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  1. VanGoghComplex

    Per-CCX OC results sanity check

    Hey guys! Finally got the courage to attempt a proper overclock on my 3900x. I'm using an Asus Prime X570 Pro board. I wound up with: CCD0: CCX0: 4375 CCX1: 4400 CCD1: CCX0: 4375 CCX1: 4375 Vcore is at 1.3v, LLC level 4, temps well under control - 65c peak under Prime95 testing (large FFT...
  2. VanGoghComplex

    EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 with high(?) temps

    Okay, so I'm aware that the 3090 is a beast of card on power draw, and I'm used to watercooled GPUs so it could certainly be that I'm just not accustomed to these numbers, but something doesn't seem right with my 3090. I'm running a Fractal Meshify C and the CPU is watercooled with an external...
  3. VanGoghComplex

    For anyone holding out for Watercool: NO FE Blocks planned

    Just found this today. Watercool has previously stated that they will make FE waterblocks, but apparently changed their minds. Link:
  4. VanGoghComplex

    Based on prior Titan launches, what can we expect for the 3090?

    I'm gunning for the BFGPU straight out of the gate this round. As a guy who's never bought at this tier before, I'm not sure what to expect. The 3080 launch was pretty disappointing. I'm hoping there are a few factors that will soften demand for the 3090 FE card, like the 12-pin, non-available...
  5. VanGoghComplex

    What's the hardware on D-sub connectors?

    I'm making a custom cabling application and using a 15-pin D-sub connector. The female panel mount that I bought didn't come with the standoff hardware - the little hex posts that you screw the sides of the connector into. What are those? 4-40? Some metric size?
  6. VanGoghComplex

    Double-sided VRAM on 3000 series: waterblocks?

    I've seen in a couple leaks of the PCBs that the FE cards and even the reference design of the 3090 features VRAM on both sides of the card. I have seen active backplates before from Aquacomputer. Do you think this is likely to be offered by other manufacturers? The EK design seems to think a...
  7. VanGoghComplex

    EVGA Hydro Copper owners: are they good cards?

    Been burned by pre-blocked cards before (Gigabyte's can't be disassembled easily for cleaning), but since Nvidia isn't using the "reference design" for its FE cards this go-around, and I don't know who actually is using the "reference design," pre-blocked is starting to look like the best way to...
  8. VanGoghComplex

    So FE != Reference PCB this time around, eh?

    Very curious to see that EKWB's reference design waterblocks won't fit FE cards. I kinda wonder if this is because of the double sided RAM. Makes me think FE blocks will be rare or not exist. Does anyone have any insight into which AIB partners will be using the reference PCB?
  9. VanGoghComplex

    External rad wiring: what would you do in my place?

    My external rad has 9 fans with power distributed via a Splitty9, and a single D5 pump. The power and control all come from my Aquaero, with one header for the fans and one for the pump, all four wires of each going through an 8-pin PCI passthrough bracket I made. I'm adding a second pump...
  10. VanGoghComplex

    Occasional POST failure - G.Skill NEO, Ryzen 3900X, Asus PRIME x570

    I had a kit of V-Color RAM that would occasionally fail to post under DOCP. I figured it was just cheap RAM. So, I got a kit of the 3600MHZ G.Skill stuff made specifically for X570. But... it still occasionally fails to post under DOCP. Did a couple seconds worth of searching and the comment...
  11. VanGoghComplex

    Scratch Build resources? Mobo trays, PCI slots, etc...

    I'm in the planning phase of a scratch build using 2020 T-slot aluminum extrusion. My goal is an ATX open-frame case with room for full-sized GPU and PSU, but designed to be used with an external radiator, such that it is absolutely no larger than it needs to be. I'm still working on ideas for...
  12. VanGoghComplex

    Pinging Watercool!

    Hey WATERCOOL-Jakob ! Can you share anything with us about the expected availability on Ampere waterblocks? :D
  13. VanGoghComplex

    Tuning temperature sensors?

    Since I built my new loop, my temp sensors seem to be reading a couple degrees C hotter than I believe. I put a little desktop thermometer in front of my case, directly across the intake grill from the fans, and it's reading 26.7°c, while the two sensors I have mounted directly behind the intake...
  14. VanGoghComplex

    Launch-day buyers: How long do waterblocks lag cards?

    I've never bought a card on launch day before, but am willing to take the plunge this time. I know I want an FE due to waterblock compatibility and silicon binning, and I'm ready to retire my 1080ti, which has been working overtime to keep up with 3440x1440 @ 144hz. I'm all set to F5 camp on...
  15. VanGoghComplex

    Plundervolt "fix" disables undervolting at BIOS level - any way to reverse?

