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    Lanopolis '07Spokane, WA - 10:00 - 24:00 Saturday, May 12th

    Details, registration, etc. at It'll be another awesome lan. :) The more the merrier. The more people sign up, the more prizes we'll give away. Check out the prize vault.
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    Cannot change wallpaper

    Recently my brother managed to get some virus / spyware *cough*pr0n*cough* and I've been unable to change his wallpaper from the default color. When I try to change it through any method, the change just won't take. I've since removed all the viruses / spyware, but I think there's still some...
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    Baby-shower Registry

    Hi, I'm currently designing a Baby Shower Registry and I'm looking for some pointers on how to accomplish this. I want to set it up as a MySQL driven PHP app. I figure I'd have a list of the things we want and need. Next to it will be a check box. A person goes onto the site, check the item...
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    Need assistance: 1 - 2 sec power down, no post

    Problem: I just assembled this computer. Nitty gritty is I press the power button, everything powers up, 1 or 2 seconds later it turns off. No POST. Nothing. Failed Attempts: 1) Unplugged everything but single HDD. - Not a juice issue. 2) Tried another PSU - Not a PSU issue. 3) Replaced...
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    Streaming Display question

    Hi! I'm not sure this is the proper place to post this, but I'm trying my best. The problem I'm having is for a LAN party. We have 2 projectors and 3 computers. What I want to do is display what is on the computer without a projector onto the 2 that do have projectors. I was thinking of...
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    Op:LAN Feb 28-29th

    Op:LAN is a new LAN party in the Spokane, WA and surrounding area. More info on