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    Fan control software?

    So I haven't had to do this in ~forever~, and I apparently am totally out of date. Need to control 3 fans that are hooked to the motherboard headers, and the motherboard native software (SIV from Gigabyte) simply refuses to run now. Most of mine are attached to a commander pro (it's a corsair...
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    10980XE - equivalent to SoC Voltage? (Not stable with 128G)

    Fighting a really odd issue before I give up and RMA the board or replace it with something different. This acts JUST like a Ryzen system at maximum RAM unless you bump the SoC voltage, so that's why I'm asking. Details: Specs: 10980XE @ stock (default motherboard optimizations) x299...
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    Need good x299 Board with 10G - NOT x299 Designare

    Working on a 10980XE system, bought a x299 Designare that has ... proven exceptionally problematic. To the point of driving me mad. (First 16X slot doesn't work for video cards, doesn't recognize NVMe drives being installed in BIOS even though they work fine, constant crashes and other...
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    Good compact 2.0 setup (PC, music/some movies, occasional gaming)

    Looking for a relatively compact, but high quality 2.0 setup for my workstation. Generally it's for music, occasional movies (background stuff), and once-in-a-while gaming. I tend to use my headphones for serious gaming - so just a 2.0 setup that is no more than say 6" tall overall (to fit...
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    IPSec + BGP on PFSense (mixed policy and routed IPSec)

    Sanity checking a few things here. Goal is IPSec that learns from BGP, since each site has subnets that are created/destroyed regularly (routed), and talk via BGP to update routing to the core. 2 sites. Site A, Site D (there will be a B/C eventually). PFSense handling core routing for both...
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    Single Res - dual pump.

    Corsair 1000D, dual system (10980XE + 10900k server). Air-cooling/AIO cooling on this (which was always supposed to be a temporary plan) has proven... yeah. No joy. Either I'm blocking too many PCIE slots for an air cooler that is potent enough to keep the 10900 cool... or I'm cooking the...
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    X299 Designaire 10G - anyone show me how the heck they installed the M.2 drive in the first slot with the HSF?

    Just need a pic - I bought it "used" (looks like the motherboard was taken out of the static bag but that was it), but the standoff for the first M.2 drive doesn't make sense (there's no screw long enough to reach through the hole in the heatsink to the actual standoff). Driving myself a bit...
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    128GB in Z490 ITX?

    Anyone tried to know if it works? Have a Z490 itx board coming as a secondary system in a 1000D case, but I’d love to feed it 128G. 64 is somewhat less useful for my needs.
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    Portable monitor that doesn't suck?

    Edit: Don't hook up computers drunk.
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    1000D Dual Loop - 360mm AND 120MM on fronts

    So building a dual system in a 1000D. Alphacool or EK radiators, haven't decided yet (probably EK block, AC rads), but either way, I know I'm going with a 420MM up top, and then I have 480MM of space up front. What I'd LIKE to do, since I have two systems in there, is split the rad space up...
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    Bouncing back and forth... 1000D, or Enthoo 719?

    I'm utterly stuck on this one. Was about to order the 719 and finally remembered the "other" dual system case I'd seen - the 1000D. Now I'm torn. Literally had both of them in my Amazon cart at various points over the last week and a half, and I just can't pull the trigger. Hoping some folks...
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    Any experience with the Phanteks Revolt X / Pro? (Phanteks 719 / Luxe 2 case + dual system)

    Picking up a 719 most likely for a 10980XE build; but also considering chucking in a small ITX server as well (why not? it's there!). The "recommended" power supply for that seems to be the Revolt X or dual Revolt Pros... but, I'm curious: 1. Do you really have to have one of those? Could...
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    Cooling 10980XE - Noctua DH15, Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420MM, or do I really need to go custom water?

    Got the CPU, going on a Designaire 10G - 128G of RAM (mixed usage - CAD and 3d design some, might run a 3d printer, some server workloads in the background, possibly occasional light gaming if I feel weird). Trying to figure out how to cool it - with my Threadripper, I just chucked the TR4...
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    Naming your systems - how do you pick?