    New owner of a Dell G7 7700. The laptop's got guts and I really like that it's packing a 2070, but it's a hot mess in need of an undervolt - and apparently that's no longer allowed. I fired up Intel XTU and the undervolt settings are greyed out. Did some digging and found that Dell (and many...
  16. VanGoghComplex

    Asus PRIME X-570 Pro - Weird VGA/Bios Issue

    Board as mentioned, R9 3900X, 1080ti (also ASUS,) V-Color RAM, Corsair MP600 Gen4 M.2 SSD. If I'm outputting video to my monitor via DisplayPort cable, I am unable to get into the BIOS by any method. Slowing down the boot, interrupting the boot, hard BIOS reset via battery removal, etc - it...
  17. VanGoghComplex

    Help me get the most out of my "V-Color" memory?

    When I upgraded from my 7700K to my 3900X, I found out my old Corsair Dominator Platinum kit did not want to XMP with the new board. My brother gifted me some "V-Color" brand RAM, and while the XMP seems to apply, I'm not sure if it's a "good" kit of RAM. I don't know much about timings. The kit...
  18. VanGoghComplex

    What's y'all's read on the 12-pin PCIe rumor surrounding the 3080ti?

    I don't mind the idea of the next gen being more power hungry. If it's more advanced silicon AND more OF it, I'm all for it. That's what my custom loop is for. Still, I find the idea of introducing a new PCI power connector to be a little hard to swallow. I'm likely going to be in the market...
  19. VanGoghComplex

    Is it okay to run a D5 dry and topless for a couple seconds?

    Since I moved my D5 into my new Heatkiller Tube, it's been making this annoying tic-tic-tic sound. I originally thought the top of the impeller was chattering against the pump volute, so I sanded a few thousandths of the plastic off the impeller and didn't tighten the screws down as tight next...
  20. VanGoghComplex

    The P5 is History... Joined the MO-RA club instead!

    Hey all! Been a while since I undertook a project like this but oh man was it fun. I recently moved to another state and discovered that the Core P5 case was so huge, heavy, and unwieldy that I had to custom crate the damn thing to move it safely. While I loved how that case looked and how...
  21. VanGoghComplex

    Strange, intermittent VGA failures - 1080ti

    I'm just checking in to see if anyone else has experienced anything like this. I have a Thermaltake Core P5 with a vertical GPU mount, seen below: I recently replaced a few of the hard tubed lines with ZMT, as I needed the 14mm fittings for the build's next iteration. One of the runs...
  22. VanGoghComplex

    Cooling a closed entertainment cabinet

    I just got a new entertainment center with glass doors to help deter my chilluns from unwanted button-pressing. Unfortunately, it also deters my PS4 from cooling. I was originally going to just put fans in the back of the cabinet on opposite sides of the section holding the console, but then I...
  23. VanGoghComplex

    Inexpensive, simple, full mechanical keyboard?

    Hey guys! I'm settling into my new office and am going to be spending a lot more time on a keyboard than in my previous position. I'd like a mechanical keyboard, but I don't want to pay for all the RGB/macrokeys/gamer glitz that typically comes along with them. Where should I turn for a simple...
  24. VanGoghComplex

    PCI Slot Cover / Cable Passthrough

    I know Case Modding is an odd spot for this, but for lack of a more general electrical/wiring forum, I thought this the best place... I'm looking for a PCI slot cover that's got integrated cable passthroughs. What I'm imagining looks like this: ...but this particular Phobya model looks like...
  25. VanGoghComplex

    Fit Check - New Build!

    Hey guys! I'm thinking I'm going to start a new project. I want to retire my Thermaltake Core P5 and transplant my PC into a standard ATX mid-tower and use a MO-RA3. The current plan for chassis is a Fractal Design Meshify C, and I've got the new loop laid out in my head. I'm hoping some folks...
  26. VanGoghComplex

    Smallest case with ATX Mobo/PSU support

    I know this is kindof blasphemy because it's not actually "SFF," but I figured of anyone would have knowledge of such a niche case, this crowd would! I want to compact my existing build into the smallest possible case that I can, and handle my watercooling loop externally with a MO-RA3. I...
  27. VanGoghComplex

    EVGA 1060 6Gb SC Fan Header Pinout?

