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    Intel Alder Lake iGPU performance? 12600k (UHD 770) vs 5700g (Vega 8)

    Have not seen much in the way of iGPU performance except for this YouTube comparison of some 30 games: Cost of 12600k is $320 on Newegg: Cost of the 5700g is $329 and $319 with current promo code...
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    HTC VIVE FLOW: Android phone driven

    This is very interesting, the specs are not awe inspiring as in resolution refresh rate but form factor looks useful. Power by your phone meaning the headset is lightweight. Controllers? Powered by PC? Tracking?
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    FSR for PC VR Mod

    This is an interesting development, since FSR is open source, developers are expanding where it can be used. Here it is very much helpful for Steam users and VR, basically any game that uses Openvr as in most VR games on Steam can have FSR. Guy in video explains it but I had to take a double...
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    The Best VR Headset Money Can Buy Video, Varjo VR-3

    Impressive! Looks true next gen, Eye/hand tracking, eye resolution whatever that means, no Godrays, Astounding clarity from edge to edge, OLED, Works with Valve Base Stations and Index Controllers. Too bad meant for Business use.
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    Nvidia, all flavors, 3080 Ti owners thread

    If you were able to obtain one, share any secrets and experiences, whenever your new toy or work horse arrives. Anyways first time I've ever used the shuffle at Newegg and what do you know, I was able to buy a Gigabyte 3080 Ti Eagle for MSRP, $1199. Which may not be all that good in the scheme...
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    What else can go wrong in 2020??? Ryzen TR 3960x issues

    I started to have stability problems with the Ryzen 3960x which got worst over several days. The normal troubleshooting of switching out the 4 sticks of TridentZ 3466mhz 64gb (Hynix) to 4 sticks of TridentZ 3200 32gb (SamsungB), changing out video card, resetting bios, flashing bios twice...
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    RDNA2 vs Ampere Gaming Rasterization Performance Compilation

    This is AMD presented performance. Compiled data into a single chart for comparison, one for 1440p and one for 4K. Since these were tested on a Zen 3 platform with Smart Access Memory enabled, results could vary a lot on different configurations. Source...
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    RDNA2 L1 network for cache

    One of the papers that surfaced was dealing with a new cache scheme for GPU's issued by AMD: One of the writers, Mohamed Assem Ibrahim, explains how this will work: This looks to be very promising with some incredible IPC gains of 22%...
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    "She's Dead Jim!" Long live the ASUS CrossHair VI Hero

    The bloke decided to no longer play, hitting the start button and nothing. Power off and on, RGB lights light as irritating as before, nothing. Reset bios, took out the bios battery several times, disconnected everything, took out video card, memory, played musical memory, took it out of the...
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    Sabrent Rocket M.2 2TB PCIe Gen4 QLC performance compared to 1TB PCIe Gen4 TLC

    Just picked up a Sabrent 2TB QLC drive for $280 on sale. Almost picked up two for Raid, which would probably make the PS5 not look so beastly. Then reality hit, I would probably never notice the difference other than a benchmark, unless someone here can explain why it would be a good option...
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    [No Longer Available] 5700 XT $349 @ Dell, AE $369

    Grab while you can, Visiontek 5700 XT for $349 from Dell Better yet, the 50th Anniversary Edition, $369
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    "Ray Tracing Just Works"

    First time I've seen exactly what Jensen Huang indicated for launch of Turing GPU's. Very impressive lighting, best I've ever seen for real time graphics. DLSS working as well to get acceptable frame rates with ray tracing on. Very cool video, could be great for RTX owners, I am pretty sure I...
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    AMD's Checkmate

    A fascinating rundown on next gen tech not only in consoles but next gen GPU's. What surprised me was he thinks the PS5 will beat the Xbox One X even with less CU's and has some very solid reasoning behind it. Also what to expect in next gen Nvidia GPU's. While a lot of it is conjecture it is...
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    How does Ryzen 3900X game while at 100% CPU usage on all the cores? Over 100fps?