    Simple fun thread... we used to have one of these, back in the day. The easy question - how did you name your systems, and why? Currently: Gaming systems are named after video game ships. Sovereign - Z490 + 10700K + 3080 - Mine Normandy - Z170 + 6700K + 1080 - Wifes Mixed Use: Named...
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    Random reboots ~only~ when idle - Linux and Windows

    So, clearly a hardware issue of ~some~ kind, but I'm torn on swapping the PSU or the motherboard first. Memcheck passes 100%. System: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite Ryzen 3950X Hyper-EVO 212 cooler (for now, waiting on replacement backplate so I can put an AIO on this, but crash is at idle, so...
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    Made the mistake of paying a home-theater company for a bunch of garbage. Help me replace/redesign half of it so it doesn't suck.

    Stuff that must go: Everything labeled Control4. Garbage top to bottom. Is there an automation system out there that doesn't suck? REL HT/1508 subwoofer. Garbage. Junk. Dead after 8 months. Need something better, similar quality and price ($2k or so). The HT/1508 is pretty large, and...
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    Hyper 212 Evo with 3950x @ stock speeds (wasn't planned, how well will it work?)

    The downsides of buying used - sometimes you don't realize the prior owner swapped out the motherboard brackets for something... not stock. Bought an x570 board cheap for a 3950 build (medium load - need the threads, but not planning on maxing them out), came with a Hyper-212 Evo, didn't...
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    Good use for an x299 box?

    Yet another lockdown inspired build... did the gaming system and the workstation in may and June, did the HTPC in August... VR system is wrapping up shortly... which leaves me bored again - just as we go into lockdown two. So, with an X570, TRX40, x399, and Z490 already done... all that’s...
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    5700XT for VR (Oculus Rift v1)

    Short version: How's the 5700XT for VR (Oculus Rift v1)? Trying to figure out which video card to put where. I'm building out my room-scale VR system so that my wife and I both have similar capabilities. We mostly play Arizona sunshine together, and she plays things like beat sabre/etc for a...
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    Good fold-flat HDMI/DP monitor (17"+) - freesync a plus

    Looking at something like this...
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    Hard freeze with 10/29 Nvidia drivers ~15 seconds after boot?

    New one for me. Touch baffled. System is perfectly stable and has been for the 2 months since I built it. Works perfect gaming/normal work/etc, all perfectly fine. Then today I installed the latest Nvidia drivers to prep for the 3080 I have sitting here (that won't fit, DAMMIT!) - and boom...
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    Threadripper 1950X or 3950X for linux workstation + nested virtualization.

    So, switched up how my home lab works. Now have my 3960X (main workstation) and a 1950X (HTPC/Plex Server) running virtualized ESX hosts on NVMe drives, which means even as nested, performance is more than adequate on the guests - and I was able to consolidate down the number of running...
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    Replace Threadripper socket screws?

    Bought a used x399 board from someone on here - socket screws are pretty much garbage compared to the ones I've used prior. Is there a way to replace these? 2/3 will not grab no matter what I do, only #1.
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    Link fan speed to temperature probe instead of CPU temp - Z490 Aorus Master / Commander Pro

    Z490 Aorus Master, Corsair XD9 setup with Commander pro. I've got 9 fans - the commander has links for 6 (including the WP, so actually 5) - which means the rest are run to the motherboard. Motherboard sets fan speeds based on CPU temperature, XD9 obviously does it based on water temperature...
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    Good receiver with multi-channel in that doesn't break the bank?

    Been using DD-Live of DTS-Connect since... well, the Nforce 2 era, as much as I can. Recent gaming system build blocks all but the top PCIE slot with radiators/fans (went custom loop), and for once I don't have a place to hook up a Xonar card with DTS on it anymore for my ProMedia 5.1 (amp...
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    What exactly is happening here (water trying to flow up unused inlet tube and out top of res)?

    Was playing some hardcore doom eternal. The like to the left is the actual inlet from the radiator below, the line in the middle bottom is the drain line (loops around back). Up top is the fill and an optional inlet (with straw that goes down into the res) - and water has started to fill that...
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    Longer Drain Line - did I make a mistake?

