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    Ryzen 2600 air-cooling - Top down or Mini Tower?

    Hiya, So I recently shifted over from a 4690k delided with a Ncotua D9L on Z87, to a B450 Ryzen 5 2600 setup. My RAM is just some spare DDR4 I had laying around to be replaced in the coming months. Using the AMD stock cooler, it's really not as loud as I expected it to be.. It's actually...
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    Ryzen 2600/x RAM choice, 3200 C14 vs C16?

    So, I'm lining up a new build (CPU, board, RAM, M.2s anyway) RAM coming down to: or Basically 16GB 3200mhz C14 vs C16. The issue being there's a whole 100 dollar difference in AUD between the two. Is it REALLY...