    Pretty damn good to my surprised and yes. Never had any processor able to do this, not even close, usually when CPU is at 100% everything else seems slow, stutters, skips etc. Not with Ryzen 3!. I started to play Wolfenstein Youngblood, never notice that I did not stopped mining Monero, which...
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    Radeon 5700XT performance in Red Dead Redemption 2 PC after a month

    Looking at initial reviews of how the cards performed when the buggy game first released and now, seems to show some major improvements. I have not run into bugs which is a good thing but more importantly the performance was much better than I expected. One thing that has bothered me for years...
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    Manually Overclocking Ryzen 2 3900X

    While I don't normally like to OC using Windows software, this is working out relatively well. Since some call the 3900X having one Chiplet and one Shitlet, OCing those differently may allow better performance overall. Anyways this is my first run using Ryzen Master to OC CCD0 to 4.5ghz and CCD1...
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    BattleField V Ryzen CPU and Vega testing

    This could go in the CPU section, AMD section etc. so following [H]ardOCP lead here. System is in my sig, Ryzen 2700 OC to 4.1ghz, 32gb mem at 3200mhz on an ASUS C6H motherboard. Vega Frontier Edition using the latest Pro Drivers 18.Q.4 with the latest Pro gaming driver 18.9.3. Using FPS Monitor...
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    DX12 Multi-GPU, live and well in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

    Using two 1080 Ti's, the configuration is in signature. Just using the typical canned benchmark to see if scaling works with two GPU's. Stock clocks, CPU is actually 4.6ghz and is not reported correctly by benchmark. First test is all max settings with SMAA, 2x 1080 Ti'x at 3440x1440 resolution...
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    Bought my first ASIC, INNOSILICON A8+ CryptoMaster Mining on Mining Pool Hub with a Cryptonight hashrate of 263kh/s. Each of my Vega FE's and Vega 64 can do a little over 2kh/s each Hash power wise, I am looking at 130 Vega 64s for this algorithm on this one ASIC at 480w, which is less power...
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    7nm Radeon Instinct product for machine learning is running in our labs.

    Rather cool that a 7nm GPU is running or working: I wonder what changes to Vega was done besides 1/2 FP 64? Also if a Titan V type card or newer FE could come out of this?
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    Radeon Pro 18.2.1 and how to have gaming mode with 2x Vega FEs

    One frustrating road tour to get to the point where I can switch between Pro drivers and Gaming drivers when two Vega FEs are installed. The Radeon Pro "Driver Options" allow multiple drivers or more exact the Pro Driver with several other gaming drivers. An option that can be selected during a...
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    $334.99 I7 8700K at the Egg, Today only, free shipping This is rather [H]ot! Tempting.
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    Dell 27" 144hz GSync, 1440p monitor - $349 @ Bestbuy Has raving user reviews for what that is worth, very tempting and looks to be a pre-black Friday sell.
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    BioStar AM4 B350GT3 Motherboard Review (Forum member review)

    BioStar B350GT3 Review by noko BioStar BioStar has been around since 1986 making motherboards. Currently they produce motherboards both for AMD and Intel. Their headquarters is in Taipei Taiwan. Besides motherboards they also make: − graphics cards, currently they sell NVidia GTX 1080...
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    RyZen Pstate Overclocking, method, calculation and Calculator

    Processors use Pstates (power-performance states) of different frequency and voltage for different load conditions: P0 – max power, voltage and frequency P1 – less than P0 P2 – less than P1 . . . This allows lower clock speeds per core when you don’t need it and higher clock speeds...
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    The Thrill of The Fight (VR), testing on Radeon Nano

    The Thrill of The Fight is an early access game with very high approval ratings: While mostly you face off with either a training opponent or match opponent, this game comes alive in the Virtual World. You would not think that fighting the air while you are inside a virtual world would be...
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    Doom 3 BFG VR

    I did not see this listed in the forums here. If you have a Vive or Rift and Doom 3 BFG then this is all free. Here is link to configure Doom 3 BFG to use VR. Works great with the Vive. Played about 2 hours tonight maybe longer. If you are sensitive to motion sickness this may not work for...