    So built my first WC loop in 15+ years just recently - waiting to make sure I got the final leak taken care of (intermittent around the thermal sensor, I believe) - I added a drain line off the side of the res, but to make sure it was easy to drain, I actually made it a ~line~ - probably a good...
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    What case is this?

    Seen it a bunch, trying to figure it out to make a smaller HTPC setup for something :)
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    Gigabyte GA-Z170MX Gaming 5 - odd sata issues (Inland professional drives don't show up, corsair or Samsung do)

    My old gaming system, about to move it on to the wife - bought a nice 1TB Inland Professional (Microcenter in-house brand) to drop into it (and a pair of 120s for boot drives for something else), and I'm having really weird issues. Rev 1.1 on the board, 6700K, 1080GTX, 32G (4x8), 1x M2 950...
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    Free image manipulation tool that doesn't suck

    Been trying to use GIMP, and I cannot stand this program at all. Need the ability to do basic image editing - delete a section, change words by removing them and putting in a new text box etc. Photoshop express wants a login. GIMP sucks ass (one delete per image, thank you very much - wtf is...
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    Cable management fail

    This was never my strong point. What the fuck am I supposed to do with all this crap? None if reaches in sane ways to be bundled, and there’s nothing back here to try to attach it to... I honestly suck at this. What the hell do you do with it? Shove it in and slap the side on?
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    Ryzen 4000 series launch - Integrated/OEM/SI only, low power options, workstation class.

    Didn't see a thread on this yet. All integrated, max out at 8C/16T. Sadly, OEM/Integrators only; I'd hope to build an APU system for a HTPC, but ah well. Back to using older...
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    Picking x570 board for workstation build + WCing + 3xNVMe

    Workstation build, some gaming. Almost 100% decided that I'm going with the 3950X rather than Threadripper, although I'm still having brief debates on that. VMs, video editing, normal office-work stuff, and some podcast recording. Need: 6x rear USB (key/mouse/cam/headset/mic/USB backup...
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    First time WCing in... 16 years? Help me get started - can you 'bypass' the GPU until later?

    First time doing WCing since a kit back in 2005 - was one of those cheap-ass thermaltake or whatever kits you buy from frys. Lasted me a year before it alged up and died. Anyway, doing it right this time as I have both time, space, and the energy to. System Specs: Z490 Aorus Master 10700K...
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    Hold out for 10900k, grab 10700, or just go with a discounted 9900K?

    Gaming only system. Had decided to hold off till end of the year but the wife’s gaming system just started dying. Going to give her my 6700K and 1080, and build a new gaming machine. 1440P 140hz is the target; I can get the 9900K new for 430, the 10700 for 330, or wait for a 10900. Not going amd...
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    Threadripper or 3900X - mixed use.

    Finally got my Ryzen 1700 stable, but all the research I was doing in the back of my head is still rattling around. Uses: 1. School work. I'm doing a masters program, so lots of word/excel/usual bullshit for school work; multiple screens of sources/etc, but it's all "light" work that...
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    32" curved monitor + 27" non-curved?

    Have a single freesync display for my workstation (been lazy setting it up since hte last move). Now suddenly need to have a significant amount more screen real estate - looking at the Dell s3220dgf, but not sure how a curved monitor will pair with normal flatscreen(s) to the sides - anyone...
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    How are the Asus Z390 boards?

    Replacing my Ryzen system as I'm tired of troubleshooting stability issues. Need 8C/16T, so going with a 9900K. Video card will either be an RX580 or the 5700XT I have coming (last troubleshooting step on Ryzen before it becomes a server forever). Stability and speed are key - lots of...
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    MSI Gaming Pro Carbon x370 - cannot set RAM voltage

    Older board, I know - totally stumped. Need to manually set memory voltage to 1.3V, as it defaults to 1.2 and the RAM I have says it needs 1.3V. Honestly don't know anything about this XMP crap I keep reading about; not trying to overclock, just trying to get it stable at stock speeds (1700X...
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    Squid server - only cache .tar files (for an extended period)

    I'm trying to set up a squid server, and between the muscle relaxers I'm on (yay fucked up back from picking up a piece of stupid paper) and my general exhaustion, I'm having a fit figuring out the appropriate refresh_pattern What I need: I have a set of servers running an application that...