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    Problem running a script

    I have a script on the Desktop named I run the command to make it an executable - chmod +x from a command prompt and I get this - The file is clearly on the desktop so what am I missing? :confused: TIA OK, so I moved the script to the home directory and...
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    Firefox has pushed me as far as I'm going to be pushed

    The latest in a long line of shit changes they've implemented is a non stoppable update nag. They can kiss my ass, I'm done with Mozilla. So what's a good replacement ? TIA
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    Need networking help....again

    Trying to connect to a Windows box. Linux wants to know the following : Server Share Folder Name Password In my mind I want to connect to a SHARE on the Windows box. "Folder" should be irrelevant but apparently it's not. So what exactly is the share and what is the folder? TIA
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    I thought a kernel update required a reboot

    Mint Cinnamon 20.2. Just had a kernel update come down the tubes and after the install it said nothing about a reboot required. Never seen this before. I went ahead and rebooted for S&G but still can't help wondering why this one was different. :confused:
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    Updates, do I need them all?

    I usually install updates as they arrive without giving them any thought but the latest one has me questioning - I don't have a modem attached to or installed in this box. If they're referring to a cable modem, it's attached to my PFSense box. Do I really need this and if not, how can I get...
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    Do patrol scrubs wear out a spinner HD early

    Seems like they would being they are mechanical devices.
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    Linux and FTP

    I have an FTP URL link. I need to download the file the link points to but apparently Linux doesn't know squat shit about FTP. It asks me to choose a program to open it with and when I click the button it opens to the last location I had open and not to a folder containing programs. I've...
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    What's a good NAS software?

    I'm done with FreeNAS/TrueNAS, it/they suck unwashed ass. As much as I want zfs, it just isn't worth the grief. I need something functional and user friendly enough to be workable, not some geeky BS that only club members can decipher. TIA
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    Need some SAS cable help

    MB is a Supermicro X9SRH-7F which has 8 individual SAS ports. I want to hook this up to an expander backplane. What kind of breakout cable do I need? TIA
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    TrueNAS access denied

    TrueNAS sucks. What a steaming pile of garbage. It's a NAS OS that supposed to allow access to data stored on it but it does nothing of the sort. "ACCESS DENIED" Is all I get when I try to copy files to the share. Absolutely nothing I do gets me anything but "ACCESS DENIED". Why is sharing...
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    What's causing this?

    OS - Windows Server 2012 R2 MB - Supermicro X9SRH-F HBA - Dell Perc H310 )Plugged into a PCI-e 2.0 slot HD's - 6 x IBM Branded Seagate 2TB SAS 3.5 I've tried 2 different H310's and different slots and the results remain the same. I update to the latest drivers, they're from 2013. I have...
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    My PfSence box decided to take a dirt nap

    It's a SFF DFI In dustrial AMD based box. Been running without any problems for over a year then suddenly, without warning it up and died. Performed an autopsy on it and was able to get into the BIOS once and saw the CPU temp was 94c :woot:. I plulled the plug and started tearing her down. I...
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    Will this make a good conspiracy theory?

    I have 2 mini ITX systems that are EXACTLY the same. One has Windows 10 installed and the other has Linux Mint Cinnamon. With both system completely shut down the Windows system blinks the network activity LED continuously and the Linux system does not, it's completely off. Both systems function...
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    O joy

    I have found a theme that makes the task bar translucent, just like Windows Areo. :ROFLMAO:
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    How does Linux decide if a drive is removable?

    Redid my box a while back. It contains 2 1.9TB SSD's. Linux was installed on one of them and the second is a data drive. The second drive was marked as removable which is stupid as shit. When you connect to a remote computer using Remmina the share folder is not stored and you have to reconnect...
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    Anybody upgrade an Intel Compute Stick to Windows 10?

    This one currently has Windows 8 on it. It does meet the minimum requirements (just barely). I'm on my third attempt now. Keep getting a "Windows 10 failed to install" message then back to Windows 8. First attempt it said there was not enough space, said to plug in a USB drive of at least 10GB...
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    Any GIMP experts here?

    Trying to figure out how the crop tool works. Well, it doesn't. Seems stupid as shit to me that when you make a selection and the go to crop the crop to selection command is grayed out. Even tho the selection was made using the selection tool. Help describes the tool exactly like you'd think...
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    How do you load Linux in a VM using an ISO?

    Trying to load Feren OS from an ISO into VirtualBox and I'm getting a Kernel panic. Something about can't find init. I have never been about to load from an ISO. Can somebody edumacate me? TIA :)
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    What's your Linux update policy?

    I've recently (this year) started to update my Linux install when the updates become available, running Timeshift first of course. I haven't run into any issues...... yet. But in the past I hardly ever updated because I've lost my Linux install completely due to an update. Seems like something...
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    What's a good therman grease? Are thermal pads any good?

    Got a box running at 45c at idle. Me thinks it might be the cheap Chink no name thermal grease I used. The last name brand grease I bought was Thermal Grizzly and it worked great but the next time I ordered it I must have gotten a bad batch because it was impossible to spread out, all it did was...
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    PfSense block Internet access by MAC Address

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to accomplish this. It should be easy but it's anything but. I've followed the directions found at and it does diddly squat shit nothing. I only want to block one box with one NIC, that's all. Does anybody know how to do this? TIA
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    Why would my computer be pulling 2 ip addresses?

    Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.2 Just noticed this box WITH ONE NETWORK INTERFACE is pulling 2 different ip addresses from my PfSense router. Both addresses are in the same subnet. Don't really understand how this can be. I think it might have started when I upgraded to 20.2. Not sure. Edit: Just shut...
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    Upgrade from Mint 20.1 to 20.2 Uma ???

    Is there a compelling reason to do so? TIA :)
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    How best to configure a 24 drive zPool??

    Been researching this and at this point it's clear as mud. Need some help. Supermicro 24 bay SC846 chassis X8DTE-F MB Xeon E5645 x 2 48GB ECC RDIMM (Is this enough?) LSI 9201 8i JBOD Controller 24 2TB HD's (mix of SAS and SATA) My first plan was to make 3 8 drive vdevs but after using the ZFS...
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    Holw do I edit samb.conf???

    When I make changes to the file and try to save it I get permission denied even tho I opened it via sudo. As usual, all I get from Google is BS and gibberish. TIA :)
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    Is there a way to save BIOS settings to a file and restore them from same?

    Had a ton of thunder storms come thru a couple of days ago and even tho the server was shut down the BIOS managed to get scrambled. Took me an hour just to get Windows Server to boot and still had to spend time tweeking to get back to square on. This got me thinking about saving the BIOS...
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    Linux Mint boot parition?

    I've recently loaded Mint Cimmamon on 2 boxes and both show the boot partition as being FAT32. Both installs were to empty freshly formatted SSD's of which I deleted the former partions (One was Windows and the other Linux). Is this as it's supposed to be or did I miss something? :confused:
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    ACK !! I have screwed up

    Was upgrading the CPU on a Mini ITX MB and somehow managed to bend a couple of socket pins and ended up with a dead MB. 😭 I then broke out my trusty USB microscope and ground down the business end of a tiny screwdriver till it was almost a point ("almost" is important). I then very carefully...
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    Linux Mint networking one more time

    I found some instructions for Mint 20 and they call for creating a folder called share in the home folder and doing all sorts of configs on it. This isn't what I want. I already have the folders and files I want to share and I prefer they not be in the home folder. I know I'm thinking Windows...
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    How much memory are you guys running?

    I current everyday box running Mint Cinnamon has 24GB. Is that enough or would I benefit from more?
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    Intel CPU cooler is a steaming POS

    Just tried and failed to install on on a Mini ITX MB installed in a case. No freaking way. When I finally gave up and pulled it back out the plastic tabs on all four legs were broke. :mad:
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    Looking for HTPC software for Linux

    Really only need it to manage my local media collection and only connect to the Internet to download media info, artwork, etc. I don't need or want any TV functions and I don't need it to stream to my phone, tablet, etc. At present I'm trying to get to like Kodi but it seems to be crazy stupid...
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    Time for me to dump Mint, thinking about going back to Windows

    I've been struggling for days trying to figure out how to disable auto login which I foolishly enabled when I installed Linux Mint Cinnamon. Bad mistake, for get auto connecting to shares if you do. There all lots of pages telling how to do this but absolutely none of them apply to the latest...
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    Somebody please tell me how to kill/disable the keyring

    Latest version of Mint Cinnamon. I have absolutely no F#$#%$KING use for this stupid feature. It forces me to enter my password before connecting to a network share and also, presumably, is keeping the share password from saving. Google has lots of hits on how to do this but as usual, none of...
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    Trying to share a drive

    Linux Mint Cinnamon to Linux Mint Cinnamon. Both latest version and both up to date. I'm getting a message that says :"Permissions on this share do not allow others to access it". Nothing I do in the Permissions tab has any affect. The shared drive shows up on the other computer but I cannot...
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    Just upgraded my HTPC to Linux

    Was happy to discover that Linux networks flawlessly with FreeNAS which I use for my media server. Everything works perfectly and that annoying ever so slight jerkiness is completely gone, video and audio are butter smooth. Microsoft is now completely out of the picture in this part of my life...
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    What's the proper way to close a hung program in Linux?

    Just recently upgraded to the latest version of Mint Cinnamon and I'm not a happy camper. Among other problem I keep getting random program hangs and don't know how to close them. These are just program hangs, not system hangs. Does Linux have a task manager? System was rock solid before the...
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    Import passwords into Firefox?

    Might be pissing in the wind here but thought I'd consult the experts before giving up. Just upgraded to the latest version of Mint Cinnamon. I was using a firefox addon call "Password Exporter" to manage my passwords. It exports the password list to an XML file. Apprently the newest version...
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    Sould I upgrade? Would I gain anything?

    Currently running Mint 19.3 Cinnamon. All is well. Would I gain anything by upgrading to the latest version? TIA :)
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    Need so UEFI shell help

    My apologies if this is the wrong forum. :( I need to flash the SAS HBA Firmware on a Supermicro motherboard and I need to do it from the UEFI shell. Problem is I can't switch to the damned USB drive to run the commands. I've googled this and have found nothing that works and an ass load of...