    I picked up an EVGA graphics card as listed in the title (single fan version) for a good price used and discovered that EVGA's cooler sucks. Plus, mine had a nasty fan tick. Ordered an Arctic Accelero Mono Plus and threw it on there last night. Great improvement in thermals, but only so-so...
  28. VanGoghComplex

    Rig going into short term storage

    So it looks like I'm going to be relocating for work, meaning a few months max of living in temporary housing. My rig will need to go into storage (I'm thinking of using Pods due to the way the relocation is going to work out) for a little while. It's pictured below, for anyone who hasn't seen...
  29. VanGoghComplex

    Beat Saber is Awesome - I need new arms

    I know this is likely to be ancient news to most, but I don't have any friends who VR and wanted to share. For whatever reason, I held off a long time on buying Beat Saber. I think I was harboring some kind of grudge against it for being such a simple, "casual" game. A couple days ago, I finally...
  30. VanGoghComplex

    Rift CV1 3rd Sensor Issues

    Hey guys. I was on the road pretty much all of 2019 for work and had little to no to time to play with my Rift CV1. In the flurry of software updates (and one hardware update) that I managed to do in my time home, something about my 3-sensor setup broke. Once every three to seven seconds, my...
  31. VanGoghComplex

    Predator X34 competitors?

    Hey all! I'm looking into my first ultrawide, and kindof in the camp that I don't want to compromise. The Predator X34 seems to tick all the boxes: 3440x1440 120hz IPS panel with a slight curve G-sync I know that the X34 has been out for a few years now, and a quick search shows there are some...
  32. VanGoghComplex

    Doubling D5 for flow?

    I'm pretty happy with my system, but it's been too long since I messed with it and I'm wondering if I'm leaving any performance on the table. My system is such: D5 pump -> Flow meter -> GPU block -> CPU block -> 480mm rad -> 420mm rad -> Reservoir -> (D5 pump) Before anyone says anything...
  33. VanGoghComplex

    Replacement fan - EVGA 1060 6GB SC

    Hey! Do you guys know of any good places to get replacement parts for EVGA cards? I picked up a 1060 6GB locally for a heck of a deal, but the fan is on its way out. It spins up but there's a pretty awful click/rattle coming from the hub,
  34. VanGoghComplex

    Anyone seen a "two handed sword" Oculus Touch accessory?

    I've been playing an unhealthy amount of Blade and Sorcery lately. One thing I'm really missing is the use of two-handed weapons like the claymore. I know it's a skill deficit thing mainly; I can just not get my arms to act like they're both holding onto a single thing when they actually aren't...
  35. VanGoghComplex

    Basic disk -> Striped Volume w/Existing install?

    I have Windows 10 installed on a Samsung 960 EVO 250gb. It's a basic disk. I've just installed another Samsung 960 EVO 250gb. Can I convert my Windows install from a single basic disk to a dynamic striped volume across both disks? My motherboard's raid capability is not quite what I thought...
  36. VanGoghComplex

    Asus Prime X570-Pro: Dual M.2 NVMe Raid-0?

    I hopped on a great deal on a second Samsung NVMe drive over on the BST forum, but am now realizing that I might not be able to use it as intended. The manual only lists Raid compatibility for the six SATA ports. However, it does have an option in the BIOS titled NVMe Raid Mode, which can be...
  37. VanGoghComplex

    USB bootable Linux with drive imaging?

    Hey guys! I'm getting ready to attempt to move my Windows install off a single NVMe drive and onto an NVMe Raid-0 array. If I can get away with it, I'd like to do so without reinstalling Windows. I know there are Linux utilities out there for taking images and drives and writing them back, and...
  38. VanGoghComplex

    Interesting - Seagate Rebranding "gaming" drive as "compute" drive

    Back in 2016 I bought a Seagate Firecuda 2TB 3.5" SSHD as the game drive for my new rig. I've been very happy with the performance and just now got around to buying a second one, as I'm getting to the edge of the space on my first. I used my Amazon purchase history to try and track down the...
  39. VanGoghComplex

    Will 3d modeling benefit from more cores?

    Aside from gaming, I use my desktop a lot for 3d modeling and prepping files for my 3d printer. I'm currently on a 7700k, thinking of making the jump to a 3800X or 3900X. With very similar IPC, the slight disadvantage in clock speed may justified by a 200-300% core count increase, but I'm not...
  40. VanGoghComplex

    Zen 2 on an X470 mobo - what do you lose?

    From what I've read, you lose PCIe 4.0, you lose 5GHz memory support, and you lose a tiny chipset fan. I could absolutely do without all three of those things on my upcoming 3800X/3900X system, but is there anything else I would be missing out on if I snagged an X470 board?