long as you're fine running lower resolution while gaming, like 1080p, a 780TI should do fine. SLI is pretty much dead at this point, so your 3 cards are just about as good as one unless your game explicitly supports it.
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    1080Ti, 471.41 drivers causing DWM.EXE crashes (SOLVED!)

    I remember a youtuber talking about not being able to replicate an overclock they've been able to do a few times, and eventually they figured out it was an extension cord they have been using. Shrinking tolerances, higher precision electronics and pushing the limit of the silicon all...
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    Everyone happy with their ASUS ROG Strix-E or F?

    Have an X570 E here, no problems. It doesn't get as much fanfare as either the Crosshair series or the more basic TUF series since pricewise it's stuck in between, but I like its feature set. The price... well, could be better.
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    have you gotten your new NVidia/AMD upgrade card yet? Why not?

    Great to hear news like this. Thanks for the info, even if im from half a world away :]