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  1. Roberty

    Will an unlocked 5G phone work on Verizon's 5G network?

    Like the title asks, if I buy an unlocked 5G phone will I be able to use it on Verizon's 5G network?
  2. Roberty

    HDMI selector switch

    Anyone make a decent HDMI selector switch that actually has buttons to select which source you want instead of automatically switching?
  3. Roberty

    Best Budget Gaming Card?

    Which card around $200 or less would be the best bet? My old GTX 960 has crapped the bed and I need a replacement without breaking the bank. Would the new GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4G or the EVGA 03G-P4-6160-KR GTX 1060 be a decent upgrade for my failed card and if so which one since there is only...
  4. Roberty

    Amazon Prime $73 Year This Weekend

    Amazon is offering Prime for $73 a year this weekend starting at 9pm pacific time. I wonder if you can add more time to an existing account with this??
  5. Roberty

    EVGA GeForce GTX 6600Ti to GTX 960 RMA Question

    My EVGA GTX 6600Ti is on it's last legs (Hard crashing and complete lockups while gaming within minutes) and the 3 year warranty is out in a week. I RMA'ed it with EVGA and did the cross shipment option so I would get it ASAP. Just got the new card shipped and I get an email today from EVGA...
  6. Roberty

    Any way to reflash tablet operating system?

    My daughter received a cheap tablet for Christmas (Trio Stealth G2 10.1") and it already won't get past the startup screen now. It's already too late to just return it to the store and apparently the company is next to impossible to contact about RMA's (support number is always busy) from what...
  7. Roberty

    Help with a new Kepler GPU

    Just bought a new Kepler based GTX 660 Ti and I can't get it to fold using the FAH GPU Tracker V2. I used it fine in the past with my old AMD gpu and it still works fine with SMP folding but when I try GPU folding with it now it downloads the new project but never gets past 0%. I tried deleting...
  8. Roberty

    Files won't copy Windows 7

    I backed up all the music on a external hard drive before doing a complete format and re-install on a guys laptop. He has one folder that has a bunch of sub-folders of music with about 30gb's worth in it. I got it to copy just fine to the external drive but now when I try to copy it back to his...
  9. Roberty

    Retrieving Windows 7 key

    I bought a laptop (a Gateway) a few months back mainly because it was a good deal and it had a legit Windows 7 install on it (not an OEM install). Well the motherboard died on it and it would cost more than the laptop is worth to replace it so I was going to take the hard drive out of it and put...
  10. Roberty

    Civilization V Crashing Problem Late in Game

    Did they ever get the Civ V late game crashing bug straightened out yet? Love the game but is sure is a pain in the arse to have to quit a game before finishing it because it won't stop crashing late in the game. I'm not going to try it again until they have a fix.
  11. Roberty

    Any way to unlock a locked hard drive?

    A friend of mine had a hard drive password on his old laptop and since he hasn't used it in awhile he forgot the password. Any way to remove the password or unlock it? He doesn't really need any of the data off of it so it doesn't matter if it erases it. Anyone have any ideas of any programs...
  12. Roberty

    Mobile Cellular Modems

    A friend of mine has a tour bus company and is looking at possibly getting something for his buses so that the people on the bus can connect with hi-fi on their laptops while traveling down the road. Any ideas about what would work the best such as a 3G or 4G card from a wireless carrier such as...
  13. Roberty

    Windows 7 and Motherboard Replacement

    I, like most here at the [H], like to change hardware frequently. Is there a version of Windows 7 (Full maybe?) that will allow me to make major changes to my system (such as a motherboard) without having to buy a new operating system as long as I only have it on one computer at a time? I know...
  14. Roberty

    ATI 5000 Series GPU's and GPU Folding

    Any ideas when they are going to release the GPU3 version of the GPU Folding@home client or whatever it's going to take to get the 5000 series ATI video cards up to speed at GPU folding? I haven't had any luck getting my 5870 to fold (gets an error message that my card and/or drivers aren't...
  15. Roberty

    Ahci mode vs ide mode

    New system build and I have a question about ahci mode vs ide mode. All of the drives in my system are Sata including the DVD burner so I turned off IDE in the bios. I installed Windows 7 in Sata IDE mode and I tried enabling the Achi mode in the bios about a week later after the install and now...
  16. Roberty

    Phenom II 965 OC results?

    Got my new system up and running last night with a 125watt 965. Started it up at 3.82ghz right off the bat and installed Windows 7 last night and then stressed tested it for a few hours fine. I just upped the multi to 19.5 so it's running 3.92ghz and still on stock voltage. Need to stress it to...
  17. Roberty

    What are your disc data transfer rate scores with Windows 7?

    What scores are your guys getting in the Disc Data Transfer Rate on the Windows Experience Index of Windows 7 and what hard drives are you running? I get mid 7 scores or higher on everything except on the disc data transfer rate. I'm getting a 5.4 score. I'm running a Seagate 7200rpm 1.5TB...
  18. Roberty

    Free KFC Grilled Chicken Today - 10-26-2009

    Go by your local Kentucky Fried chicken today and get a free grilled chicken - today only, Monday October 26th.,1332250 Eat Mo Chicken!! :D
  19. Roberty

    X4 955 Overclock Question

    What are the ones of you that own a BE X4 955 getting on overclocks and at what voltage? I'm running mine ever since I got it at 3.62ghz at stock voltage with an 18x multiplier. I haven't tried yet to really see what it would do but I know it will not run any higher at stock voltage under load...
  20. Roberty

    Phenom II X4 965 and 975

    I saw an article stating that the AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3.4ghz) is supposed to be released somewhere around August 16th. Anyone hear any news of when the Phenom II X4 975 @3.6ghz is supposed to be released? I heard by years end but wondered if anyone has heard anything recently? Planning on...
  21. Roberty

    WTB - Athlon X2 4800+ Toledo

    Wrong forum- sorry
  22. Roberty

    Best MP3 ID tag software?

