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    Samsung Galaxy A51: OLED with narrow viewing angles?

    I just got a Galaxy A51. It's supposed to have an OLED screen. has a very narrow "sweet spot" for viewing angle, before the colors desaturate. Reds, especially. Anyone else have this phone? Is your viewing angle similarly narrow? I can return it within 30 days. Might try another...
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    Possible to setup video playback so that my TV recognizes 24p/24hz movies from PC?

    Trying to get judder free playback with some blu-ray rips I authored myself, with H.265. I've got one of those TVs which can detect a 24fps movie and output at 120hz to remove judder. But 60hz is the highest input it will accept. I'm a pretty advanced user, but I can't figure out how to set...
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    Poll: Alder Lake owners: were you able to get a cooling solution for LGA 1700?

    1. Bought a cooler which shipped with LGA 1700 support: means you were able to buy a cooler which supports LGA 1700 out of the box and are either cooling your Alder CPU with it now----or will be soon. 2. Got an LGA 1700 conversion kit for a cooler I already own: Means you were able to get a...
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    PSN $25 gift cards are $20 @ AAFES (Military/Veterans only) I bought three
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    HOT: AMD Ryzen 7 5700G $304 new @ Newegg's Ebay store
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    Switch Nintendo game deals: Skyward Sward, Smash Bros, Pokemon Snap, BoTW, MonHun = $40 each

    Breath of The Wild is also $44 Skyward Sword Smash Bros...
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    1 year Playstation Plus for new subscribers = $29.99 @ Playstation Store (ends August 30th)
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    Pixio PS1S Premium Single Monitor Gas Spring Arm. $29 after instant $15 coupon @ Amazon

    check the box under the price for "Save an extra $15.00 when you apply this coupon".
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    [dead] Ni No Kuni 1 is $9.99 on Nintendo eShop

    lowest price ever for the Switch version of the game
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    Newegg digital games sale. Many prices are beating Steam Summer Sale.
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    Anyone else go through a bunch of poor QC hardware recently?

    Sapphire Pulse 6700XT I bought April 21st from Roguecast. I didn't open for about 5 weeks, trying to get other stuff. I finally opened had wildly erratic gpu clocks, never comes close to the 2424ghz game clock advertised, causes the lights to flicker in two different houses when I...
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    AMD: Fidelity FX Super Resolution, June 22nd
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    Ryzen 5600X $280. 10 units available. Free shipping.

    This is not my auction. I just found it and it looks like a legit little deal:
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    SFF Cooler: Raijintek Pallas 140 heatsink/slim fan $29.99 Newegg

    These have been $36.99 on Newegg for awhile now. Which itself is a solid price. But for 6 more days, its $29.99 total height is 68mm.
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    Gear 1 (bios setting) can Lead to Performance Loss on Intel "Rocket Lake" Basically, Gear 1 causes higher power usage for the memory controller Vs. Gear 2. Which eats into the TDP limits of the non-K chips, limiting their clock frequency potential, when run...
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    Hardware Unboxed Early 11700k review

    "Early Intel Core i7-11700K Review, Our Thoughts on Performance"
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    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews "Before publishing this review, we gave Intel advance notice to respond to us having a full review ahead of the formal release. Our email seemingly generated some excitement inside (and to our...
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    MSI Afterburner: RTX 2060 performs better with 80% power limit

    As the title says, my RTX 2060 performs better when set to 80% power limit, with MSI Afterburner. When I set this, According to the advanced monitoring view in Nvidia's overlay, my render latency is consistently lower, and my 99% fps are consistently higher. GPU clocks don't seem to be...
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    Live Nation (Ticketmaster) to pay 10 Million. Poached competitor's employee to use passwords to hack their network.

    Only paying out $10 million. Its good to be a corporation. According to a statement issued by the Justice Department on Wednesday, the five criminal counts facing Ticketmaster stemmed from a plot to infiltrate the computer system of ticket-seller rival CrowdSurge in a self-described attempt to...
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    ASUS Dual Radeon RX 5600 XT $309.99 before $20 off promo code + $30 MIR

    ASUS Dual Radeon RX 5600 XT 20 off w/ promo code VGAPCJY664 print $30 rebate form on product page. rebate expires November 30th ASUS Dual Radeon RX 5600 XT DUAL-RX5600XT-T6G-EVO Video Card -
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    TPU: AMD to Introduce Adaptive Undervolting to Precision Boost Overdrive for Ryzen 5000 AMD says that enabling this feature could lead to up to 2% higher single-thread performance and up to 10% higher multithread performance, as lower temperatures enable the CPU to...
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    NVIDIA Interview – Discussing Ray Tracing Support And ‘Proprietary’ Extensions Short, straightforward interview from wccftech NVidia says only 3 games with ray tracing, use custom extensions. Those are Vulkan games. And that's because the...
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    Portal 2 Mod: Portal Reloaded. April 19, 2021.

    Adds a 3rd portal which takes you to a 20 years future version of the current test chamber. The current chamber affects the future chamber. Steam Page: PCGAMER article...
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    Noctua changed their dye or something

    This doesn't bother me because I don't have a case to show off my components but-----I received a second of these fans and it is noticeably darker. The lighter colored one I bought over a year ago.
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    Warm: Fighting games on sale @ Steam during EVO tournament

    EVO Tournament is upon us. Most major fighting games are on sale at Steam. Also, some of them, such as Street Fighter V and UNIST (Under Night in Birth Late [st]) have a couple of days of free trial period. Here is the list of games at EVO this year
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    I re-did my GC Extreme re-lid with Silver King

    Re-lidding with liquid metal is old news. But, I tried a newer product. So, I thought I should tell you about it. Thermalright has a liquid metal product out, called "Silver King". I think its pretty new. It claims 79 W/m-k, which is a little higher performance than Thermal Gizzly's...
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    How long have you used your power supply?

    I recently realized I've had my ANTEC NeoPower HE650 for quite a long time. Found the order receipt in my email from ZipZoomFly (remember them?!). Nov 8, 2007 before that, I was using a no name power supply which came with a case. The NeoPower is currently powering an overclocked 7600k in an...
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    Far Cry Primal $24.99 Newegg email

    Far Cry Primal is $24.99 at Newegg,with their email promo code: EMCELHE32 Email says its good for PC and Xbone. PC Far Cry Primal - PC - Xbone Far Cry Primal - Xbox One - You likely have to be an email subscriber, for that promo code to work.
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    Ghost of A Tale

    Successfully funded on Indiegogo, Ghost of A Tale is now in Beta for backers who funded the game. And will soon be available on Steam, Early Access. The final game is projected to be finished in 2016, for PC. An Xbox One port will follow. Microsoft donated an Xbone dev kit and waived any fees to...
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    Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers

    Tiny and Big. It's the most fun I have had with a game since the "Next Car Game" demo released (see a video I made of that, here: I got this game about two months ago in some bundle (indiegala or humble bundle), with a stupid amount of other games. You can...
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    Logitech + Korea?

    Anyone know what's up with Logitech stuff lately? I've noticed that the G300 is re-issued as the G300s and seems to pretty much only be available from 3rd party sellers based in Korea? and the MX310, an old favorite of mine (I like smaller, ambidextrous mice) that ceased production a long time...
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    Sony/From Software's "Project Beast"

    First video footage from the Creator's of Dark Souls, teamed up with Sony's money and graphic engine know-how: If you have a decent media player like K-lite/Media Player Classic or maybe VLC, save these links as, to your hard drive. Queue them up in this order (firefox will also play them...
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    The Swapper PS3/PS4/Vita - May 2014

    cross posted from my thread for the PC version: So I was activating a humble bundle on Steam and happnened to see a Marquee for "The Swapper". I....can't remember if I watched the preview video. I don't think that I did. I peaked at the screenshots and read a couple of...
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    AMD FX-9370 Vishera $220 water cooler and Blood Dragon

    8 cores/4.4ghz - 4.7turbo. hot @ newegg. This was $60 more, on Cyber Monday. The closed loop cooler with this is a rebadged Asetek/Antec Kuhler H2O 920 which cost like $80+ on their own! *update: this no longer includes Blood Dragon
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    The Swapper

    So I was activating a humble bundle on Steam and happnened to see a Marquee for "The Swapper". I....can't remember if I watched the preview video. I don't think that I did. I peaked at the screenshots and read a couple of hype quotes. For whatever reason, the space aesthetic grabbed me and...
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    Dark Souls (steam code) $20 bonanza seller/$26.79 Steam

    Edited: This thread used to link Amazon, but that deal is now dead reselling steam codes seems like a gray area to me. If the mods have an issue with the bonanza link, I will take it down. $20
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    Mad Men $19 per season @

    Ends after the 30th. May be available for in-store pickup. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
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    gaming in mind: SF Bay area internet

    hey guys, I will be moving to San Francisco soon. Any recommendations for internet providers and what types are available? All I've heard is Comcast this and Comcast that....what are you guys using?