    I have a bunch of MP3 files on my computer where I've ripped all my cd's over the years and it's a pretty big mess. What is the best freeware software that will make the job of ID'ing and sorting my MP3's easier than manually doing it?
  23. Roberty

    Is Alan Wake ever going to actually get released?

    I keep hearing how Alan Wake is just around the corner and is going to be released this year - but then again I've heard that for the last two years. I look today on Wikipedia and it states that now it has been pushed back to fall of 2010. What the hell is up with that?? Anyone have any idea if...
  24. Roberty

    Far Cry 2 Extra Missions

    I pre-ordered Far Cry 2 through Gamestop and got the code for the extra missions. I completed the game and then unlocked the extra missions with the code but how do I actually play the extra missions? :confused:
  25. Roberty

    Far Cry 2 patch available

    I just fired up Far Cry 2 and it started auto-patching with an update. Maybe this will fix some issues some on here had. It's ran rock solid for me but I know some have had problems. Here's the issues it shows that were fixed: Fixed Dolby 5.1 support for most sound cards. - Fixed mission...
  26. Roberty

    Long Distance Networking

    I need to extend the range of my network. Here's my situation: My local DSL provider is sticking it to me because I have the DSL on my business number. My business is about 650 feet from my home and I would like to get the DSL switched over to my house and use it at work as well. I also have...
  27. Roberty

    SOYO 22" Widescreen - $180 shipped!

    Cheapest price I've ever seen for a 22" LCD - $180 with free shipping and no rebates to fool with.
  28. Roberty

    Lost Bios Password Reset or Recovery

    Anyone have any ideas on how to recover or reset a Bios password? I'm working on a Dell PowerEdge 2600 server and need to make some changes in the Bios and it has a setup password. Here's what I've tried so far: 1. Tried some of the standard Phoenix passwords with no luck. 2. Flashed the...
  29. Roberty

    Micron RMA?

    I have three sticks of Micron memory that are dead that I've replaced over the past year from different systems. Is there a way to RMA them through Micron? I looked but could never find any RMA info on their website. Do they only sell to other companies such as Crucial?
  30. Roberty

    FEAR - Perseus Mandate = Awful

    I really like the FEAR series and just picked up Perseus Mandate. My question is - What happened?? The graphics are awful and it's not up to the earlier's standards - by a long shot. Is it just me or what the hell happened?
  31. Roberty

    Black Edition - Which one to get?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a new build and I'm going to give my 15 year old son my present X2 6000 system. I decided to just go with a Black Edition proc and wait for the Phenoms to get the clock speed up before I jump in there. Which Black Edition processor would be the better one to get...
  32. Roberty

    Critique this build please

    OK guys - like the title says I want some feedback on this build. I'll be reusing my power supply and 8800GT. Might or might not be doing any overclocking. Let me know what you think. I've looked and looked at Newegg and read all of the reviews on the AM2+ boards and most have a lot of negative...
  33. Roberty

    Battle of the 27.5"s - Which is best??

    OK guys, which is the best cheap 27.5" lcd out there - Hans-G or the Viewsonic? I bought the Hans-G last week from Circuit City but ended up taking it back today because of a dead pixel. I thought I had fixed it with UDPixel but it keeps popping back up after a restart of Windows. Loved it other...
  34. Roberty

    $300 laptop after rebate at Office Depot

  35. Roberty

    $300 laptop after rebate at Office Depot

    Office Depot has a cheap laptop for anyone who needs a cheap basic laptop. Sale starts Sunday for $300 after $135 MIR. I don't know how much shipping is on this though. Probably $50 if I was guessing...
  36. Roberty

    What is the best AM2+ board out there?

    OK guys, I'm kicking around the idea of building a new AMD rig. A buddy of mine is wanting a fairly high end system and I floated the idea of selling him my current system (X2-6000+ , 2 gigs of ram and a 8800GT) and he's wanting to jump on it. I'm totally happy with my current system, and I'm...
  37. Roberty

    Ringtone Maker's?

    Never mind
  38. Roberty

    Crysis Demo Delayed a Month!!

    :( I was really looking forward to this. :( It's on the front page at the [H]
  39. Roberty

    Hard drive selector switch?

    Anyone know of a cheap and easy device to swap between hard drives? I'm wanting to try some different operating systems and for this I'd rather not do the dual boot or triple boot deal. I have several older hard drives to play with (120gb Sata) and would like to have a setup sort of like the old...
  40. Roberty

    Call of Juarez question on load times with Vista

    I've played Call of Juarez completely through twice (one on medium and one on hard) in Windows XP and the load times weren't too bad. I read the [H]ardOCP article on Call of Juarez and DirectX 10 and the difference it made in the graphics and it made me want to try it. I finally got around to...